let's talk about FUT Birthday...
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  • Twisted Loops
    Twisted Loops

    Idc what anyone says reus 100% better than neymar I put neymar In reus and I have no regret reus is so fun to play with I’ve linked him to fut birthday emre can and it’s the most fun I’ve had this fifa

  • Generic Guy
    Generic Guy

    Toty kimmich

  • Nazeer Mahomedy
    Nazeer Mahomedy

    I dont play weekend league and dont trade so i can normally do 1 premium sbc per promo, so i like the leaks as then i know to wait for the card i want

  • RemiMartinn

    Nick spoke facts through 17min

  • thatguyanonymous

    best promo

  • Karl Laoun
    Karl Laoun

    compare vidal and sabitzer...

  • Deeklan

    Big Up Nick!

  • dky D
    dky D

    Man I love all the silver stars. I used to look forward to Wednesday every week but we're literally only unlocking them so we can unlock next week's. We desperately need more silver objectives/game modes

    • dky D
      dky D

      @KEEP IT HALAL same but it's done and dusted now in half an hour tops with people doing GG. Literally the only friendly mode were GG is f*ckng stupid!


      I'm gonna be honest silver stars is my favourite game mode on fut all year

  • OrpheusJones

    Its the same players every year getting the big upgrades though. Why no 5*4* juiced up Cesc Fabregas? One of the best midfielders of our generation. Why no 5* 4* Isco? A player who hasn't been relevant in Fifa since his Malaga days. Why no massive pace increase on Rodri? A player who has been fantastic for City this season. Why no special Alexis Sanchez card? His Summer Heat came out last season when the game was dead. Why no 5* 4* Dzeko? Just some examples of a few players who have been or still are world class players over many years. Instead, its always Atal, Adama Traore, Perisic, Lucas, Williams, Gervinho who get super juiced cards.

  • Olle Aspelund
    Olle Aspelund

    Best and most genuine guy in this community

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Mike 283_
    Mike 283_

    Can u please tell me if ibra is in the leaks or not im saving everything for the possibility

  • Mike 283_
    Mike 283_

    Weres my ibra and hulk

  • Gabriella Boccara
    Gabriella Boccara

    My favorite streamer and SVnamer. Best fifa entertainer

  • Austin Campbell
    Austin Campbell

    Also want them to bring back tournaments.

  • Austin Campbell
    Austin Campbell

    EA has done nothing with Prem 4 star RW. The last SBC was Rafinha and he is 3 star WF. Tired of using Rashford off chem.

  • varun Kulshrestha
    varun Kulshrestha

    I got thiago and hermoso from pp so I yea it was really worth it.. also j haven't ever thot i would have such a insane team.. since my pack luck was shite the whole year

  • tlh59

    What is nice about this promo is fun , and people can enjoy it.. and we just hope you could bring a portion of the enthusiasm into the game itself

  • lavesh vila
    lavesh vila

    I only spent 70k for both Vidal and Reus and player picks helped so much and honestly they are fun.. I’m bored of just Neymar or mbappe

    • lavesh vila
      lavesh vila

      I give ea lots of props for releasing fun cards and not just meta

  • OmarGaming HD
    OmarGaming HD

    I agree, people who leak the promo really ruin the vibe

  • Crescent Sweep
    Crescent Sweep

    Nick, please turn the sound up on your vids. Thanks dude

  • Connor Parsfield
    Connor Parsfield

    Been watching yours and elyyts content since fifa 17, cheers for all of the fifa memories bro 💪

  • William Goedbloed
    William Goedbloed

    Isnt 300k for Inaki super low???

  • Ben Cahill
    Ben Cahill

    he such a chill and cool guy can't hate him

  • Logan Schmidt
    Logan Schmidt

    Silver Week league sounds genuinely so fun. I rate that idea highly!

  • boredomline 86
    boredomline 86

    Such positive vibes. Thanks for your kind words towards your community. Somebody could eaysily made rant video out of this, so glad this isn't. Happy Easter! :)

  • Usui

    weve had the same fifa gameplay for years :( sad

  • Usui

    EA doesnt have a grip on leaks, just how they don't have a grip on their own employees

  • Usui

    player picks are nuts, i got messi today from my first pick of the day

  • Dean Whan
    Dean Whan

    Cheers nick it's been hard time ur you tube channel cheers me up helps me with my trading and choosing players just wanted to thank u

  • Salim

    Cards are impossible to pack...

  • Daniel Bacon
    Daniel Bacon

    I don’t know how u can complain with fut bday it’s class

  • Austin P
    Austin P

    Yo Lowkey your mad cute

  • Jeff Ned
    Jeff Ned

    I got 3 fut birthday players from 81+ playerpicks. Sambia, Mendy and Perisic (if I type it right). So they ARE worth it.

