• Jay Moar
    Jay Moar

    Makalele is garbage, no offense what so ever and his defense stats don’t show either.

  • Mac

    I literally got prime (89) zambrotta in my prime icon pack last night haha

  • Hazona Zizou
    Hazona Zizou

    You know bro that fifa came out later this season, so tots will also be later. Maybe in june or end of may.

  • Omar Elshennawi
    Omar Elshennawi

    Should I invest in mls players?

  • Dennen Smith
    Dennen Smith

    i have baby zambrotta in cb already isit worth the upgrade to moments? hes untradable... also im defo doing makelele i been saving fodder for a cdm in hope

  • Fei Leahy
    Fei Leahy

    Is he not doin messi or muller? Also ian wright fan here and i just lost 100+k on my moments wright and nick didnt even talk about the price drop or how the sbc affects his market value for 1 second lol 🤣🤣

  • Gulinder Oberoi
    Gulinder Oberoi

    Ur such a fin clown man . These icons are really good value. Ur brain is in ur knees ffs

  • Juho Viinikka
    Juho Viinikka

    we need more untraceable pack so fodder can come down in price

  • Archie

    Best ST for 3 mil???

  • Pinhead

    That Ian Wright card is literally so useless

  • Ryan Matthews
    Ryan Matthews

    I done Kluivert and I play him CAM very happy with him. Just done Doherty who I'm very happy with too. Absolute unit. Thinking of doing makelele with everything in my club 🤣 got so many packs stored up just need fodder now.

  • Bill Goveia
    Bill Goveia

    All my fodder is going into zombrata and I'm using him as a cdm/cm

    • jan maty
      jan maty

      Get Makelele buddy

  • Maps of Manhood
    Maps of Manhood

    I just packed icon moments Crespo out of a common gold pack from the lowest tier squad battle rewards

  • Nathan Strik
    Nathan Strik

    Sell fodder right now or hold onto it? Thanks guys and good luck this week on the game

    • safadinho

      Sell now

  • lars van den Berg
    lars van den Berg

    First time in months I’m grinding elite again. NEVER AGAIN. I don’t know if I’m gonna make it got 4 left for 2 wins. But this game !!!! Just play till gold 3 dont let the 30.000 pack seduce u. Just play casual for ur own sake.

    • Muhd Nasir
      Muhd Nasir

      14 wins with 4 games left, want to get 16 for PP, but nah, too lazy just to get some shit PP. Lol.

  • Jack Nolan
    Jack Nolan

    Zambrotta would be an insane CDM with 4 star 5 star and would probs be challenging mid Gullit

    • yo man 101
      yo man 101

      Doesn’t have the body type

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts

    All you do is review the content at 6pm now like Nepenthez, you’re old videos about the market were so much better

  • CarKiller92

    I wonder how many people do these sbcs with cards they buy off the current market.. just plain stupid.

  • Jeffrey Torres
    Jeffrey Torres

    It’s definitely a good sign when EA don’t announce that there was some confusion for the Zambrotta sbc.

    • Tommy Hirschey
      Tommy Hirschey


    • XJokermanX


    • Bettany Rules
      Bettany Rules

      What do you mean ?

  • Gordon Bell
    Gordon Bell

    Remember euros this summer so may have ToTS earlier in order to get it all in

  • samuel capote
    samuel capote

    I’m here because nick is more hype than nepenthez lol

  • LUKA


  • Hassoun Gaming
    Hassoun Gaming

    I uploaded some fancy goals which include a lot of skill moves Hopefully you guys will enjoy

  • Muamer Hasanović
    Muamer Hasanović

    Lars Bender > Zambrotta

  • Big Flats
    Big Flats

    Zambrotta’s a huge W

  • Astro Kid Lo’
    Astro Kid Lo’

    This game is worse than fifa 19. It’s legit unplayable with all this auto block and keeper movement bullshit. I can’t count how many times my opponent went right and I shot left and their keeper still blocked it. I can’t anymore, it’s not even fun. I even did potm messi and he feels awful for me in game

    • Astro Kid Lo’
      Astro Kid Lo’

      @Muhd Nasir 100% it’s pre determined af. It’s so obvious too

    • Muhd Nasir
      Muhd Nasir

      Its random as hell, if it wants u to win u will win.

