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    *Zain_Crack* on *IG* made me happy I really appreciate his good Work and honestly,help me unbanned my account


    *Zain_Crack* on *IG* made me happy I really appreciate his good Work and honestly,help me unbanned my account


    #Zain_Crack On *IG* got me unbranded from my FIFA band I recommend you to him with no fear✌✌✌


    #Zain_Crack On *IG* got me unbranded from my FIFA band I recommend you to him with no fear✌✌✌

  • Mrs Richie
    Mrs Richie

    Esc_tools’ on îñsta is the best when it come to account unban issues Am so relieved now


    I recommend *Zain_Crack* on *IG* too you all that have issues with your PS5, he unbranded me I appreciate


    I recommend *Zain_Crack* on *IG* too you all that have issues with your PS5, he unbranded me I appreciate

  • Amiracles

    I’m Algerian so I always collect all the Algerians and I really want that atal I started trading in the market to make profit for him.

  • TheHarlemShow

    Pulled Atal Let's Go

  • The Croydon De bruyne
    The Croydon De bruyne

    Packed atal out of a 75+

  • Ifan Thomas
    Ifan Thomas

    Need to make a podcast reviewing new promo teams etc would be insane nick

  • jake Salisbury
    jake Salisbury

    chow duh ree. Said like that

  • Kozzito

    how to fuck does this man have 45 MILLION coins???

  • Robbie Francis
    Robbie Francis

    Imagine payet not having finesse shot trait

  • Sanket Shambharkar
    Sanket Shambharkar

    Really!! Payet doesn't have finesse shot 🤔🤔

  • Aydn V
    Aydn V

    Its time for rat to glory nick its time.

  • Jay Simon
    Jay Simon

    Will both teams be out again in packs at the same time?

  • Harriis

    "Who is this guy man... Who even is Atal" had me dead!

  • Rookie

    7:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂 🐀

  • Mitr0

    We will see if im gonna get a single fut BIRTHDAY from this team 😄✋

  • Rob Dechellis
    Rob Dechellis

    I’m just being honest I think that a single 86 rated squad is worth it for Payet. I would say most people who play Fifa DONT have a bunch of fodder laying around, but I can 100% build a 86 rated squad without spending any coins.

  • Aatiqul Khan
    Aatiqul Khan

    Nick it’s pronounced chow-dery.


    got paulinho and can in one pack. They are both crazyyyyyyyy omg. Can was surprisingly good defensively. So fucking aggressive. I haven't felt good about the promo like this for a while

  • Jake Marsh
    Jake Marsh

    Payet is so op I did him and he’s like an upgrade on fut freeze aouar, and he’s 1/5 the price of fut birthday aouar

  • A Poocumber
    A Poocumber

    Atal is pretty good. So far 12 goals in 8 games, but he does feel a little heavy

    • The Croydon De bruyne
      The Croydon De bruyne

      He is 5,9 lean body type he does not feel heavy at all for me he feels so responsive

  • Pele2005 Aalberg
    Pele2005 Aalberg

    Will never again have a version of atal in my Club, his Europa league card is the most broken ever

  • TheSleve22

    Saved 30 packs for this week. Skipped team 1. Really wanted Kent or Tomori for my PL/English team...Got shit. IDK how to event stay motivated anymore with my pack luck or lack there of

  • Tyler Ritchie
    Tyler Ritchie

    plz stop throwing Hwang under the bus. I named my club after him

  • Hayden Bailey
    Hayden Bailey

    this team is soo bad lmaoooo

  • Tom Robin
    Tom Robin

    I got tomori in my party bag and i wanted him 2

  • Edo Preusting
    Edo Preusting

    I got kent from a player pick and did the tavernier sbc

  • Victory Okany
    Victory Okany

    Just got Tomori out of a 81+ pp, 4th fut bday packed since the promo started🙃

  • Abcde fghij
    Abcde fghij

    “chood hurry” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lazyeight01

    Ahhhhhh... “he’s a good center back too.... makes me want throw up”. Totally made my day, thanks Nick!

  • Salman Mujtaba
    Salman Mujtaba

    Waiting for Ibrahimovich now.

  • Callum Woodward
    Callum Woodward

    Rat2glory is gonna be fun mwhahaha

  • Damui

    i’ve packed kent, thiago and paulinho FB now, how do i even fit them all

  • Fear Arcaine
    Fear Arcaine

    7:58 😂

  • Philip Mitchell
    Philip Mitchell

    Recycled popular meta players mixed with a few others that are essentially too expensive for the SBC price while the prices in marketplace are ridiculous . The Renato Sanchez SBC I bet will be the most of the lot for SBCs. I've had more fun with player picks lately. Hope they have another set soon after the current one expires.