  • Ludvig Ström
    Ludvig Ström

    When should I sell my rare gold players?

    • Ludvig Ström
      Ludvig Ström

      I invested in them for the 81+ player pick

  • Reese Buckholz
    Reese Buckholz

    Do you guys think that Neymar's price will go back up?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Personally I think ea have done good with fut birthday

  • Amani SH
    Amani SH

    nick u are a god

  • Nitish Jhugroo
    Nitish Jhugroo

    I haven't played FUT in months now, did the silver stars in objectives ever have any value in SBCs??

  • Philip Mitchell
    Philip Mitchell

    Palacio performed better than Ronaldo for me while grinding for Icon swaps. He's great.

  • Jeremy M
    Jeremy M

    My man should have a million subscribers

  • Shorty the Guy
    Shorty the Guy

    If Renato...😃

  • Leo Fersztenberg Lev
    Leo Fersztenberg Lev

    I just love your videos I don’t now how to express it

  • Football Calcio
    Football Calcio

    Sadly i arrived late on this video so my comment will not be seen by anyone (NIck if you agree please heart it or respond so it moves up). 1. The first problem with these promos is that they recycle the same cards; while these cards are what EA consider to be “fan favorites” or “meta” cards, a majority of people that play this game aren’t even Gold 1 players, let alone elite players or professionals. People want to use players they like in real life, but instead they just promote the same boring meta players in every promo 2. There is no variety in cards; what i mean by this is EVERY SINGLE CARD in this promo that is “usable” or “meta” is exactly the same as a card we already have in the game. There is not one single player from the last 2 or 3 promos that is original or fills big hole in the game (can we get a CB that has enough pace to displace the fullbacks at CB? Can we get a striker who can be good at hold up play AND have some agility?) No, we get the same 5 foot 9 forwards who just run past people and abuse agility and pace. No, we give CBS with 80 pace when i can just play Mbabu or Theo Hernandez 96+ pace at CB because heading is irreverent and so is hold up play so I don’t need that 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 5 CB 3. For Christ sake, use players that are relevant in real life. HOW HAS THERE NOT BEEN A USABLE CHIESA, PEDRI, ZANIOLO, GRAVENBERCH, etc. people will then cite 82 rated cards that if you use you will be burnt 4. Since the whole gold system and TOTW system is already broken, you would think they could salvage it in promos. Instead they give recycled cards to irrelevant real life players and we cant use relevant underrated players until they get a TOTS and the game is dead Just some thoughts about this

    • Solary Longshot
      Solary Longshot

      this is the biggest thing for me too but content creators only care about gameplay and meta cards and broken formations. it cant even be a football game until ratings are fair and credit real life performance (which they dont. adamants 0 goal contributions about to have like 4 promo cards)

    • Luca Palomo
      Luca Palomo

      He needs to see this... The fact they cant give players to relevant players IRL while recycling players is a PROBLEM. This is meant to be a FOOTBALL GAME. Why cant actual good footballers get good cards until TOTS but irrelevant players get 90s. Then next year they will underrate every non-PL player and the baseline is screwed up from the start because of how the TOTW system works. need more dynamic cards based on real life so people actually play it like a football game and not an arcade simulator with irrelevant players. Vidal is the worst player on inter and he gets the card while Barella is at an 83? Rabiot is one of Juve's worst players at 88 but Chiesa stuck at 82. makes no sense please address this

    • Vamos BocaJr
      Vamos BocaJr

      NICK PLEASE READ THIS GUYS COMMENT I feel like no Content Creators think about this angle because they all play for a living and when they spend money on the game it is an investment. The biggest issue for casuals (not even casuals because a true casual wouldn't be on a Fifa SVname video) and semi-decent WL players is everything this guy said. Please talk about it and be the pioneer of this problem. people are complaining about LBs and RBs at CB and no one even complains that they can't get gold card ratings right. I can't use Chiesa, Pedri, or etc even though they have been worthy of 90 rated cards. they lower the number of players in promos and split it into 2 separate weeks. it really is lazy and they dont research real life football. PEOPLE WANT TO USE PLAYERS THEY ACTUALLY LIKE but they CANT even if they perform off the charts in real life

    • Football Calcio
      Football Calcio

      @jojag5 I agree with your second point mostly, but you have to remember Lewandowski is SOOOOO expensive. If we had a usable target man with agility and pace for somewhere between 250k-700k people could actually use it. The issue is people wouldn’t want to because many people are meta playing rats, but they could have the option if it fits their style or they like the player IRL. About your first point, EA does make the stats. The game is not realistic at all so they can put any stats on any card. EA isn’t FORCED to recycle cards; they can make anyone good but they choose to recycle the same hyped up meta GOLD CARDS in promos. The third point is the most important because it is blasphemous that Juventus’ best player this season has an 82 as his highest card. He was eligible for future stars, and he could’ve been selected in literally every promo but they choose the same boring players like Mertens and Politano. They are so detached from real life except when it comes to premier league

