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  • Wolves_Pie

    boring! can't deal wit hall these adverts

  • Thibault Axel Habineza
    Thibault Axel Habineza

    Name of this song please 2:28

  • Josue Mata
    Josue Mata

    ۞―P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳―۞ ➡️➡️️ 》》 《《 -----------------^^----------------- ♠【﹄💖𝐊𝐋𝐈𝐊≔⫸LINK 💖﹃】 ♠みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• •̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン !❤️ 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1616999734

  • Jack Rattray
    Jack Rattray

    Anybody got the name of the background music at 5 mins in

  • gman0155

    What is it with EA giving special cards same players all time. Williams is a nothing footballer in real life. So.many great footballers have unusable cards yet you give him 2?!

  • Alfredo Apolinares
    Alfredo Apolinares

    When is the best time to buy sane?

    • Madoc Plowman
      Madoc Plowman


  • Night King 48
    Night King 48

    I opened up 2 MEGA packs and 3 RARE mega packs and got no walkouts, at least I got some good fodder

  • Bape X Soldier
    Bape X Soldier

    They shoulda made the fut bday walkout colour pink or something that blue walkout gets u hyped for nothing🤦🏽

  • Ben Nash
    Ben Nash

    I got inaki and vardy in my 85 pack

  • #Free Jon
    #Free Jon

    When’s the best time to buy CR7? He’s sitting round 600k rn would he go down more ?

  • Caffina

    I got birthday thiago and 2 other walk outs in my 83 x 10 pack

  • Maximilian Pallmann
    Maximilian Pallmann

    cmon nick, 20min video with 10(!!!!) ads. feels like watching ads with short clips in between

  • A Fellow Hasian
    A Fellow Hasian

    no log in reward pack or icon swaps for steam/origin/pc version of fut 21?

  • Joey Vervoort
    Joey Vervoort

    Hi guys, hope you have a good weekend. I quick sold 10 double players to complete an SBC. I recovered 5 of them and after this I found out there was a limit which makes you able to do it only 5 times. Unfortunately my best player is still in the quick sold area and now I’m not able to get him back. Is there anybody who can help me to get him back? Will my limit go back to 1 when I quick sell a player again which I recovered? Thanks in advance

    • Kevuz94

      Nope man, sadly they are gone forever

  • Harvey

    Should I do a 83 x 25 pack or save for Prime Deco I have 5 icon swaps as a player who doesn’t grind the game often an icon would be nice what’s do you think?

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M

    Opened a 100k pack and got myself a prime figo, let's gooo

  • Roman Stryker
    Roman Stryker

    Packed moments Klose from a prime electronic players pack doing Zambrotta sbc. Should I sell him now?

    • Roman Stryker
      Roman Stryker

      @m0nte1ro Thanks

    • m0nte1ro

      Ofc he is only getting cheaper. Sell him and buy a FB card Sunday night or next Sunday after team 2 drops.

  • DuttSoccer 14
    DuttSoccer 14

    I open 54 packs 0 walk outs

  • Jesus Marquez
    Jesus Marquez

    I opened 51 packs, 4 ultimate, 10 rare mega packs, 3 jumbo rare players packs a few mega packs and the rest were electrum/ jumbo packs and my best player was BURKI 🤡

  • Omar Hernandez
    Omar Hernandez

    Pack weight was heavy last night!!! Packed a prime moments cantona, mbappe and a fut birthday Hermoso

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @Omar Hernandez tht deep tht why I don't coins lol even though people say it fine I don't do trading it so boring I don't even like doing pick like 50 or 100 because it so long I rather play the game

    • Omar Hernandez
      Omar Hernandez

      @Andrew Wright "coin buying", funny thing is I never even considered that. I've just been trading thanks to tips from the futaccount and run the fut market.

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @Shrek The beast I could never afford tht card lol

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @Omar Hernandez sorry to hear that what did they say you did

    • Shrek The beast
      Shrek The beast

      Last year Mbappe would have been Fut birthday

  • Mamba24ever

    5:21 I saw the blue at the end of the tunnel and knew he done messed up lol

    • Hazona Zizou
      Hazona Zizou

      @Shrek Loves Vorce. yesterday but not on stream 😂 I got shocked.

    • Shrek Loves Vorce.
      Shrek Loves Vorce.

      @Hazona Zizou when😂

    • Hazona Zizou
      Hazona Zizou

      Happened me to 😂

  • Jakeanator

    Literally tried to get one pack the minute the packs came out and couldn’t even get one. How is that even fun


    Saved 14 packs got like 10 walkouts and perisic fut birthday then I did the prime icon pack and packed pires😭😭😭

  • Jakub Strzelczyk
    Jakub Strzelczyk

    I packed sambia out of the player pick from monthly Amazon prime gaming pack

  • David W
    David W

    That background music has to go man it's horrible annoying as fuck

  • Nasr Irshaidat
    Nasr Irshaidat

    Song @ 2:50?