  • Savu Edy
    Savu Edy

    happy cuz i got a fut birthday, then i see is kent ;(

  • D V
    D V

    Team 2 definitely better!

  • 77

    Pronounced CHOWDREE my guy

  • Cr Siiiven
    Cr Siiiven

    Bro it’s pronounced: Chow duree

  • quinten wouters
    quinten wouters

    I packed modric

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Bruhstoise

    Can you still get the old fur birthday cards in packs or is it now only team 2?

  • Abdo Bld
    Abdo Bld

    Nick: pfff who even is this guy ? Also Nick: So Atal where do u play ? Atal: Yes. fifa 20 flashbacks 😂

  • Hugo Deported
    Hugo Deported

    No gelson 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Marek Ulicny
    Marek Ulicny

    Ea drop the icon upgrade pls

  • ExFlek

    kent PTSD incoming

  • Thomas Kitchen
    Thomas Kitchen

    Just packed Sterling 😍

  • Aziz

    Kent Perfect Link to tavernier too the sweat

  • Bill Goveia
    Bill Goveia

    That bernandeschi is criminally underpriced.

  • Graham C
    Graham C

    We used to get end-game Futties cards for winning four games in a row. Now, we think 14 games (minimum) is a reasonable grind for a decent cdm. EA have really done a number on us. (payet's gold card should already have 5 star skills.)

  • xZyvon

    Ima call it this is the turning point from having a meta to buffing the meta

  • The Boys of Gaming
    The Boys of Gaming

    I beat the guy 2-0 but mangala is the best AI defender in the game with the most toxic auto blocks since first month varane

  • Off Hills
    Off Hills

    Shit promo. Not a single desirable player. Potm Benzema is better than the whole promo

  • Master Freak
    Master Freak

    Kent and Adama. Like we need more pain in this game, lol.

  • Ruben Oemeloem
    Ruben Oemeloem

    This team is how good team 1 shouldve been stats wise too

  • Stuart Chernoff
    Stuart Chernoff

    Payet may be overpriced but imma do him because of the memories and joy he brought me back in the day. Sometimes you gotta go against the grain and have some fun

  • Matthew Ball
    Matthew Ball

    Is it though ? It's not terrible but underwelming for me.

  • D B
    D B

    Using Atal Europa league card which was only 82 rated was good. His new card is gonna be mad

    • The Croydon De bruyne
      The Croydon De bruyne

      I packed fut birthday atal out of a 75* player untradable still buzzing

  • Bestteam

    So upset Kent goin for so much. I was tryna pick him up today but I don’t have enough right now 🥲

  • noobmaster 69
    noobmaster 69

    Chud hari 😂😂

  • Konrad Kaniecki
    Konrad Kaniecki

    Got kent in PP🔥

  • F

    Benzema POTM being cheaper than Iheanacho POTM. Only EA 😭😭😭😂

  • tHe_EnGiNeEr

    So nice, new promo and I can't even play, somehow my ping dropped to 200 while being 30 for the whole week💩

  • legion

    People seem to forget in FIFA 21 Thiago Silva can outsprint Adama..

    • Reload TV
      Reload TV

      After a bridge?

  • KC Sniper
    KC Sniper

    The paulino is a god he's got the Milinkovic Savic factor where he wins every Header. If you opponent doesn't move his keeper it's an automatic goal on corners

  • Austin Cutter
    Austin Cutter

    Couldn't imagine having 45mil coins chilling... LOL

  • Preda Black
    Preda Black

    Waiting for an affordable Serie A Left back

    • Shalev Hasson Schrager
      Shalev Hasson Schrager

      diogo dalot plays volleyball?

    • George _
      George _

      Theo hernandez all special cards

  • Jorge Cuevas
    Jorge Cuevas

    I’m down bad I did payet

  • Jeffrey Hart
    Jeffrey Hart

    Dude 86 with 70 chem and inform. No way

  • Alejandro Lopez
    Alejandro Lopez

    is the benzima month player worth it?