    • jojag5

      1. If/When EA don't release META cards in a promo, the community says "Dead Promo", "Not usable", "Doesn't improve my team", "Gold Neymar/Varane is better" etc. EA are forced to recycle META cards continuously throughout the game. 2. There's plenty of well-rounded target-man type strikers in this game. Nobody uses them. TOTY Lewandowski is a perfect example. It's not that they don't exist, people just don't want to actually use them in competitive FIFA. It is a function of the META rather than a lack of players. Why buy TOTY Lewa when I could be Mbappe, CR7, and Neymar combined for less? 3. Completely agree. There should be significant upgrades for cards that have been performing well IRL, not just the odd IF or 82 rated MOTM. We should have an 88-90 rated Chiesa.

  • Enej škrinjar
    Enej škrinjar

    I need help. Moments Zambrotta or TOTY Alexander-Arnold?

    • Andy Simeone
      Andy Simeone

      Zambrotta not even a question

  • Shyam Mehta
    Shyam Mehta

    You know when people have a real job it's hard to keep up with FIFA promos and this guy is asking for more. Am I missing something?

  • Borussiaulf

    I did 25 player picks and was lucky enough to do reus with them.

  • Mr Silva
    Mr Silva

    U say everything my man, u the real !

  • Joel-arsenalfcSAKA

    get rid of fut champs next year and add in a mode where u need div rivals to get into it then you have to make a draft and that’s your team for the weekend and you play v people with same record and team rating as you like so nick can see and then you get the same rewards every thursday but there is also other modes

  • Connor Wishart
    Connor Wishart

    We love you nico ❤️

  • Julius Rodewald
    Julius Rodewald

    Watching your Vids Every day love it keep up the work🤝🤝🤝


    Genius billionaire philanthropist

  • Never NotWorking
    Never NotWorking

    Got prime Zanetti in my mega pack. Its crazy. You a legend nick

  • J Hobson
    J Hobson

    Fuck the meta nerds killin game with varane mendy n 5 back 1 depth counter, play for fun it’s a game

  • Arshad 690
    Arshad 690

    More trading videos please!

  • Azid Mils
    Azid Mils

    Bro u cute af 😘😉

  • Tywayne Frater
    Tywayne Frater

    Ngl I’m personally loving the sbc’s for fut birthday but the team sucks if I’m being honest

  • Foggy6K

    Steak tonight

  • Richard Matt
    Richard Matt

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin....

    • Frank Somai
      Frank Somai


    • Frank Somai
      Frank Somai

      Reach out on what@pp

    • Jacob Angel
      Jacob Angel

      Trading crypto with Expert Nelson has being a game changer for me

    • Clive Robert
      Clive Robert

      His success stories are everywhere 😱

    • Hope Lillian
      Hope Lillian

      He's obviously the best I invested 2000USD with him and in 9 days I made a profit of 9101USD

  • Selmedin Esmerovic
    Selmedin Esmerovic

    The promos can be absolutely amazing... but when the gameplay is the way it is, the game is unplayable. I would much rather have half the amount of promos but gameplay that is actually enjoyable (like fifa 17)

  • Juan Patricio Lara
    Juan Patricio Lara

    The 86+ Double pack gave me Perisic birthday and Firmino!

  • JohnnyRoxxter

    Agree! We all should try to be as nice for a better community.

  • zaid khan123
    zaid khan123

    I got a duplicate untradeable fut birthday Thiago from 50k pack😭😭😭

  • T Dog
    T Dog

    Only thing i can think of is that it must be difficult for EA to have this kind of content all year round. Must be crazy planning involved and we’d probably all get bored and even more greedy if it was like this all the time anyway 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

  • Jean

    Bro I just want a Fut Birthday De Jong

  • Toby Shum
    Toby Shum

    Would love to have a podcast by Nick, great content as always

  • XJokermanX

    Leaks need to stop

  • TheHarlemShow

    I packed Ronaldo from player pick 1st time av ever had him happy days

  • XJokermanX

    Fifa is fun if you don't get angry when you conceded. Just have the mentality of getting over excited when players score, and commentate over your games, and if there's an average pass, be like oh its a brilliant pass from petit

  • I drags I
    I drags I

    Is thiago worth getting guys

  • SnatPelling

    Idea for squad name “fifa the flower Toty”

  • Tunahan Türkoğlu
    Tunahan Türkoğlu

    Nick without glasses on the thumbnail feels different af

  • gagsjj momom
    gagsjj momom

    when is icon sbc coming?

  • Jones f1
    Jones f1

    i’m proud of u bro , i started watching u ages ago i remmember when u had like 100 likes and now look at u 40k views bro u deserve is keep it up lad

  • Joey DF
    Joey DF

    I think this years fut birthday has been one of the best promos in fifa history. All the cards are sick. All the sbc are great value IMO I genuinely believe it’s a huge W from ea.

    • cool content 69
      cool content 69

      And now they released a 5* skill moves mandanda, this promo is getting even better

  • Stewart Maciver
    Stewart Maciver

    Fut birthday has been yet again the best promo in fut, really enjoying playing the game, excited for a possible renato sbc, and a ryan kent coming (im a rangers fan plz dont call me a rat) i would hope we get one more promo like this before tots but u never know with ea 😩🙃

  • TheNoobFarm

    Best promo of the year so far, they've knocked it out of the park and I'll tell you why. The game is fun, fut birthday is just fun. Loved players getting cool useable cards every day, the player picks its just been great. Please more of this EA!

  • Imadyboy

    nick getting hella touchy im just tryna have my breakfast.

  • CJ’s BULLY’S
    CJ’s BULLY’S

    Everyone noes wats goin to happen befor it happens biggest reason I had week off bro fifa by now should have this all covered with zero leaks but yanooo wat e a is like

  • I’m jjuanz Mexicorage10
    I’m jjuanz Mexicorage10

    Haven’t got a fut birthday card well I’ll just give up and wait for next promo

  • CJ’s BULLY’S
    CJ’s BULLY’S

    Had a week off bro just gettin back to it now building a new team but don’t no weather to wait till tomoz brooooo

  • En1_1

    Ahh man. Nick is a crucial part of my day. I just started watching his twitch streams and I absolutely love the build up to the one pm stuff and understand what’s going on. If you watch his vids I highly suggest you pop in to a stream and not just for that 10 min 1 pm shit.

  • hotzabra

    The leak is just not good for SVnamers. For the regular players it is very good and more fun.

  • Lukas Grigaliūnas
    Lukas Grigaliūnas

    It will break the market

  • Ahmed Helal
    Ahmed Helal

    I am a baaad guuyyy. Duh

  • Waynee Boyo
    Waynee Boyo

    Your a good guy Nick and I agree with a lot of what you say.

  • Joe Tarr
    Joe Tarr


  • F3xEr

    " ozil is ok " podolski who has the same league and nation as ozil and only cost 30k more : "maybe over priced for that league"

  • Synxz_cryptoz

    No emoji...... oh no

  • Callum Woodward
    Callum Woodward

    I went to see my doctor and I told him I had broken my arm in several places. He said you shouldn’t go to those places. - Tommy Cooper😂

  • Rudels

    Bro I'm literally having the worst time possible, won't go too detailed in it but depression, addiction, not seeing my girlfriend for over 6 months, and all that stupid shit. Your video's (and some other SVnamers) can just make me forget all that dumb stuff and make me laugh. Thanks man, wishing you the best!

    • Simon Kunz
      Simon Kunz

      @Rudels cheers all the best to you as well

    • Rudels

      @Simon Kunz Appreciate it man, wishing you the best in lockdown as well

    • Simon Kunz
      Simon Kunz

      @Rudels great stuff just try to keep it like that and the rest will come as well

    • Rudels

      @Simon Kunz Thanks man, really appreciate it. It's been going a lot better the past few weeks, quit all drugs/alcohol and I got a job :)

    • Simon Kunz
      Simon Kunz

      @Rudels hope things turn positive for you bro🙏👍


    I'm loving Fut Birthday personally, I've done Vidal, packed Perisic from one of the packs doing him, I'm excited for Renato Sanches as well.

  • Conor McNamara
    Conor McNamara

    Much love nick keep up the great content

  • ac.del.37

    Player picks are so insane. Not due to the market value they cost to complete (9k). But that you have untradeable players who you can use

  • snaak25

    You are fun, the game is shit

  • The Deadly Tikka
    The Deadly Tikka

    I wish SBC’s would go away and move towards gameplay objectives. I want good cards for playing the game and not having enough fodder to sacrifice

  • Jacob Procter
    Jacob Procter

    The goat

  • Γιάννης Μπ
    Γιάννης Μπ

    you are speaking big facts

  • Mo 10
    Mo 10

    I think he got paid

  • sneaker sunday
    sneaker sunday

    You sound like my lil sister “let’s do this lets do that”