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  • iCloud King
    iCloud King

    Choice_toolz on IG can help you solve all your problem, he is legit and trustworthy

  • Allard van der Giessen
    Allard van der Giessen

    Make another rat to glory when fifa is a bit dead (propably after fut birthday) that makes it so much better

  • Indeedido

    I did the 81+ and the 82+ x25 and got highest rated 87 w both of them combined. This game’s a joke

  • kristian salazar
    kristian salazar

    I packed Busquets at the same time while watching the video 🤣🤣

  • Johannes Jaissle
    Johannes Jaissle

    Got Thiago out of 5k squad battles rewards this game is something else

  • Junta Rio
    Junta Rio

    Spent money on lightning round and saved reward packs and got nothing..decided to do d pinata sbc for fun got and got vardy

  • cracked 123
    cracked 123

    The ads on this video were more interesting

  • awaaljowder

    What is this people colored prime gaming pack and how people do get it ?

  • ben Sir
    ben Sir

    the size of your depth is the size of your pen 15

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M

    Packed figo in 100k pack few days ago, just got thiago from the player pick

  • OZY - futdecoded
    OZY - futdecoded

    00:30 I love you Nick, and thanks for including my bits on your SVname video big homie 🤣❤️💯

  • Jamél Omar
    Jamél Omar

    Nice Background Music as allways! What ist the Tracks Name since 8:40min.? The Anibis Song from Yvonne is amazing ;-) Thanks in Advance

    • Jamél Omar
      Jamél Omar

      Aaaaah Got It ;-) "Quang Thanh - Niem No Bon Hai" . . . seems to be a Vietnameese Composer

  • D V
    D V

    Love ze work keep it up!

  • Diego Maldonado
    Diego Maldonado

    My best in the 83x35 was Neuer😐

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Hlynur Snær Harðarson
    Hlynur Snær Harðarson

    That title was not true at all lol

  • bakewelll

    Do i go for messi sbc or mnappe???

  • Tdog

    what is the name of the second track

  • Patrick 14q
    Patrick 14q

    New here, do u support spurs (I see the kits) or are they just there for display

    • Derrick Blain
      Derrick Blain

      He does support Spurs

  • Justin Thiago
    Justin Thiago

    Packed sambia out of gold upgrade

  • AJ5dude

    The music in this pack videos makes me go crazy

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Clickbait. Unlike you Nick!

  • ML ZW
    ML ZW

    Anyone, what’s the music at the start?

  • Ok Alright
    Ok Alright

    ONE 83 in A fucking ultimate pack.

  • Ok Alright
    Ok Alright

    Opened the fut friendlies ultimate pack objective, got 1 83... ONE 83.. this game is officially dead to me, that did it for me

    • Giannis Kolyvas
      Giannis Kolyvas

      Man cries bcause he didn't get something good from a free pack 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Promisito - I'll take you on a journey
    Promisito - I'll take you on a journey

    Music sounds like DJ Sona League of legends

  • David J Hoyda
    David J Hoyda

    I think I beat the Thiago/Mbappe by just a bit. I packed FUT Birthday Thiago and then the very next pack grabbed CR7 and De Bruyne. I couldn't believe it. I'm not going to complain about two 90+ in one promo pack.

  • Jak _
    Jak _

    I’ve opened 10 ultimate packs, my 83 x10 and loads of other player packs and got next to nothing! Maybe be 4/5 walkouts with only black being decent fodder. 😂

  • CaptainKez

    Can u try fut birthday Thiago ?

  • Linus

    When is swaps coming?? I stopped at 14 Wins this week cause i dont want to stress too much but then they dont release the thing that actually rewards you after grinding

    • olakinjodan


  • Yusuf Sadek
    Yusuf Sadek

    Can someone tell me why u can’t see my icon swaps token objective

    • Fifa Coins
      Fifa Coins

      They out on Monday

  • Maximilian Pallmann
    Maximilian Pallmann


  • Paul Scholes
    Paul Scholes

    When is the next lot of swaps out

  • fLo__318

    Nick deserves atleast 500k subs. Make sure to subscribe

  • Hammer FD
    Hammer FD

    Wow, these packs are acc cracked. I’m still doing the Mid/Prime though. I’m addicted to the Icon Packs.