    • Thibault Axel Habineza
      Thibault Axel Habineza

      I am wondering my self

  • Dan100

    52 packs and I got some decent pulls no fut birthdays tho but I completed zambrotta and puyol

  • Sharafath Hussain
    Sharafath Hussain

    Bro you got the courtois for just 5100. Wow.

    • Sharafath Hussain
      Sharafath Hussain

      Go to 2:09 and see everyone 🔥

  • YouTube Drifter
    YouTube Drifter

    Who cares stop playing this game. Don't forget how shit this game is because there's a new promo!!

  • Adir Gozlan
    Adir Gozlan

    Yooo gold mbapp is just as good as fut B sane 🤯

  • Astro Kid Lo’
    Astro Kid Lo’

    Zambrotta or Makalele?

  • Jake Taylor • 12 years ago .
    Jake Taylor • 12 years ago .

    I got 8 83’s in the 10x83+ Nice

  • see me
    see me

    I used Mendy on my friends account - people were saying they'd murder my kids on sight if they knew who I was.

  • Florian Sengstock
    Florian Sengstock

    How did i not pack a single promo card for 600 packs and upgrades/playerpicks? Yesterday alone i opened futbday...

    • Ross Mills
      Ross Mills

      That is not fair. I do these 83 x25 and pull the worse players and the 85x5. Then I do a gold players pack and get prime Beckham makes no sense

  • Dxlan

    13:20 ❤️❤️❤️

  • Daddy Jeff
    Daddy Jeff

    Anyone know the song from 2:35 ?

  • T Jay Winfield
    T Jay Winfield


  • ellisthegamer

    I saved packs for 3 weeks and got 2 walkouts out of 40 packs, what a L

  • Griffin

    Where do you get these packs?

  • Iyanappa

    I can’t see the icon swap challenges does anyone have the same problem or am I just dumb

    • Iyanappa

      @Omar Hernandez ok thank you

    • Omar Hernandez
      Omar Hernandez

      Until Monday

  • LFC Football Analyst - Kai
    LFC Football Analyst - Kai

    Got moments Kaka and Sambia from my packs. My first icon this year lol, so hyped though

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @LFC Football Analyst - Kai nice hopefully I pack him because dont wants to spend 600k lol

    • LFC Football Analyst - Kai
      LFC Football Analyst - Kai

      @Andrew Wright I’m really loving Thiago mate very versatile and insane acceleration and dribbling with a pretty thick and strong stock. Definitely good value he’s much better than the prime Xavi I used to have

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @LFC Football Analyst - Kai mendy is crazy upfront he can't stop scoring

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @LFC Football Analyst - Kai thanks let me know how he feels because need to know if he can play instead of jones because nedved is cam zinedine zidane is cm with jones so someone has to be bench super sub

    • LFC Football Analyst - Kai
      LFC Football Analyst - Kai

      @Andrew Wright haha I feel you bro people are just hating. I bought the new Thiago card and going to look to build a new squad. Congrats though mate wish you best with your games and pack luck.

  • worsttodoit

    Did any one else’s icon swaps disappear? I had ligue 1 left and I don’t see it anymore

    • worsttodoit

      @Jonathan Fernandez ohhh I thought it meant you had 2 days to finish it and then new ones would come out, my bad

    • Jonathan Fernandez
      Jonathan Fernandez

      It expired yesterday bro. Monday should be the new ones.

  • Mehmet Eray
    Mehmet Eray

    Yo guys what do you do with all these dupes i stopped opening packs coz i dont want to waste the rare golds man

  • Jonathan Edge
    Jonathan Edge

    I got sane in my loyalty pack, shame I’m shit at the game

  • Fredrik Hansen
    Fredrik Hansen

    I packed x2 sambia untradable yday. Felt bad heving to use 1 of them in the daily sbc

  • EdXBec2017

    I packed Lucas. Hes okay I guess but dribbling doesn't seem as good as the stats

  • Quinten Moojen
    Quinten Moojen

    Nahh look at all the ads

  • Linus

    who else go the glitch ultimate pack last night

  • Kingslayer7

    2:08 - wtf he bought Courtois for 5k imagine if he bought alot of them and then waited a lot of time and sold all, imagine the profit holy fuck

    • Kingslayer7

      @Jim Rice oh ok 😂, yeah I was gonna say 5k for an 89 rated is mental

    • Mika Van vugt
      Mika Van vugt

      @Jim Rice yeah

    • Jim Rice
      Jim Rice

      He sniped it mate u couldn’t buy them for 5k it was just luck

  • Amir

    pack weight was sooo assss

  • Beej

    Ham salad with cheese

  • Jason Barrett
    Jason Barrett

    Can u please u banned me on twitch brother wrote message ages ago and I'm a massive fan and tune into both SVname and twitch for every bit of content please jaysob43 name please

  • CJO

    i got inaki williams from the free ultimate pack

  • Firat K
    Firat K

    i got salah casemiro and 7x84 and only one 83 out of my 83+ pack lol

  • Mr. Mal
    Mr. Mal

    Why do streamers get what they want ? In EA gate we saw a developer option of Pack weight percentage for individual players. I think EA tweaks this for Castro and other streamers who lick their ass. And ofcourse trying to.convert nick or trying to shut him up from saying negative stuff for EA by giving him Mendy.