  • EOEkman5488

    can you do a video of what to trade with, are really bad at trading

  • mark datvolta
    mark datvolta

    Zambrotta getting done 100%. That is a dub.

    • IL Lupo
      IL Lupo

      nah wright is with the most gangsta image in fifa history

    • Muhd Nasir
      Muhd Nasir

      I would do it as well. But think there will be better choice in near future, saving up just in case.

  • Asimakis Bougalis
    Asimakis Bougalis

    Should i do Zambrotta and play him as a RB or should i do Lars Bender and play him as a CB. (If i do Zambrotta Mbabu will play as aCB)

    • Max Payne
      Max Payne

      Do bander

    • Lucas

      Zambrotta. Mbabu is ckracked at cb

  • Nik Horvat
    Nik Horvat

    Can we get a review on Makelele?

  • Luis Magallon
    Luis Magallon

    oh cool more loans :)

  • Emmanuel

    i have de sciglio storyline linked to cannavaro but zambrotta is tempting

    • modigosmidig

      @D B De sciglio is very good, huge upgrade from Atal

    • D B
      D B

      I just picked De Sciglio is he good? I have Best and Ferdinand so can play anyone at right back and at the moment I have Europa League Atal who’s been great.

  • Scott Flavell
    Scott Flavell

    Nicks hitting out with neps content 😂, enjoying hearing both opinions tho it’s good

  • steven mcguigan
    steven mcguigan

    nick, love the vids, you said yesterday in your ea rant about them banning you but still working with folk advertising coin sellers on the daily, you're advertising coin sellers too dude, i asked you a week or two ago if you knew about the adverts on youtube, i was surprised you were allowing them as that's bound to go against you with ea, had wondered if youtube even told you...

  • Hamada Markovic
    Hamada Markovic

    I need a cdm should I do Makélélé? For about 150k?

    • Jason Alexander Ortiz
      Jason Alexander Ortiz

      Yeah he’s goated, basically a Kante type player

  • Dharam Cheema
    Dharam Cheema

    The amount of people that are gonna have that zambrotta at rcb in 532 🥴

    • Bettany Rules
      Bettany Rules

      @tomsamcon nah mate div 1, gold 1 you meta rat 😂

    • lars van den Berg
      lars van den Berg

      @tomsamcon great comment. Do u feel better now ? Mommy must be proud of u

    • tomsamcon

      @Bettany Rules You're*. And you are perma stuck in div 4 scraping silver 1 every week you dirty little neek

    • Daniel 3134
      Daniel 3134

      He is cracked as a CB tho like he has mad animations

    • Enseq

      @Bettany Rules i know it is, and in rivals when i am just trying to enjoy fifa, i use my team with vidic and boateng at the back, but in wl theyre useless against meta rats, so i have to pull out my showdown acuna and berchiche and klaiber etc, im not proud of it but its the only chance I have of winning a game

  • Jonathan Cuerden
    Jonathan Cuerden

    Its the Euros this year, they start the 11th of june..surely tots will be early aa EA will want it out of the way so they can bring out euros related content

    • George Sampson
      George Sampson

      Euros still may not happen, France just gone into 3rd wave. Only chance I think will be if they just pick 1 country, most likely UK because of how many vaccinated and how many stadiums we have available

    • Jonathan Cuerden
      Jonathan Cuerden

      Think well get fut birthday and then tots

  • Mr. JB 777
    Mr. JB 777

    Is it Makelele the icon Kanté or Kanté is the next Makelele ??? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Wezo !
    Wezo !

    Check FIFA’s Twitter feed Nobody wants these icons Pure negative comments about them And to be honest you you tubers are not helping The more you keep hyping this 💩 content the more it helps ea 🤦🏻‍♂️ Ffs start being real this content is trash Start calling it out for what it is Absolute 💩

  • Roland Francis
    Roland Francis


  • Dark knight
    Dark knight

    Over 1 million for zambrotta 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Just use tavernia or mababu Or de sciglio for free These icons are 💩 👎

    • Yeee Fuuu
      Yeee Fuuu

      You are probably a bot

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale

    Literally sold my prime zambrotta last night to do Lars bender lol

    • Miguel Rojas
      Miguel Rojas


  • Finlay Gray
    Finlay Gray

    Can u do reviews on makelele and zambrotta moments pls

  • Tarik Kulovic
    Tarik Kulovic

    When are the player picks coming out? If anyone knows.

