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  • Μπάμπης Μπάμπου
    Μπάμπης Μπάμπου

    It’s usable (nesta)

  • Ted and Jeff Rip off James Corden
    Ted and Jeff Rip off James Corden

    Prime or Moments got myself a 🇫🇷 ST.... Prime Trezeguet...

    • Tymon Chlebicki
      Tymon Chlebicki


  • legion

    Dog shit scripted game..

  • Stewart Maciver
    Stewart Maciver

    I cant wait for rat to glory

  • Acolyte Bruce Lee
    Acolyte Bruce Lee

    I got Prime Ballack from my prime or moments having had done the moments sbc already :))))))

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Naim Rouf
    Naim Rouf

    When will more new Icon Moment sbcs release got my club stacked an ready

  • D1zzledude

    ive got roberto carlos prime and feel robbed. after getting cole prime last time

  • Abdelrahmman Aly
    Abdelrahmman Aly

    Man, I listened to your advice in the last video and spent my free 100k on 81+ PP with no coins left, got Mbappe , 85 inform Dembele and couple of high rates. Thanks man

  • Peter Car
    Peter Car

    what is the song playing in the background?? Anyone knows?

  • C ST
    C ST

    I got Prime Gattuso in prime or moment pack

  • iHxrrison • YT
    iHxrrison • YT

    I got Oblak and CR7 from my 86+ double

  • Aidan McCaffrey
    Aidan McCaffrey

    Imagine league specific player picks at tots

  • Charles DeVos
    Charles DeVos

    Mans sounded like a seagull at 6:31

  • Sherif Girgis
    Sherif Girgis

    Whats the song in the background

  • Sean Haggard
    Sean Haggard

    I got prime Giggs......

  • fred h
    fred h

    A possible 202 icons or something and I get a duplicate, I have 3 icons in my club that were possible to pack from the prime/moments and it was a duplicate. Tell me that packs aren’t rigged🤦🏼‍♂️

  • havoc_KoDeX

    bro definitely hold until the people need a house bro... not much demand rn

  • 09you9

    I did messi and renato for free with player picks heheh

  • Kalle

    yesterday i opened the prime pack and got eusebio my best pull ever

  • Colin Sheehan
    Colin Sheehan

    Should I take the 3x25 swaps packs etc or a 91+ prime icon

  • Layne Brackett
    Layne Brackett

    I started playing again 2 weeks ago, I had nothing in my club and 10k. I was able to craft Marco for free after wl rewards and division rivals. I just grinded these sbcs over and over.

  • toasty mctoasterson
    toasty mctoasterson

    Got prime litmanen . Pain

  • Bronko Union
    Bronko Union

    I spend 150k in 81+ picks and get 1 fucking 85

  • Harvey

    I’m so lucky I opened 2 81+ picks and got FUT Birthday Emre can and Atal

  • sherba Matte
    sherba Matte

    Yo Pierre you wanna come out here: 6:32

  • Saad Sebti
    Saad Sebti

    Next time put more ads 😒

  • Heel Moxley
    Heel Moxley

    I’ve only got like 2 walkouts from these 81+s

  • jiujitsukilla24

    Completed my icon player picks 2 opened pack the gave me a duplicate gk im pissed....then I say ima do 5 81+ player picks within those packs were neymar and fut birthday kent....kent is broken as hell

  • D V
    D V

    Love me a good PP pick vid

  • Y CM
    Y CM

    If mbapppe went to real madrid he would perfect link varane and mendy, it would such a sweaty trio

  • swapnil biswas
    swapnil biswas

    just got nif mbappe from player picks fits so greatly into my team

  • J Wilko
    J Wilko

    all that grind and i got prime suker

  • Timothy Dempsey
    Timothy Dempsey

    Done 3 got that fut birthday lb Kent and some 82 cb.

  • George Woodfine
    George Woodfine

    There was literally 2 or 3 in the vid. Come on man

  • Fabian Brandt
    Fabian Brandt

    I got Mbappe in pp but im No rat så should i leave him in a sbc?

  • Clanwalk3r

    I got Prime Hierro, Pain.

  • Billy wilson
    Billy wilson

    I like he actually gets involved with the sharers

  • J Hobson
    J Hobson

    This is what Fifa 18 gold 3 red picks were like, not this 82 everyweek bullshit

  • Sam Owen
    Sam Owen

    Got Guardiola moments from the pack and the Dumfries from the party bag straight after. Terrible day at the office for me

    • Sam Owen
      Sam Owen

      @Diego Lopez the struggle is real

    • Diego Lopez
      Diego Lopez

      Got prime gattuso and Yazici man

  • YeboiSplite

    whats the name of the background music at 0:08 ?

  • Jarvis

    Who is this Chad hes been talking about all the time?

  • Cian Shanahan
    Cian Shanahan

    I got Vieri.

