#FUT #Vidal #Brasilvers

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield

    Vidal sbc, rooney sbc or kessie rttf ?

  • Kobi Willi
    Kobi Willi

    Level 30 was surprizingly easy this season for some reason loo

  • TAVZ

    I hit level 30 every season. it's not that hard 🤣 great video nick.

  • elyas almuhaimeeed
    elyas almuhaimeeed

    Who is better as a box to box vidal or 92 potm bruno ?

  • The New Aspect
    The New Aspect

    Does any smart fifa player think headliners Bruno fernandes will Get upgraded or no?

  • kyle hughes
    kyle hughes

    Nick you probably won’t see this, but thank you for all the amazing content. Up there with my favourite content creators. Stay safe and keep up the amazing work my bro x

  • Krunch

    I use otavio and dalbert in div 1.. useable

  • Moschetta1 - Gaming & More
    Moschetta1 - Gaming & More

    Crafting video would be sick Nick!

  • mohammed qassem
    mohammed qassem

    Yes Nick plz do a video about how to craft ❤️

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Emmanuel Mengistab
    Emmanuel Mengistab

    Oh great, gonna enjoy playing 5 back rats in managerial masterpiece

  • D V
    D V

    Today was the worst day ever, my idol is leaving the club I've supported and fought for all my life and I wouldn't change it bc I know he feels the love we have for him. More then end of an era every word I use is to small for what is happening

    • D V
      D V

      I'll never love a footballer as much as I loved Sergio Kun Aguero again I'd do anything for another year I'm not ready to go through this pain

  • Big Flats
    Big Flats

    What a dub! Sure there’s no Ronaldo or Messi, but this promo is a huge success so far. Reus on Wednesday 👀

  • Tobias Zapf
    Tobias Zapf

    Vidal and Bruno potm will make a godlike cm duo

  • Tobias Zapf
    Tobias Zapf

    Best thing is that you can combine silver + Brazil and Argentina + UCL in offline swaps

  • Gabriel Puu
    Gabriel Puu

    I got the Vidal card. Pretty soild player. For me better version of pogba.

  • Imran Shaikh
    Imran Shaikh

    Kante is still better - Just saying

  • Bersain Cordoba
    Bersain Cordoba

    You have more views and likes then the other guy with glasses

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    A craft video would be live🤩🤩

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    I do most level 30’s but the challenges are way too time consuming for how average the cards are

  • Miguel Blanco
    Miguel Blanco

    Anyone else have an issue doing Managerial Masterpiece where overload side of ball turns on by itself? My players are drained fast! Is this a glitch from the other user?

  • Thomas R
    Thomas R

    I'd love a video on how to craft the content. This is the first fifa ive played since fifa 16 and I have no clue how to work the menu's honestly.

  • Karem. Saadeddine
    Karem. Saadeddine

    Boras screaming without the s

  • Sam Corfield
    Sam Corfield

    I'm very torn. I love the look of this Vidal and he looks beast and has that throwback/nostalgia feel. I currently rock Kessie and Rooney in my midfield in a 442. Rooney (other than defending) smashes Vidal in everything and PHY they are basically on par. Then Kessie has just been a machine for me and I love him so much, don't know what to do lol

    • mk46HD2

      Yeah I run Rooney and Prime Vieira (packed) and I want Vidal so badly but I don't think he displaces either

    • Maximilien Synadino
      Maximilien Synadino

      5-3-2 🙂🙂🙂

  • andrewchevrier

    Level 30. Grinded the SB objectives by doing them and then putting down the controller and going to do something else.

  • Saygin Artiran
    Saygin Artiran

    What is the difference of CPU AI traits?

  • Abner Martinez
    Abner Martinez

    His summer heat was an absolute legend

  • Alexander Ortigoza
    Alexander Ortigoza

    Packed mbappe from the mega fut birthday pack 😁

  • Andres Angel
    Andres Angel

    do week bronze silver and gold objectives every once in a while and you will get enough xp for level 30

  • jamie court
    jamie court

    I get to level 30 every season. Its really easy. I usually end up with over 120k xp. Main thing is to complete the week 1/2/3 bronze silver gold every week. You get tons of xp from gold

  • Justin

    Do a craft video with the current SBCs out rn please!

  • Patriot22 60
    Patriot22 60

    Please do a craft video, I would love to see how you do it!