  • Shanda LeeAnn
    Shanda LeeAnn

    Investing in crypto is the only big chance of making money

    • Juuso Lautamäki
      Juuso Lautamäki

      No it isn't :/

  • Alex Silk
    Alex Silk

    Opened 30.of them got nothing

  • Lee Chapman
    Lee Chapman

    Your adds are getting ridiculous now. Add every 2mins joke.

    • M S
      M S

      use adblock

  • Sam Smythe
    Sam Smythe

    6 ultimate packs, 5x83 countless rare mega packs and so so many other decent packs. No FUT birthdays. My luck has been so so bad

    • Jacob Ash
      Jacob Ash

      same lad, I've opened 5 ultimates and I've got one sitting there whilst I'm unassigned and got 2 walkouts or smthn

  • HeavyFox YT
    HeavyFox YT

    Guys whats the best option from icon swaps

  • Asaad Nejmeldin
    Asaad Nejmeldin

    The background music is amazing dude

    • Charlie F
      Charlie F

      I need the first song, all I can find is this guy rapping over it, I need the instrumental!

    • Beast

      Bro he has the same fcking background music for months now, it's annoying af

  • Danijel Hrrr
    Danijel Hrrr

    My 25x83+ sucked this time. Got one 87, one 86 and a couple 85 and 84. last time I got fut freeze Moreno a TOTW, Oblak, Courtois, Neuer and like 2 or 3 other walkouts

  • Jake Buckley
    Jake Buckley

    should i do the 81 x 25 when swaps come out??? means i cant do mid/prime but i cba anyway

    • Jacob Ash
      Jacob Ash

      that's what I'm doing mate, chances of getting a decent mid/prime is slim you might aswell take base icon or deco

    • Alex Silk
      Alex Silk

      Yeah might as well

  • Mags Name
    Mags Name

    Let's go nick

  • mateo alejandro arana siekmann
    mateo alejandro arana siekmann

    3 am in my country, watching your video😘

  • Chancellor Palpatine
    Chancellor Palpatine

    They should have put son in there and then Chan would be the bate player

    • Alex Silk
      Alex Silk

      Wait for the second team and when they release the party bag

  • teq

    anyone else not get a single free pack from EA? only got one from the player days “promo”

  • Really Sultan
    Really Sultan

    Rip to the guy who sniped Mendy for 1m and was happy mendy is now 800k

    • Barely Funny
      Barely Funny

      He probably sold him when he was high lol..

  • Jay V
    Jay V

    Does anyone know wtf happened to the 2nd batch of tokens for icon swaps? lmfao. I know EA are high and lost all the time in their own schedule but damn wtf.

    • Jay V
      Jay V

      @jt. Thanks!

    • jt.

      Loading screen says tomorrow

  • Kristian Ragula
    Kristian Ragula

    THIS FIFA IS SO SCRIPT ..... thatss the right name of fifa videos

  • Asap Leoky
    Asap Leoky

    Celebrating on everyone who got a FUT birthday card so I can also get one 💯

    • Ahyan Hussain
      Ahyan Hussain

      @Vicente Ferrer Rodr�guez no I’m on Xbox bc I got it free on Xbox but I usually use ps

    • Vicente Ferrer Rodr�guez
      Vicente Ferrer Rodr�guez

      @Jared Schooler same for me, thanks 😊

    • Jared Schooler
      Jared Schooler

      @Vicente Ferrer Rodr�guez it might be the region you live in. For example I’m in the US and I can only select English, Spanish, or French

    • Vicente Ferrer Rodr�guez
      Vicente Ferrer Rodr�guez

      @Ahyan Hussain do you know why I can’t choose German?

    • Vicente Ferrer Rodr�guez
      Vicente Ferrer Rodr�guez

      @Ahyan Hussain ok thanks, I thought it was all the PS4. I’m going to give it a go! Hope it works!

  • MegaSergio07

    Bro shut up talking about these packs are cracked

  • Lucas Williamson
    Lucas Williamson


  • jose luis Cuevas
    jose luis Cuevas

    Nobody nows when Ea puro party bag ?

  • Sterq Verhael
    Sterq Verhael

    14:30 Vieri walking out on point with the rythm of the music 😂

    • Slappe Slang
      Slappe Slang

      Loool i didnt even notice it

  • MaCyCy

    16 min vid, 8 ads.. Bruh every second minute.. Bro wtf?

  • Edger John
    Edger John

    Love the vid wasn’t feeling the background music tho might be just me

    • moonlitshadow

      iT hAs tO gO bLuD

    • Ahyan Hussain
      Ahyan Hussain

      @David W true

    • David W
      David W

      @Ahyan Hussain I mean there's loads of non copy right songs to choose from wouldn't hurt to change it once in a while. Or even not at all nothing wrong with that

    • Ahyan Hussain
      Ahyan Hussain

      @David W I think it is copyright and some ppl like it some don’t ig

    • David W
      David W

      Been seeing these comments for weeks. Totally agree it's awful background music gotta go man it's really annoying

  • Yash Deshmukh pfzPnSfvUH
    Yash Deshmukh pfzPnSfvUH

    Just packed prime Maldini

  • Mohammad Abutaha
    Mohammad Abutaha

    Fire vids tho

  • Josh

    7:35 this is the first time ive heard any big fifa youtuber pronounce any spanish name right lmao

    • Joshua Lee
      Joshua Lee

      same with Hwang Hee Chan... cultured man

  • Zaid Rashid
    Zaid Rashid

    sorry man but your reactions suck

  • Je Moeder
    Je Moeder

    9:00 does anyone know the name of this instrumental?

    • Je Moeder
      Je Moeder

      @ShadyRa1n thanks bro

    • ShadyRa1n

      Niem No Bon Hai

  • Tom34

    got one 86 out of the 25x82😔

  • Manish Singh
    Manish Singh

    Can a Div 10 player complete players sbcs as easily as a Div 1? This game proves the saying 'Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer' because the higher the rank, better are the rewards.

    • Reload TV
      Reload TV

      Most weeks I don't even get any rewards from weekend league or rivals I can still probably afford any SBC have a good team and have packed alot through daily sbcs and marquee matchups it's just about managing your club

    • Manish Singh
      Manish Singh

      @Alex Talk You are simply saying people below Div 8 do not deserve to have good players, better reward even though they put in same amount of effort, time and stress into the game as a Div 1. "Games" are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. You need to understand the economy here.

    • Alex Talk
      Alex Talk

      @Manish Singh There is no equilibrium man. There is no equality in pack luck. You want to get those better packs so you can pack those better players. You open a 100k pack vs a 7.5k pack and you really think those odds should be the same ? Shame on you if you do. The incentive to move up in divisions is better rewards. What would be the incentive to get better at the game if the game was just handing you players. It’d be rewarding someone for nothing, for being shit. That makes no sense man. Think about your argument here.

    • ABC 123
      ABC 123

      @Manish Singh mate if your better at the game you deserve better rewards. A div 1 player should be getting better rewards than a div 10. I'm in div 1 but if I actually want to get good cards I have to take coins from rivals cause my pack luck is so bad I dont even get walkouts from untradeable packs

    • Manish Singh
      Manish Singh

      @Alex Talk Nah mate, I am in D5 but I just want to understand if the pack weight increases as we go down the Divisions to maintain an equilibrium between D1 and D10. Because if that is the case I will willing go down and complete my 200 player picks and climb back again. There has to be something in place to maintain the equilibrium of players packed in D1 and D10.

  • Akkar_Unbekannt

    Is it weird that I’m Division 4 and can’t get more then 8 wins in weekend league?

    • GP Aquatic
      GP Aquatic

      @Shahruz Numonov fax dude honestly the game isn’t fun if you don’t have a good team tbh

    • Akkar_Unbekannt

      @C C That is exactly what I go through. It is weird because I know I lose on 5 for sure do to opponents skills. Then the other matches that I lose will by 1 goal and all my stats are better.

    • Akkar_Unbekannt

      @Shahruz Numonov I think I’m just going to play the matches that I’m winning. Then back out on the ones that I go a goal down. Now I know that I can’t get more then 8 wins for a month straight. So it will keep my hours of fut champs under 3 hours for sure.

    • Shahruz Numonov
      Shahruz Numonov

      nope, not weird at all. this game is pay to win and is scripted af. enjoy your life man

    • C C
      C C

      So same bro. Last weekend i Got 9 wins in 14 games. Then THE last 16 games i only Got 1 win bro. I couldnt even get silver 1. Scripted shit man

  • Pacybits DT85
    Pacybits DT85

    Where’s Nick from, I can’t recognise the accent

    • Caleb Peterson
      Caleb Peterson

      @Usuajsjsjsjsjs Usjjsjsjsjsns wrong nick my dude

    • Usuajsjsjsjsjs Usjjsjsjsjsns
      Usuajsjsjsjsjs Usjjsjsjsjsns


  • Ryan Schembri
    Ryan Schembri


  • Andre Langlois
    Andre Langlois

    Opened 60 packs n the best I got was Larpote . Thanks for nothing Ea

    • Andre Langlois
      Andre Langlois

      @CB CB the lowest was a jumbo premium gold pack

    • CB CB
      CB CB

      But what packs

  • Imran Rajput
    Imran Rajput

    Bro i'm from the uk and was tryna sleep and you drop a vid...

    • Offset’s face
      Offset’s face

      Wtf how long u stay up till

  • J T
    J T

    Don’t understand why people are doing lotto icon sbcs when there’s so many good PIM sbcs

    • Reload TV
      Reload TV

      @J T they will my guess is may anything later and what's the point

    • J T
      J T

      @Reload TV do you think they’ll actually release one of them?

    • Reload TV
      Reload TV

      Your right but I'm just saving my fodder for a cryuff r9 or ronaldinho which I think is better

    • J T
      J T

      @collin yeah I know, like I said. I preferred to use it on Puyol than another random Icon SBC. I had got Rivaldo, Shearer and Inzaghi the 3 I did before Puyol. I can tell you he’s better than all of them combined

    • collin

      @J T untr fodder is the same worth cuz you could use it for other sbcs

  • Callum Richardson
    Callum Richardson

    I got Lucas from a 81+ two player pack and sambia from my 83+ x10 player pack was praying for Thiago tho :/

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      I want him

  • David

    Nick low key the type of guy to put a ruler under his pillow to measure how long he slept

  • Yacuhz

    Never clicked so fast for a Rntm video keep the Grind! 💯

  • Casheew

    equivalent of 10000 EUR in packs opened for 1 single playerable card yippie

  • FaTaL B7
    FaTaL B7

    Yo, where’s the onlyfans?

  • DraGonza1o

    and i am here 1 token away from 82+ and ea is like "no icon swap objective for you losers"

    • rubenoarango

      @Hector Rivera thats sucks man. Im doing the same thing (packs +deco) to hopefully complete an icon or player sbc down the road. Im actually going to play deco though

    • Hector Rivera
      Hector Rivera

      @rubenoarango nah mate. I had an extra token from swaps one. When 2 came around I did the 83x 25 and 81x 25 which left me with 2 tokens (one for fut Champs which I haven't played in 3 months and that one I submitted thinking it was from swaps one) so even if I want to do Deco I won't be able to do the 82 x25 which I prefer prefer fodder for the makalee sbc

    • rubenoarango

      @Hector Rivera did you not complete all the tokens? If you were to do all the packs and deco you would only need 17 so you had 1 to spare

    • good music good music
      good music good music

      @Thierry monday icon swaps start

    • Thierry

      Yeah I have 3 more tokens until the 83x25, and I wsfoing to grind them out weekend but now I doubt I will be able to do them before team 1 ends. I really want any of the Spaniards for my team.

  • Vancouvers

    Love the vids man!

  • Its Pakistanilad
    Its Pakistanilad

    People are soo lucky damn :( i got shit

    • Liam Tallon
      Liam Tallon

      I got one 85 in my 83 times 35 pack all the rest were 83 and 82

    • FitzGrd the IV
      FitzGrd the IV

      @Pickle Rick make me

    • Pickle Rick
      Pickle Rick

      Shut up

  • Fruznuckle

    Nicks a beast🔥

  • Eli Rodriguez
    Eli Rodriguez

    Nice vid

  • Salim


  • Ollie Riley
    Ollie Riley

    does Nick reply?

  • Francheskies

    Sheeesh early squad

  • Adam Khazma
    Adam Khazma


  • Dylanwood10


  • tolga algin
    tolga algin

    much love Nick ❤️