    • max_W25

      only EA knows

  • Autumn

    I hoping I can get moments Essien soon

  • Dark knight
    Dark knight

    1.1 million for makele 😂 Go get kessie or just use Duncan Or renato or sissokho

    • Dark knight
      Dark knight

      @Yeee Fuuu no it’s a better thing For a fraction of the price 😎

    • Dark knight
      Dark knight

      @Lim Muliana confused

    • Yeee Fuuu
      Yeee Fuuu

      Not the same thing chief

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana


  • Dark knight
    Dark knight

    💩 icons nobody wants these Dead content Way overpriced MASSIVE L anyone hyping this is delusional 😏

    • Jack Servais
      Jack Servais

      They won’t ever release r9 or cruyff

    • Jack Servais
      Jack Servais

      That’s your opinion it’s actually pretty good in my opinion

  • Cathy Hendrix
    Cathy Hendrix


  • Searching For Match
    Searching For Match

    I have mid essien Is it worth upgrading to prime moments makelele?

    • Mac Daddy
      Mac Daddy


  • Huzaifah Patel
    Huzaifah Patel

    Bruh 1 minute quicker then Nep lets go my guy I’m watching the stream

  • Wrriorz_TV

    fucc it i need zambrotta

  • Wezo !
    Wezo !

    Why u getting hyped kessie is just as good as makele and he’s only 250k 🤦🏻‍♂️ Ian Wright nobody cares about And there’s already how many good right backs 🤦🏻‍♂️ This content is absolute 💩 And way overpriced 👎👎👎

    • Wezo !
      Wezo !

      @Jack Servais I have tried him I got the loan he’s bang average Kante Duncan Kessie Renato All as good if not better

    • Jack Servais
      Jack Servais

      @Wezo ! no I respect your opinion with you liking kessie more than makalele but you haven’t tried out makalele yet so how would you know

    • Wezo !
      Wezo !

      @Jack Servais that statement is that ignorant 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Jack Servais
      Jack Servais

      @Wezo ! your ignorant...

    • Wezo !
      Wezo !

      @Jack Servais because I was explaining the versatility of kessie that he has everything That’s why🤦🏻‍♂️ Honestly you kids have no brains 😂😂

  • jan maty
    jan maty

    Could you play zambrotta cdm with a sentinel? Or is makelele better off as a cdm?

    • Alex Korhonen
      Alex Korhonen

      Makelele 100%

  • bob123 4
    bob123 4

    Nick bring back the market vids we need them

    • AlexJP

      @Lim Muliana stfu

    • Miguel Rojas
      Miguel Rojas

      @Lim Muliana stfu

    • Conor McAleer
      Conor McAleer

      @Lim Muliana stfu

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana

      So he can flex his coin total?

  • WeejixDoWx

    Content is so weak. No point playing at all just now.

    • WeejixDoWx

      @Joshua Gomora I replied to the other guy, but same applies.

    • WeejixDoWx

      @AlexJP no promo means no content. Overpriced SBCs because of the constant lack of supply of the necessary cards, due to the lack of promos. 300-400k for bang average cards. Icon SBCs are long term content. And the icons are poor. I'd maybe do nedved, but not when fodder is at stupid levels. This is all personal opinion. Maybe Rabiot is your favourite player, maybe Joe Hart. For me it's all garbage to take your coins before fut bday.