  • A Cburn
    A Cburn

    Kent is shite hah

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold

    Imagine if the fifa 20 Futbirthday SBC ends up being a 5* 5* Ben Yedder! And if they release a moments Dan James! Well be done for! The Mount Rushmore of fifa 20 will return KENT, ADAMA, BEN YEDDER, DANIEL JAMES

    • Kevin Gil
      Kevin Gil

      Man this game just killed everyone who doesn’t play like a sweat

    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold

      @Drip Drop just talking about the hell and pain coming in this game and you say this is love? What is your logic😂😂😂😂

    • Drip Drop
      Drip Drop

      You love this game to much😭😂

    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold

      @Danny B lmao I didn’t even know but guessed it ever since I thought of fifa 20 that was the man who popped into my head as the main player of fifa 20!

    • Danny B
      Danny B

      According to the Twitter leaks Ben yedder should be the last fbday sbc *fifa 20*

  • usertiger

    Matthdgamer complained for some reason

    • usertiger

      @Mathew Reynolds lol

    • Mathew Reynolds
      Mathew Reynolds

      Probably because he will be blind by fifa 23. Have you seen his eyes? Poor fucker hasn't seen daylight since october

  • Damien Rooifontein
    Damien Rooifontein

    I can already see a lot of players playing with Atal. Including me 😅

  • Jordan Morrison
    Jordan Morrison

    Was literally thinking I'd play weekend league this weekend. Now with Kent I think I won't bother.

  • Goldner Chanell
    Goldner Chanell

    0:50 vom.fail

  • Peter Car
    Peter Car

    i want sterling

  • Atakan Ak
    Atakan Ak

    I love how we're all hoping kent is trash lol

  • Marianne Mullins
    Marianne Mullins

    0:41 bed.fyi

  • Robin Nani
    Robin Nani

    Would el shar be good at 7 chem? I want to use both el shar and reus

    • Callum Whitbread
      Callum Whitbread

      @Robin Nani yeh that's banging

    • Robin Nani
      Robin Nani

      @Callum Whitbread Okay 👍 he would play cam so I dont think it will be a huge problem.

    • Callum Whitbread
      Callum Whitbread

      Yeh he would be fine u might notice I little bit worse shooting tho

  • lilcarcrash__

    Just packed sterling lol

  • sakke thegamer
    sakke thegamer

    Would link Kent with tavernier.... If I had the coins for it :/

  • Pain and Poverty
    Pain and Poverty

    where are the new card types 😭

  • Wat Patat
    Wat Patat

    Pov: you just opened a 82+x25 and got a pique

  • Alan Ramirez
    Alan Ramirez

    I got atal and sold it for 1m 😂

    • The Croydon De bruyne
      The Croydon De bruyne

      I got him untradable so couldn’t sell him but he is broken

  • Latin Delta
    Latin Delta

    Dudeee rat King has arrived ADAMA TRAORE for the summer series 🤣🤣🤣👌🔥🔥🔥

  • Unmesh Basak
    Unmesh Basak

    It's CHOW - DHU - RI😂 say it now Nick ,that card is OP

  • Alexander Vaz
    Alexander Vaz

    Thank God they finally put a better team 2.

  • turfoid

    Packed messi in a bronze pack.. then r9 in a silver. Theeeeeeeen of course i didnt! Stoooopid! Like comments sub tho

    • Thvts Tvff
      Thvts Tvff

      what was the reason

  • Saami !
    Saami !

    This is a Fifa 20 flashback with Atal, Kent and Traore

  • Rashed Alam
    Rashed Alam


  • L7HD

    Reus Fut birthday montage on my SVname channel would appreciate if you guys could check it out

  • NeonTC 72
    NeonTC 72

    If only he saw Iheanacho's POTM requirements.

    • krezzilnator 1
      krezzilnator 1

      @Baher Galal true even tho hes not especially fast

    • Baher Galal
      Baher Galal

      @krezzilnator 1 don’t worry, pacewhores will say he’s better

    • krezzilnator 1
      krezzilnator 1

      @Theo yea I cant see how that iheanacho is better than that potm benzema in any situation

    • Theo

      the fact that ea puts iheanacho fckin 200k jus cuz he plays at the prem and benzema a 94 rated player is 2 squads an 83 and 85 like wtf

    • krezzilnator 1
      krezzilnator 1

      @Userr Namee821 hes like 210k lmao

  • Zain Reshi
    Zain Reshi

    Opened my 83+ 25 pack and got Kent, paulinho and mbappe. Screaming without the S.

    • Zain Reshi
      Zain Reshi

      @Brendan Mullen sure

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      Stop the cap

    • Lourenço Dias
      Lourenço Dias

      Fuckin W man

  • yt addison
    yt addison

    Got Kent omg

  • Alfy Don
    Alfy Don

    0:54 von.fyi