  • PEVE182

    Mendy will be mine...... oh yes he will be mine

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      Bought him yesterday

  • Nir oł
    Nir oł

    Nick you are the best 👊👊

  • JPL711

    5 months into this game and I still don’t know when it’s a walkout 😂

    • Jay Blood MUFC
      Jay Blood MUFC

      Only 2 of the 3 light bars light up if walkout

    • RichRadio

      @Myth Ahh thank you, I always just kept an eye out for the flags and position after that bit

    • Myth

      @RichRadio if u look at the lines that can light up at the side if only 2 of them light up then its a walkout

    • RichRadio

      7 years and still don't know myself

    • Marko Đanić
      Marko Đanić

      Same bro, same😂

  • snaak25

    Background music is so annoying 😉

  • Zagron1709

    I got 3 in my 83+ x25 i got hermoso simon and perisic wtf

  • Bonna

    Nick i just packed 95 Pele

  • Joao Silva
    Joao Silva

    Inaky Williams ain't that great he lacks in balance and agility his to heavy on the ball

    • Joao Silva
      Joao Silva

      @Peter Cillian pretty much that for me the best player is el sheraaway if they could do more players like that it would be awesome

    • Peter Cillian
      Peter Cillian

      He is slightly worse version of Cristiano

  • Daniel Jeffreys
    Daniel Jeffreys

    Opened 10x83 today got IF benzema and FB Simon big win

  • Calvins Tiger
    Calvins Tiger

    How many ads? 😭😂

  • El Loco
    El Loco

    Got Thiago out of 10x83 so happy

  • shut up
    shut up

    these 10 x 83+ pack absolutely suck. what have they done to the pack weight lolll

  • B9nDM11

    Rat to glory gonna be good this year with FUT Birthday Mendy and RTTF Varane

    • Copyrighted

      @Daan Haha shhhhhh

    • B9nDM11

      @Daan Haha what lmao

    • Jack Finn
      Jack Finn

      @Daan Haha what are you on about you spac?

    • Jemba

      @Daan Haha ??

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @Daan Haha init lol

  • Μαργαρίτα Η Νικήτρια
    Μαργαρίτα Η Νικήτρια

    I opened 83*25/83*10/82*25/81*25/3 100k packs and 7 mega packs, I DID NOT PACK A SINGLE WALKOUT I SWEAR

    • Jim_The Greek
      Jim_The Greek

      Εσύ τελικά θα νικήσεις το masterchef?

  • Edrick Kent
    Edrick Kent

    Got benzema in 75+ they're juiced bro🤣

    • Ryan

      I’ve never got anything over 82 from them

    • Edrick Kent
      Edrick Kent

      @Tristan barry gg mate

    • Jeremy M
      Jeremy M

      Got ederson

    • Carl Grimes
      Carl Grimes

      I got aued from one 😱

    • Neymar Jr
      Neymar Jr

      Got Fut Birthday Moses Simon in it

  • Tj_emman

    I got 2 logging rewards who knows why

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @Beverley Bennett nice I want him but I don't know if Jones should be sub because he very good defense midfielder got baby zinedine too so if I pack him good but I don't know if it worth the coins and who to play where I am really enjoying 4312 at the moment so defense midfielder and 2 attacking one's but got nedved as cam

    • Beverley Bennett
      Beverley Bennett

      @Andrew Wright I love the 5* 5* and his movement is amazing played 8 games with him at cm and he has 6 goals and 4 assists....his finesse is also cracked

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @Beverley Bennett let me know if he good want to know if he can come of the bench or replace Jones

    • Beverley Bennett
      Beverley Bennett

      Sameeee and I packed fut birthday thiago out the second one dubbbbb❤️

  • Jacob Ash
    Jacob Ash

    I had 5 Ultimates, 5 100ks, 3 Rare Megas, and a shit ton of generic good packs like prime gold's, rare electruma n all that and the 83 X10 and got fuck all

    • Trollz456

      Same bro

    • Ryan Bos
      Ryan Bos

      I packed from almost the same packs perisic and sambia

  • Root

    i got mendy :D!! after 50 packs! lets gooo and i still have like 10 packs with like 4 ultimate packs, im not opening anything untill next team


    I got untradeable Neymar

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke

    Stream was a vibe. Pulled prime Raul from my icon pack.

    • Jeremy M
      Jeremy M

      I got prime figo from a 100k pack

    • Peter Burke
      Peter Burke

      @Arun Kumar he is unreal

    • George Floyd
      George Floyd

      Fkin L

    • Arun Kumar
      Arun Kumar

      He is very good man

  • Selim Evrengil
    Selim Evrengil

    Just pulled icon moments xavi

  • Luc Wijngaard
    Luc Wijngaard

    I got Hwang Hee Chan from the free Top Rare Players Pack I got from EA

    • Rohan Damle
      Rohan Damle

      Same but mine was an ultimate pack

  • PyroFreaks Oss
    PyroFreaks Oss

    I packed hermosso🙂

  • Hussain Zahid
    Hussain Zahid

    I packed fut birthday Thiago unfortunately I bought mbappe and Neymar this weekend league really got to me 😔😔


    When is trading back?

  • Hobo Swaggins
    Hobo Swaggins

    Long time subscriber. You might remember. I personally don’t take offense, but yesterday with the arriba and today with the Hwang King Chan Careful Nicolas, I’d hate for those cancel culture peeps to try and ruin this channel

  • lukegreig

    I love your vids nick

  • Adrian Guzman
    Adrian Guzman

    Packed prime moments kaka and vardy in a 35kpack DUBSSS

    • Bob Squash V2
      Bob Squash V2


    • mr gnome
      mr gnome

      Big fat l

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Packed Thiago and Inaki and they’re both so good

    • Jack Finnian
      Jack Finnian

      @John Smith yeh ik so did I lol

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      @Jack Finnian thing is I actually did pack them both in the same pack 😂 83x25’s are OP

    • Jack Finnian
      Jack Finnian

      Sick bro I got moments r9 and ronaldhino in the same pack!!! 🥶🥶🥶

  • Death Broot
    Death Broot

    I packed nothing today

  • Austin Cutter
    Austin Cutter

    What day are player picks coming? Monday?

    • Jack Finnian
      Jack Finnian

      @Estate Fever Comedy yah saw that now but comment was before the loading screen

    • Estate Fever Comedy
      Estate Fever Comedy

      Loading screen says Monday bro

    • Sanchit Mehta
      Sanchit Mehta

      @Jack Finnian oh okay mate my bad

    • Jack Finnian
      Jack Finnian

      @Sanchit Mehta no lol the second set came out the Friday after they expired they usually do

    • Sanchit Mehta
      Sanchit Mehta

      @Jack Finnian What really? Didn't it release on Monday last time?

  • Kieron Loughran
    Kieron Loughran

    dead as hell



  • Francisco Perez
    Francisco Perez

    I just packed SANE

  • E B
    E B

    i just got a prime icon moments zola in a 75+ 😎

  • Musnad B.A
    Musnad B.A

    Any one got two fut birthday gift i got rare mega pack and an ultimate pack

    • John T
      John T

      I got two prime gold players and rare mega

    • Ariel Bautista
      Ariel Bautista

      nope just one

  • Pritish Ag
    Pritish Ag

    Hwang hee chan is the girl who sleeps with everyone at school. Dont flex you got her guys. 😭

    • Dylan O'Boyle
      Dylan O'Boyle

      I wonder if he has packed hwang her chan

    • Phat1

      @didier drugba clearly I should have dug a little bit deeper before making a (shit) joke. SVname detectives out in full force my bad

    • Läderlappen Läderlappen
      Läderlappen Läderlappen

      It really sucks that they gave him weakfoot instead of skills because he already has a 4* Ed such a shame...

    • Pritish Ag
      Pritish Ag

      @didier drugba 😂

    • didier drugba
      didier drugba

      @Phat1 his account is 11 years old💀

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Carlos Céspedes
    Carlos Céspedes

    I got birthday Hwang Hee Chan from a 75+

    • Adham10HD

      Same 😂😂😂

    • Ariel Bautista
      Ariel Bautista

      yea these 75+ packs come with surprises lol

  • j

    Got Mbappe from the Gift Packs.

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez


  • Brian Horn
    Brian Horn


  • abou hamza
    abou hamza

    Guys is podolski worth?

    • Ghost


    • SphericalSalmon 213
      SphericalSalmon 213

      @Brendan Mullen Fr. Also weak foot is not a thing tbh

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      Yes he’s so good

  • matt

    Lol I packed moments dalglish in my pinata sbc pack

  • Conor Mc Mahon
    Conor Mc Mahon

    I got neymar in my 83x25 and Simon dub or l bro

  • Joanne Howard
    Joanne Howard

    The little coal univariately trick because algebra cephalometrically sip opposite a creepy baby. tiny, impartial slime