    • AlexJP

      Considering there hasn’t been a promo for two weeks content has been very good

    • Joshua Gomora
      Joshua Gomora

      How tf is it weak 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Come Fast SEX with ME N O W
    Come Fast SEX with ME N O W

    What is the best camera setting for FUT? I can’t see my keeper when the opposing team takes free kicks🙃🙃

    • MrFredGamer

      @Alex Seaden gotta stay alert

    • Alex Seaden
      Alex Seaden

      Bots are evolving lads

    • Yonathan Simon
      Yonathan Simon

      Co op maybe if you want an angle with height

    • Cn Mc
      Cn Mc

      Co op or tele broadcast

  • Kdb 133
    Kdb 133

    Jesus Christ why is this kid screaming within 15 seconds??? Wtf

    • Kdb 133
      Kdb 133


    • AlexJP

      Shut up

  • o711Oscar G
    o711Oscar G

    Might be doing makelele and ballack

  • The King
    The King

    Is wright good value I used his prime and it was sick should I do the moments

    • Fei Leahy
      Fei Leahy

      Oh hell yeh

    • Miguel Rojas
      Miguel Rojas

      I u like him, Just do him!

  • Jorge Chibante
    Jorge Chibante

    EA: lets spend a whole week droping the price of fodder by endless lightining rounds Also EA: Don't release a promo for 3 weeks and upload every good value sbc

    • Eder Elizondo
      Eder Elizondo

      It was so counter productive of them

  • Aidan Caruana
    Aidan Caruana

    Makelele review please nick

  • Coquitopop Girona
    Coquitopop Girona

    Makalele looks like the best cb in the game ngl


      @Coquitopop Girona Cannavaro has 94 jumping. He also has 97 defending. Maldini is miles better than Makalele, so is a fair amount of fullbacks.

    • Yeee Fuuu
      Yeee Fuuu

      @Coquitopop Girona he's better at CDM for sure

    • Coquitopop Girona
      Coquitopop Girona

      @Samuel Biswas cannavaro is small too whats youf point?

    • Christopher Malki
      Christopher Malki

      na hes so good cdm

    • Samuel Biswas
      Samuel Biswas

      He is 5ft 9

  • Marek Ulicny
    Marek Ulicny

    Bruh I rly need a right back and did a mid or prime today. Obviously mans got nakata and have 0 sbc fodder. Pretty much done with the game at this point

    • CarKiller92

      you deserve it if you do a random pack sbc with all your fodder :)

  • G-Money

    Man why😭😭 I’m trying to build my team and people are raising the price of fodder when I need them for my team😭😭😭

    • CarKiller92

      You should try to buy next thursday. Also expecting fodder price to drop on friday with the next promo, tons of packs gonna be opened + potential promo packs as well.

    • DeMar DeFrozan
      DeMar DeFrozan

      Fodder only drops for a few hours on rewards day then they go up because of all these investors

  • Hamza010 Trreww
    Hamza010 Trreww

    Should I do Zambrotta or makelele

    • Jack Servais
      Jack Servais


    • Syakir Aiman
      Syakir Aiman


  • Mono Garcia
    Mono Garcia

    Nick won against nep today by ONE minuete 😂

    • Jake Smith
      Jake Smith

      And his vid was longer

  • abdul samad
    abdul samad

    Zambrotta is not as good as he looks. Better to get walker IF OR VARANE

  • just another person
    just another person

    Need a crespo or hugo sanchez SBC cos we need a very good icon st for good value Wright is good not as good as those 2 tho

  • hxsh

    With all the fodder objectives and when player picks come out, these will be easy to craft!

    • J 2wavvy
      J 2wavvy

      Yes it’s true I already completed the Ian wright SBC took me 5 mins to do him not ima do the mukiele SBC

    • Maximilian Avemarg
      Maximilian Avemarg

      @Samuel got ballack lel

    • John Abraham
      John Abraham

      Yo guys check out my recent video!

    • Samuel

      I put my fucking untrades in icon sbc and got deco

    • Ben Power
      Ben Power

      Player picks probably won’t come out until next Sunday during a promo

  • Gunners. Zone
    Gunners. Zone

    I’m doing that Wright

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady

    ea ur cool today

  • James White
    James White

    Damnnn, just started the Ballack sbc with 89 squad for my Chelsea PnP, now need another one! Need to get those upgrade packs in so I can do both

  • B9nDM11

    The race between Nick and Nep on who releases a content video first is better than the actual content most of the time