  • Oliver Ellis
    Oliver Ellis

    New Renato SBC is a BEAST

  • Da Gree
    Da Gree

    Hey Nick, I did the Prime/moments pack last night. Prime R9!!!! Couldn't believe it

    • Hugo Deported
      Hugo Deported

      L Not the moments.

  • Finn

    Yo dude wtf is wrong with my account. I keep doing sets of 5 and on average 3/5 picks are 81 rated...

    • Ramzeso

      Try doing bigger sets next time, like 20 at least, and I would say open them at "good" gameplay, when it doesn't feel shit

  • Leigh Carolan
    Leigh Carolan

    I don't understand this entire video was literally only one prime or moments pack?

  • Mags Name
    Mags Name

    Early gang

  • K

    Am I the only one who still hasn’t packed any fut birthdays?

    • U5M4N WB
      U5M4N WB

      Same i never pack a promo player

  • Dr. Alexei
    Dr. Alexei

    Did my 83+ x 25 and got both Kent and Atal🤩

    • Gwilly A
      Gwilly A

      Haha I did mine and got muller and de gea as my highest

  • Tub

    Got a prime kluivert in mine...

  • Langers 1
    Langers 1

    Got FB Can from pp

  • nick hoogervorst
    nick hoogervorst

    I picked Varane, Hazard, Handanovic, FUT day Gunter, some IF's and as cherry on the pie FUT day Adama 😜😜😂😂 did like 25 of those!

    • Norberto Hernandez
      Norberto Hernandez

      @nick hoogervorst why

    • nick hoogervorst
      nick hoogervorst

      @Norberto Hernandez I have made pictures to bad I can't post it!

    • Norberto Hernandez
      Norberto Hernandez

      Lmao your lying theres no way you get that much from player picks.

    • Norberto Hernandez
      Norberto Hernandez


  • Arul Prabu
    Arul Prabu

    I got Best 93 from prime icon pack!

  • Constantin

    I got Prime Vidic from a Prime or Moments pack ☹

  • Luke ODonnell
    Luke ODonnell

    I got prime desailly from the prime or moments pack , wish it was his moments tho

    • Luke ODonnell
      Luke ODonnell

      @Tristan barry yeah I've played 2 games with him and hes a beast he had toty mbappe in his pocket

    • Tristan barry
      Tristan barry

      i have his mid and play him at cb and hes solid and i had his prime in 18 and hes insane

    • Luke ODonnell
      Luke ODonnell

      @Filip Hansen unlucky bro

    • Filip Hansen
      Filip Hansen

      No u shut up, I got trezeguet prime

  • Willy Show
    Willy Show

    I did 30 picks and pulled just 1 walkout, sancho and one 85 marquinhos, 3 84's that werr coman an x2 witsell and the rest were garbage, then from the icon pack i pulled puyol prime....

  • Linus

    Renato is the best CM in the game i do not care what you say. Whoever says “Vidal > Renato” come on...

    • Tristan barry
      Tristan barry

      viera is 100x better

    • Linus

      @DawidB not in game

    • DawidB

      Paulinho > Renato


    I’ve been saving mine to do this just need one more

    • GFEAST

      @Tristan barry nice man my last three icon swaps I got garbage so hopefully I get something good

    • Tristan barry
      Tristan barry

      i just did mine it was 100% worth it i got moments eto

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez

    EA rubbing their hands together like Birdman hearing Nick talk so positively about the player picks

    • Monty Matata
      Monty Matata


    • QSRebelClan

      Lmaoooo they so happy

  • M7md Desoky
    M7md Desoky


  • Mark Dickson
    Mark Dickson

    I got prime moments Baggio from my pack

  • Marius-Dorin Faina
    Marius-Dorin Faina

    Guys please who knows the song name from 3:00

  • MrThiccNik YT
    MrThiccNik YT

    Old video... Wang hee Chan from last week

    • MrThiccNik YT
      MrThiccNik YT

      @Jared Schooler yup it's old content bruh

    • Jared Schooler
      Jared Schooler

      The player picks were from last week. Does it really matter though?

  • Tabasco Si
    Tabasco Si

    Mbappe won’t go to Real Madrid as there bankrupt same as Barca.

  • Noel Doe
    Noel Doe

    Stop fuelling the wild fire which is EA delete fifa and never buy it again the game is one big money grabbing scam FACT

  • Jairo Reyes
    Jairo Reyes

    ive already gotten prime guardiola twice on the prime and mid icon pack, and the player pick icon pack, if i get him again ima loose my shit

    • Tristan barry
      Tristan barry

      decent manager for it

    • SupeRMAn


  • shubh


  • Donny -
    Donny -

    I usually get nothing but In my 2x 86 got lewa and ucl mbappe. Best pack ever..

  • BARRiiZ

    I got prime Dalgleash and just wish it was his moments 😭😭

    • Moritz

      Bro be happy, it could always be worse. I got Prime van Basten

  • Colum8o

    When do we think the next set of icon sbcs will be released?

  • Jacob Porter
    Jacob Porter

    0:18 Nick the Owl

  • Fla key
    Fla key

    6:30 WTF is the scream

  • Jürgen von Strengel
    Jürgen von Strengel

    I really got moments zambrotta after doing his sbc last week.. this game man..

    • Dragonborn


  • Juuso Lautamäki
    Juuso Lautamäki

    Did 30 pp's and didn't get a player over 84 ovr

  • Inder Singh
    Inder Singh

    Nick, do these player picks Me, can't afford them🙂

  • Mr. BeanosBown
    Mr. BeanosBown

    i have done 15 player picks had 1 81 inform and 1 84 the rest have been 83s, 82s and 81s these are definitely not good for me

    • Its Langers
      Its Langers

      After u said this I did 1 and got Benz 😅

    • Sergeant Sausage Fingers
      Sergeant Sausage Fingers


  • ObeeSo

    Did 32 pps for renato and got atal from the second one who works perfectly for me 😝

    • Siem Bonnema
      Siem Bonnema

      I did 30 and only got one 86 and one 84 inform🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Hasan Albattat
    Hasan Albattat

    Nick can u please tell me how to get unbanned from the transfer market

    • Cy0rp

      @Hasan Albattat I don't think there is man 🙁

    • Hasan Albattat
      Hasan Albattat

      @Cy0rp but I already got banned is there a way to get unbanned

    • Cy0rp

      Just don't coin transfer

  • HDMikeTV

    i got neymar and i’m happy💪🏽 81+ picks are cracked

  • Cavernous Bhai
    Cavernous Bhai

    Guys what is the second song played ?


    Run the AD market

  • Comet

    Gotta love getting moments inzaghi after grinding 16 tokens

    • Pop Liviu Traian
      Pop Liviu Traian

      Sorry beeing you manage to do 16 tokens...when to objectives fifa give 9?

    • M B
      M B

      I got prime cech

    • Buck.

      Inzaghi is actually crazy nobody tries him though

    • kevin urness
      kevin urness

      I got 87 zambrotta, already have the moments. What a waste of time

    • GhostFace A.K.A Adrian R
      GhostFace A.K.A Adrian R

      I got shearer outta the 91 plus prime pack

  • E.Z P.Z
    E.Z P.Z

    What’s the name of the 2nd song playing??

  • Yezzy_21


  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    Can’t wait for the 2 am rat to glory uploads in the wet dark sewers

    • Tommy Salammi
      Tommy Salammi

      @Milo HAAS rat to glory alrdy started with adama and sterling in starter squad

    • Milo HAAS
      Milo HAAS

      Yedder has been waiting in the shadows

  • Gorczany Banuelos
    Gorczany Banuelos


  • pearce Curran
    pearce Curran

    Like for the Ireland international team ☹️🇮🇪

  • Danish Sunasra
    Danish Sunasra


    • Jack Finnian
      Jack Finnian

      @Danish Sunasra if you want a good tip to make a lot of coins buy one of every bundesliga silver now before the league sbc comes out then they will triple in value when it comes out

    • Reload TV
      Reload TV

      Invest in fodder when it's not inflated

    • Danish Sunasra
      Danish Sunasra

      @Blaugrana lover I understand man, but simple things like live cards rise, net promo cards market update etc

    • Blaugrana lover
      Blaugrana lover

      @Danish Sunasra yeah at the start. He’ll probably do the same for fifa 22. Atm no one really cares about trading (obviously not no one but you get the point)

    • Danish Sunasra
      Danish Sunasra

      @Comet I understand that man, but he still can predict some easy stuff which he used to do at the start of fut21.

  • Young Snupe
    Young Snupe

    Can’t Believe My Luck.. Packed Messi Mbappe & FB Modric All From PP

  • kj neymar
    kj neymar

    Nick, one of the most underrated youtubers!

    • ChriptoFifa

      @Andrew O'brien 🤡🙄

    • Andrew O'brien
      Andrew O'brien

      How tf is underrated 😐

    • Allan Arve Vesterbæk
      Allan Arve Vesterbæk


    • ChriptoFifa

      Fr it’s criminal how he’s on under 500K 😤

    • Joshua Poyzer
      Joshua Poyzer


  • Bags

    Them 06:30 am uploads 👍🏻

  • Ben Lederer
    Ben Lederer

    Oh yuhhhhh

  • klubsOCE


  • Icker Maillard
    Icker Maillard


  • SAIDF 2001
    SAIDF 2001

    You are the best♥️

  • Cabron

    Who else loves Nicholas as much as me

    • Comic book Fan
      Comic book Fan

      @•you a rat

    • MrLemonz


  • MrLemonz

    Yay 😃 I love it when nick the man uploads!

  • Shaped Cobalt
    Shaped Cobalt

    Late night uploads lets go

  • Vincenzo Giannone
    Vincenzo Giannone

    hi nick