  • CB CB
    CB CB

    Nick please show us how to craft

  • Syed Niaz Mohtasim
    Syed Niaz Mohtasim

    Yes definitely want a craft video, love your vids Nick

  • Average Kachigga
    Average Kachigga

    A craft video would actually be amazing man

  • Aron m
    Aron m

    I’m so unsure if I should do this. I want to and got the fodder but with Fer, baby Gullit, 93 Rooney and baby Cruyff as a 10, ronaldo and 92 Dalglish. I have 90 SMS on the bench, so Chem is easy. Just don’t know if I should

    • Aron m
      Aron m

      @Brendan Mullen on yours - can’t keep playing the Pope Varane and Mendy in your team until the end

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      @Aron m what who would I upgrade on your team?

    • Aron m
      Aron m

      @Brendan Mullen hahaha true . How and who would you upgrade?

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      @Aron m you gotta do what you gotta do to win 😂💀 varane and mendy are honestly way too op they need to be nerfed 😂

    • Aron m
      Aron m

      @Brendan Mullen I got headliners Tav, baby Rio, PIM Puyol and atm playing future starts Dalot at LB for this week until I get Theo with baby VDS in goal so not the greatest but I get into Div 1 rank 1/2 depending on weekend league and hit 14/17 wins depending on life. I wasted fodder on Puyol and should have kept Varane, but felt a bit samey playing the same type of players all the time

  • Dawies Chen
    Dawies Chen

    Imagine this a pim R9 sbc and it is valued at around 9 mil can you think of it as good value?

  • Pacybits DT85
    Pacybits DT85

    I bought some informs yesterday, should I sell them or hang onto them

    • Isak Larsson
      Isak Larsson


  • Luke Gillingham
    Luke Gillingham

    should i sell rttf davies or hold until right before the game?

  • Onzgu

    Level 30 is so easy to get. Just do daily and weekly challenges and players like huntelaar for fodder and extra xp

  • Dan J
    Dan J

    Boras legend come take your captain back

  • Joris van der Ploeg
    Joris van der Ploeg

    Yo nick, when do you think there will be new icon momenst sbcs

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson

    First actual Gullit club player this year... for 600k. Wow

    • Charter Bus
      Charter Bus

      @Felix Nibber you probably haven’t used Gullit.

    • Felix Nibber
      Felix Nibber

      Unpopular opinion : better than gullit

  • HaydenHeinrich

    Let’s see the crafting video

  • ttiW

    nothing makes me more happy than goat nick calling me a king🤩


    EA Dropped my boy in an sbc on my bday. Fair play

  • Hikmat Ghandour
    Hikmat Ghandour

    Already have toty kimmich marquinos freeze its a pass unfortunately

    • anon345

      He's way better than Marquinhos if you can link him but there's other options on the market

  • pipbeg12

    Fut Sane & Freeze Gnabry or Fut Perisic & Fut Vidal?

  • Ninja Master
    Ninja Master

    Ozil or Vidal ?

  • Jason Alexander Ortiz
    Jason Alexander Ortiz

    Am I going to regret not doing Vidal if I have mákakale?

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      Are you not able to have both?

  • Troy Ashley
    Troy Ashley

    Did this sbc in a heart beat.. I was looking for solid midfielder

  • Ricardo Fernández.
    Ricardo Fernández.

    nick plz do the craft video, i think is very useful

  • Leander

    Thanks for the content Nick. Would love to see a video on how to craft in the most efficient way possible.

  • Wap Promain
    Wap Promain

    the craft video would be classssssss

  • Afolabi Bholu
    Afolabi Bholu

    Can link him but still I will do him 😂😭😂

  • Sqwizz XN
    Sqwizz XN

    FB Vidal or FS Bruno G

  • Amir

    I defo want to see you craft like 81+ player picks and other sbcs for free and teach us how to be efficient and spend minimal amounts of coins. Like so he can see. 🙏

    • woody

      Yo Amir that was a SICK nutmeg

    • Nabeel Ahmed
      Nabeel Ahmed

      Every other yt does it

  • J S
    J S

    Honestly, I've gotten to level 30 every season this year except for the first season. I tend to stay away from the weekend league and just do the weekly bronze, silver, gold objectives and it gets done relatively seamlessly.

  • joey van de zanden
    joey van de zanden

    I kinda get the vibe that nick likes that vidal sbc

  • Leander

    I always hear Nick talk about certain CPU AI traits being good. I was always told CPU AI means it only affects the AI opponent. Anybody know for certain how this works??

    • Leander

      @pipbeg12 This is what I found on the EA website: - Standard traits impact the way that a Player plays, both when controlled by a human and when controlled by the CPU AI. - CPU AI traits impact the way that a Player plays but only when they’re being controlled by the computer, or CPU AI.

    • pipbeg12

      Don't it also mean when you're not specifically using that player

  • IKS

    Will there ever be something interesting with the prem league

  • Adam Virella
    Adam Virella

    Got fut birthday inaki williams from that objective mega pack

  • Tiki Taka
    Tiki Taka

    Thiago is better

  • officialr akin
    officialr akin

    Question is will nick stream today ???

  • Marcos Vitoria
    Marcos Vitoria

    Do the craft vídeo for us bro

  • JW989

    That moment when you realise you're gonna have to grind icon swaps in rivals to get Baggio for your reserves. FML

    • Justin

      Should’ve went with prime/moments pack

  • Jake Conley
    Jake Conley

    That silver left back is the best link from neymar to my bender and tapsoba backline

  • Will Baker
    Will Baker

    I’ve gotten level 30 the last three seasons. Just focus on those weekly objectives and it’s easy.

  • Ethan Jaworski
    Ethan Jaworski

    I got the UCL ad on ur vid lol YT knows what they’re doing.

  • TheNoobFarm

    Fair play EA. They’ve knocked these last few days out of the park and as much as we bash on them (rightly so) it’s only fair we give them credit. Brasilvers are so fun and Vidal is a Gullit level card which is pretty grindeable. All the sbcs have been fairly priced and extremely useable cards. Best promo of the year so far imo even if the team is a little underwhelming. Well done EA 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Riley McGill
    Riley McGill

    Paulo has the perfect link to victor *cue capgun tom meme

    • Elliot Baker
      Elliot Baker

      Capgun Tom also is loving the Vidal and IF Sanchez link

    • Ali Al Mousawi
      Ali Al Mousawi

      OH OH MY GOD *starts hyperventilating*

  • Jackie Adedokun
    Jackie Adedokun

    Hell of a content run down vid Nick. As for the level 30 stuff: I've gotten to level 30 twice now and the big thing in doing it are the weekly objectives, especially the gold weeks. I know you play a decent amount of rivals and you get nice XP for playing certain squads or doing certain things in your rivals games. So like low drivens, Bunde-La Liga-Serie A-Prem setups, all that stuff. If you can just do the weekly objectives, you'll hit the 30 easy. Hope that helps!

    • VA1892

      I’m doing the gold rivals objective at the same time. Week 1 combined with week 2. Hate the rivals gameplay, but I’ll survive 5/6 matches in 2 weeks time.

  • Owen Dyer
    Owen Dyer

    vidal is good but he’s not going to be better than most TOTS

  • WeejixDoWx

    600k Vidal the best SBC in the game. 🤔 Agility/dribbling is poor and I've got so many cms. Bad gameplay kills cards like Vidal for me. He's a truck. Don't see him being better than Rooney or Jones. Or even Acuna in my midfield tbh. I've never liked Vidal irl, overrated. Probably affects my opinions. Lol.

    • WeejixDoWx

      @Dee T what are you going on about fool?

    • WeejixDoWx

      @A no, obviously not used him, but generally, players play like a better version of their gold card, and Vidal's is poor. Imo, his agility needed to be upped more. Hopefully I'm wrong and folk don't waste 600k on a Chilean truck. 😀

    • A

      “He’s a truck”. So you’ve done him and already played enough games to say that? Btw everyone said the same about FS Jones.

    • Dee T
      Dee T

      lol keep using mendy, varane, and fullbacks at cb

  • Adam Commer
    Adam Commer

    The silvers are very good for objs they are good for lowering the rating in mang masterpiece

    • Jeroen Assenberg
      Jeroen Assenberg

      They are not because they are the highest rating for silver and you can only use 3 silvers. 65 rated silvers would be better

  • marcus11394

    Got em. Vidal is sooooo good

  • Null Point
    Null Point

    Do a player review.

  • Ace

    "CPU AI trait, so important in Fifa" bruh. It’s called CPU AI because it only affects how they play when you face them in SB or career mode

    • Ace

      @Matias Mickelsson that’s just not true at all. EA themselves have confirmed CPU AI does not affect players in your team, whether you control them or not. It was a in pitch note article confirming everything about Traits. Otherwise they wouldn’t put CPU AI in parentheses unlike Finesse shot

    • Matias Mickelsson
      Matias Mickelsson

      Nah it also matters in your own AI. Someone with for example dives into tackles trait will auto slide in certain situations. Not super important but they do matter.

  • Alex

    Why does this clown still think CPU AI traits are important. They do nothing

  • ddsf sfdfsd
    ddsf sfdfsd

    RIP everyone who did Adrien Rabiot

    • Alex Maxwell
      Alex Maxwell

      I love Rabiot his passing is insane. Assist king. Can play both plus rabiot links mbappe!

    • Xerzus

      @Felix Nibber toxic much? i didn’t even do rabiot but that comment was cringe. if you think he’s crying about a card, says a lot about yourself

    • LP.Skates

      I am crying right now 😢 I mean rabiot links atleast my sif kimpembe to my serie a attack/midfield so its okay, but he would fit regardless, I am really mad at myself right now

    • Logan Hinson
      Logan Hinson

      @Maverick-JDM for a cdm it’s better to have bulky and Vidal last year was a great b2b which this year he probably feels even better

    • Maverick-JDM

      @Felix Nibber shh no one needs to know🤫😂

  • beN1

    i would love a video on how to craft mbappe POTM, i just need to finalize the 88 and 89 squads ..hard!

    • beN1

      @Dee T i basically used the objective cards, should i get packs from rewards or only get coins ?

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      You should’ve went for the higher ones first

    • Dee T
      Dee T

      how’d you craft the rest? there’s your answer

  • E_M_E_T

    good lord that vidal card is so expensive, yet so good. I dont think it's worth it but for all the serie A sweats out there, there's your endgame card you've been waiting for. As for the brazilians, wow im gonna see that trio for the rest of the year in silver squad friendlies lol, and im obviously gonna use them too because they're all OP as fuck

  • Egor

    A video about crafting would be amazing.

  • djrickyrocc

    I’m waiting for a perm birthday sbc

    • Nick Rtfm
      Nick Rtfm

      Eric Bailly leaked

  • DJ4920

    ive gotten to level 30 3 out of the 4 times. i took laca, emerson, and desciglio. its actually pretty easy to do if you just do the weekly challenges

    • adnane harnafi
      adnane harnafi

      I actually used emerson for a while and now I'm using de sciglio and he's decent

    • ethoro08

      Literally do it every time every fifa and i don’t play every single day I’m surprised a lot of ppl don’t ever get to level 30

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez

    Please do a crafting video! Even for the people with low budget.

  • Fyter

    Boras 100% will do this capitan

  • Kevin Barbecho
    Kevin Barbecho

    Just did potm messi for free no coins wasted those player picks helped for the last squads

    • Maximus Lewis
      Maximus Lewis

      Who asked? + ratio

  • Santiago Ch
    Santiago Ch

    He sure loves that Vidal


    Too bad I still have exactly no fodder

  • Alan Hall
    Alan Hall

    A crafting vid would be awesome dude

  • Daniel Chang
    Daniel Chang

    Rest up Nick! 🙌🏻 Just need to complete all the weekly objectives for Week 30!

  • Tottenham Finlay 27
    Tottenham Finlay 27


  • Y CM
    Y CM

    I'm gonna be every SVname channel when a new movie comes out and say, does nick referring to us as rats mean rat to glory could be here soon?

  • I drags I
    I drags I

    I just did vidal for free

  • Colin Sajjabi
    Colin Sajjabi

    Oh that El Sherraway link I will craft him and Zambrotta

  • Howard Hastings
    Howard Hastings

    Now i regret doing Rabiot....

    • Tiki Taka
      Tiki Taka

      Rabiot is good, and better at links

  • Agelos Sio
    Agelos Sio

    Icon swaps are SO ANNOYING

  • Joseph Looby
    Joseph Looby

    And I just got ronaldo in a pp

  • Finlay Gray
    Finlay Gray

    Please do a trading or league sbc vid

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @Dee T I don't do trading anyway because it boring and it don't work

    • Dee T
      Dee T

      @Andrew Wright if he tells is who to sell then that just inflates the market, think ab it

    • Finlay Gray
      Finlay Gray

      @Dee T ok thanks

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      @Dee T he tells who he sells he never tells us how to do it

    • Dee T
      Dee T

      he’s stated before saying he doesn’t do league SBCs and look through his other videos, he talks about trading in almost all of them