    • Labile

      Yeah nowadays I don’t even log on to fifa just wait for nick to upload

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana


    • Alex Seaden
      Alex Seaden

      You can't be comparing the best fifa youtuber and Nepenthez

    • Jake Smith
      Jake Smith

      Nick is clear

    • Samuel Biswas
      Samuel Biswas

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Oli H
    Oli H


    • Kanjo

      @Oli H aw alright

    • Oli H
      Oli H

      @Kanjo wdym? I think I have enough untradeables for Wright. It's just that Saka is basically my only tradeable card in my attack

    • Kanjo

      he’s out for 60 days tho

  • Rio Leray
    Rio Leray

    Packed makalele 2 weeks ago , pain

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana

      Shut up

    • Third Reich
      Third Reich

      How is that pain tf

    • Jesaja Hounsi
      Jesaja Hounsi

      Na still a dub cause no everyone has fodder

  • Kivzyy

    Ian wright😍

  • Nathan Brudell
    Nathan Brudell


  • Carl Riis
    Carl Riis

    Its getting kinda lit with those sbc’s

  • Muhammed Fathi
    Muhammed Fathi

    Ma boi gj


    ready for this

  • pharonic_ king
    pharonic_ king


  • Mitsos Mark
    Mitsos Mark

    Makelele's crazy

  • Freddie Patterson
    Freddie Patterson

    As an arsenal fan imma do Wright cause he's cheap af

    • Fei Leahy
      Fei Leahy

      How cheap do u reckon he gets on the market? I bought him 700k for weekend and hes already 600k cuz the sbc is too cheap lol

    • Fei Leahy
      Fei Leahy

      Just done it 😎

    • Abel Hailu
      Abel Hailu

      That picture 😍

  • AA10 Gaming
    AA10 Gaming


  • Rio Le Fort9
    Rio Le Fort9

    Wright Insaneeee value

    • George Sampson
      George Sampson

      Basically same price tradeable , unless your love Ian wright I'd avoid

    • DGBJJ

      Wrights speed makes him a threat, and his finishing and positioning are great. Not always about skill moves, he’s through ball threat all day

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana

      Enjoy 85 agility and 81 dribbling + 3* skills

    • The Duff
      The Duff

      Benedetto is a free card and is miles better than him dont do that card unless your an arsenal fan, this is coming from an Arsenal fan there will be better value sbcs down the line and tots is around the corner

    • Jonathan Barnes
      Jonathan Barnes

      for 3* skills and someone who isnt that great on the ball? dont do him

  • Jack Nightingale
    Jack Nightingale

    Can't lie tempted to do zambrotta. Anyone used him?

    • Wezo !
      Wezo !

      @ANZACxLAG I wouldn’t save it forever but I wouldn’t waste it on zambrotta either


      @Wezo ! Zambrotta looks like an insane CB and links to everyone. Probably one of the best in the game. You can't just save your fodder forever because you might maybe get a better option.

    • Wezo !
      Wezo !

      @ANZACxLAG even fodder has value it can go into something worth while and not this 💩


      @Wezo ! Untradable fodder you Muppet. Good luck buying him off the market unless you take tradable rivals rewards or got lucky.

    • AlexJP

      @Wezo ! The whole benefit of sbc is that you can craft tit you could probably complete this for half of his price on the market

  • Kodi Mclaughlin
    Kodi Mclaughlin


  • Mrnewbiee99

    Lets go bois we're getting some content!

  • Dalibor Gole
    Dalibor Gole

    Is it wright worth?

    • 123 456
      123 456

      Iv just done him and first game of div 1 seems solid. I would use him next to agile player (for me mbappe ) and he is a beast deffo worth it

    • Ben Anderson
      Ben Anderson

      For his price Yh won’t be the best card in game but fun to use I’m doing him for my arsenal past and present

  • Thomasjames16


  • Sebastian Lievano
    Sebastian Lievano

    First comment?

  • Ggez Ok
    Ggez Ok

    Getting quick with the uploads

  • Saaleh499


  • Young Snupe
    Young Snupe

    Another One

  • Krishna Bala
    Krishna Bala

    Sick sbcs imo, keep em coming ea

  • Andres Infante
    Andres Infante


  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper