SCAM BAGS?! 🤔 12 x PARTY BAG PACKS! FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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  • Stormovic

    i got klostermann rttf

  • Shinobi Kenobi
    Shinobi Kenobi

    Ive done four total this fifa- got RB Van Aanholt (dub for me as it was early in the game), than 3 straight Ls, Oscar, Estupinan, Yazici. I said i wouldnt do anymore but 3 straight Ls means next one will be at least useable right....?

  • Kenneth Thomson
    Kenneth Thomson

    Put in CR6.5 and Kante got 82 Elvedi. But side note in doing the 82-88 and 83+ to get fodder for it I packed Kent. Move over TOTY Messi.

  • TiM0N173

    For me the biggest scams are always the ultimate packs.. I don't know why but the best player in them was a 83 pau lopez. The rest of it was even below 80...

  • Ninjaz Turtle
    Ninjaz Turtle

    i got odegaard what if in party bag last 2 weeks and yuri berciche what if last night. huge W for me because both fits my squad. Odegaard is a beast


    i did the last party bag, i put in daniel podence and go him back

  • MT1120

    Can't wait for 'TOTS Party bags' during TOTS and no longer the TOTS guaranteed packs! Guarantees a OTW, Rulebreakers, TOTW, FUT Freeze, Future Stars, RTTF, CL MOTM, What If, UCL rare, UCL common, CONMEBOL Sudamericana, CONMEBOL Libertadores or TOTS player! Fucking jokers man.

  • Bradley Hickman
    Bradley Hickman

    I got Kent who fits straight in my team

  • Dig Brawl Stars
    Dig Brawl Stars

    i got 87 cdm reece james

  • GeenzinMeer

    Last three party bags, Ake, left back dalot, and right back dalot amazing pulls!

  • Bjarne Ørvad Dreier
    Bjarne Ørvad Dreier

    SCAM bag! I got Sanson

  • Aldaier Hortencia
    Aldaier Hortencia

    I got a 82 cl player ouf off this #scumbag#scambag

  • Henry Rincavage
    Henry Rincavage

    They should’ve removed the rule breakers at least for this one. Really a shame.

  • Dani Bernek
    Dani Bernek

    Got 85 Diego Carlos while I have his 87 untradable.. thank you EA

  • alan lopez
    alan lopez

    What’s the name of the song from 8:30 - 10:25, I’ve heard it in a lot of videos but I can’t find it 😂

    • LunarProxy

      same bro im trying to find it

  • Gustavo Preza
    Gustavo Preza

    Got 85 Acerbi. Had to learn the hard way 😂

  • Chris

    Pain bags

  • Jordan Manie
    Jordan Manie

    Last 2 party bags, both headliners Rafinha 🙁☹️😣😖😫 even submitted rafinha for the second one.

  • Anouar Zuid
    Anouar Zuid

    Scambags I got shit again week in week out

  • Igotfiveonit

    I got Atal 🙄

  • Anan

    Scambag I put in 87 akanji and regret it cuz I got lazzari

  • Thefootieworld

    Got headliners haaland which I think is decent

  • Cloaked Storm
    Cloaked Storm

    I got 1,000,000 coin aubemiyang.

  • LunarProxy

    whats the backround song around 8:42 someone help!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    Got what if gomez. Technically a W but I’ll never ever use it

  • EpF99

    Put duplicate messi in it and got dalot 85 🙃

  • Lloyd Deweirdt
    Lloyd Deweirdt

    I got mendy 🥰

  • Eddy T
    Eddy T

    loved the ending

    • LunarProxy

      whats the backround song around 8:42


    Rulebraker calhanoglu💩

  • whitfield734

    Rttf promes... Useless.

  • Lim Muliana
    Lim Muliana

    Of course the kid with a shit record gets Tomori lmao fucking DDA

  • Tam Australia
    Tam Australia

    G'day mate Elvedi 82 rated thanks EAIDS

  • lucas abchee
    lucas abchee

    Got haaland preety nice super sub

  • Arian Shiraz
    Arian Shiraz


  • Magic Potato
    Magic Potato

    Man I packend Mkitharian win of loose chat?

  • Casje 06
    Casje 06

    got oblak rttf

  • Danuta Tkaczyk
    Danuta Tkaczyk

    I got gomez what if my first player with over 100k and I've got gold 2 and 3 every week

  • Matija 21
    Matija 21

    Mbabu, w for me but I can't link him xD

  • Shahruz Numonov
    Shahruz Numonov

    SPORTS ARE SCRIPTED! notice how when you read the articles building up to the match, they say, " 14 out of the 22 players that played in the 2018 final can take part in this match." 14 and 22 are the key numbers this match will be Jurgen Klopp's 79th UCL match and he can get his 43rd win 79 is the 22nd prime number 43 is the 14th prime number Sports are scripted and rigged, reply to me after the game.

  • [DEFR]Chris

    7:59 Zapata! Muriel has left the chat

  • Sam De Goede
    Sam De Goede

    Got Oscar out of it, the one from spain, he is a great player to get out of it especially if you use recordbreaker David Silva🥲

  • Iconic Bakr
    Iconic Bakr

    I packed dest

  • Juuso Lautamäki
    Juuso Lautamäki


  • Moyin Ekundayo
    Moyin Ekundayo

    Got adama 🤙🏿

  • Samarjit Mohanty
    Samarjit Mohanty

    Got headliner Ben yedder to replace his 87 if I’m gassed

  • J Cardenas
    J Cardenas

    They will remove TOTGS for the next Party bag to get people up for Scam part 3 in FutBDay Edition

  • Ringsrud

    Got untradeble dublicate Smalling last time, and Nani this time

  • Luke Philipos
    Luke Philipos

    You pronounced Bolingoli wrong so I disliked

  • No Lol
    No Lol

    I think Di Maria rulebraker was a meh

  • Daan de Gier
    Daan de Gier

    headliner lozano W?

  • Redaxi

    i got a future stars dest and the thing is i cant use him in my squad :/


    I got What if Sancho 👌🏾

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith

    I got Diatta , I’ve been using him in Div 2 and he is very good . Can’t wait till the upgrade

  • matei lucas
    matei lucas

    You can do a lot of things,but you can not stop THE SHINE!

    • K Troy
      K Troy


  • Daniel Jermaine
    Daniel Jermaine

    I got 82 cb 😓


    This packs are scam, not worth doing them

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah

    got dumbfries rulebreakers and yazici from lille in my last, biggest scam ever

  • Mø

    Friend got ryan kent, i thought i could get something like he did, and i got yazici😭

    • Armed Insurgent
      Armed Insurgent

      Green link to Renato 👍

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • andigruber05

    Lol i got Tomori

  • Connor R
    Connor R

    Got rule breakers laporte last week and now rttf renato sanches. Not bad 😎

  • Japanese Mamba
    Japanese Mamba

    Is he a Bayern fan?

  • Juan Ronado
    Juan Ronado

    Packed rttf Insigne😭😭😭

  • Ash27

    Octavo at LB or baby Maldini??

  • Camilo Orozco
    Camilo Orozco

    submitted fut b day vidal and reus into the 87 renato sbc W or L?

    • Cdot


  • Perrin Hinds
    Perrin Hinds

    I got 95 headliners Benzema last week and what if Pereira this week.

  • Assyrian Warrior
    Assyrian Warrior

    EA scum bags...

  • Ben Newmark
    Ben Newmark

    Got 91 Aubameyang! Let's go!!!

  • Guilherme Portella
    Guilherme Portella

    I've been getting robbed by EA in these packs for years and yet I continue doing the sbc's ffs

    • BernasSoares -_-
      BernasSoares -_-

      @Guilherme Portella EA is just robbing us that´s what makes me quit UT, all years is the same thing. And then all years I see kids packing a 90+ rated player in a 75+ pack, and the only good players I get, either I have to buy them, or do the sbcs, it´s so annoying

    • Guilherme Portella
      Guilherme Portella

      @BernasSoares -_- we're definitely on the same boat, my icon packs are disgusting, did 8 or 9 throughout Fifa 21and the only USABLE one was prime lahm from the icon player pick My last three party bag was duplicate Diego Carlos, Golovin and a trash Swiss fut freeze cdm from seria A 83 rated (fut freeze, I don't even know the bloke's name)

    • BernasSoares -_-
      BernasSoares -_-

      I feel you bro Opened the 83+ x25- nothing Opened 83+ x10- Nothing 20 81+ player picks- best i got was an 84 86+ double upgrade- 1 88 and 1 86, both Gk 2 party bags- 83 kamara and 83 bebou Weekend league Gold 3 rewards- Shit And a whole bunch of random packs (20-30 packs) and also got nothing And these are only the ones I opened during the fut birthday promo and the only fut birthdays I got were the objective ones. But funny that I keep believing i'm going to get something good I'm on the edge of quitting UT dude

  • Guy Ethell
    Guy Ethell


  • Narish Sammy
    Narish Sammy

    I got bergwijn. Not bad

  • Muhammad Rezza Kamarudin
    Muhammad Rezza Kamarudin

    The only good card i've got from this party bag was Rashford rttf

  • The21Club_

    I got headliners goretzka last time and fucking record breakers mbappe I’m so lucky😂

    • The21Club_

      @Exotic Damnn I played like the first month of this fifa and got bored and started playin again like January kinda missed out on a lot of the game but yea

    • Exotic

      @The21Club_ great to hear that bro, my luck this year was unreal thankfully, i packed mpappe at the start of the game, he was 1.5 mil, then 2 weeks later i packed baby butra all tradeable It feels so good to pack such cards :) i hope that ur life are blessed as well

    • The21Club_

      @Exotic I also got messi out of a 50k last month

    • The21Club_

      @Exotic I know man this year my pack luck has been amazing and it’s abt Time cus the last 3 years my pack luck was awful

    • Exotic

      Wow dude good for you

  • Anastasis Koumpogiannis
    Anastasis Koumpogiannis

    HOPING FOR A FUT BIRTHDA..Aaaaaaaaaand it's Rulebraker Cahnaloglu

  • Mr Spood
    Mr Spood

    My mkhitarian made it in the vid lets gooo

    • Armed Insurgent
      Armed Insurgent

      That card isn't bad

  • Kelvin

    I had a successful FUT Birthday, I packed Thiago, Hermoso and Atal. Looking forward to TOTS

    • Indeedido

      Man all I packed was bernardeschi. He’s become my favorite player though, he’s literally insane for me I don’t understand why he’s so good.

  • Hype Gfx
    Hype Gfx

    I’ve got Podence rttf three times in the last three party bags.

    • Hype Gfx
      Hype Gfx

      @Samuli Suominen I obvs meant Rulebreakers

    • Hype Gfx
      Hype Gfx

      @Samuli Suominen bruh stfu, u know I mean rulebreakers, last night I was on a work zoom call for 10 and a half hours and ide been up since 4 am. Shut up bro

    • Samuli Suominen
      Samuli Suominen

      Yea Podence has an RTTF lmao. That alone proves you're just blatantly lying to get likes.

    • Exotic


  • Ezequiel 25:17
    Ezequiel 25:17

    Got James, I have him from last party bag

  • Harbaj Grewal
    Harbaj Grewal

    anti climax in the end nick XD

  • Al Pina
    Al Pina

    I really gotta stop doing these

  • Luca De Simone
    Luca De Simone

    Kulusevski out of party bag easy w

  • U Suck
    U Suck

    I got sambia 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shashank Jayaram
    Shashank Jayaram

    got oblak. better than my last 2 : podence and morata

  • Heel Moxley
    Heel Moxley

    I’ve done every singe party bag and haven’t got a card over 70 k

  • S K
    S K

    Nothing better than grinding for prime or moments and getting Jari Litmanen

    • TiM0N173

      I've got moments Giggs

    • Jared Schooler
      Jared Schooler

      I did 91+ prime and I got Pires


      That bad

    • Super kid
      Super kid

      I got Barnes. I’m done with this game


    Imagine getting a 83 Kamara.....

  • CodeNameKev

    got a duplicate dalot, quick sold him lol

  • Hamish Knowles
    Hamish Knowles

    Got what if regi. I am so happy.

  • Waleed Iqbal
    Waleed Iqbal

    I got RTTF Rashford

  • Osman Yavuz
    Osman Yavuz

    𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ➜ 》》 𝙊𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝘼𝙙𝙪𝙡𝙩 《《 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候%^%^ 1617673235

  • Benjamin Strovinsky
    Benjamin Strovinsky

    anyone else get the same player for the third time. done 4 party bags this year and got Keylor Navas 3x and Oscar future star once. my roomate at school has gotten Giminez 3x aswell. Seems a little strange and lazy by EA.

  • Linus

    I submitted HL Danny Ings into the squad. Got HL Danny Ings :)

  • Yo_Whoam I
    Yo_Whoam I

    Got messi

  • Dwi Priyatno
    Dwi Priyatno


  • ChrisBeSelling

    OMG I PACKET KUBO OUT OF MY PARTY BAG!! Gonna use him until end game so happy thanks EA

    • Steeze

      Same he doesn’t even make my bench

  • Vinnie2k

    Thnx for my 20k nani

  • Chelo ,Chelo
    Chelo ,Chelo

    Put my Acerbi from last party bag into the sbc and got me a fresh new Acerbi.

    • Matty Mac
      Matty Mac

      Nothing like trading in 84 Nico Pepe for 82 Sanson in April

    • noobmaster 69
      noobmaster 69

      Ea are bastard

    • Joshua Simons
      Joshua Simons

      Put Falcao in and got Yuri Berchiche

    • noobmaster 69
      noobmaster 69

      I got alverdi

    • Bustin Cider
      Bustin Cider

      Same put my atal in got atal out

  • Ronnie Carmel
    Ronnie Carmel

    Let’s go, got a nice Yazici

  • Username 17
    Username 17

    Hey guys I packed atal do you think I keep until price range goes up or sell now

  • Bryan Macias
    Bryan Macias

    i got 90 aouar in my party baggg