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  • Pierre Vandervennet
    Pierre Vandervennet

    I packed Williams in my free ultimate pack...

    • The True Akali Main
      The True Akali Main

      when did u get it cuz i still didnt do

  • jose luis Cuevas
    jose luis Cuevas

    Where i can see filtracion in twiter

  • Bosco Icaza
    Bosco Icaza

    Thiago review pleaseeee

  • Henry Dorman
    Henry Dorman

    I logged on every day and only got a rare mega what a scam

  • Ismail Jebara
    Ismail Jebara

    Is anyone going to talk about why the icon swaps objectives weren’t added?

  • Alex Sablin
    Alex Sablin

    Simon + Martins

  • Wondrous Sun
    Wondrous Sun

    Guys i had 32 packs saved and in those packs i packed sambia fut birthday

  • Buck.

    Why didnt I get a free pack

  • Ryan Schembri
    Ryan Schembri

    moses simon is every striker on pro clubs lmao

  • CiTiZeN_ErAzEd_ ErA
    CiTiZeN_ErAzEd_ ErA

    Football, that's what we want, that's all ,something that feels rewarding for things we input. That's not fifa , that's not fifa for years. I know your all fut, but look at career mode...same faults for 5! Year's. 5 fucking years. Your thinking that anything in this game has changed in those 5 years , of course it has..at every start of every fifa lol...then it's patched out back to dda excused as bad servers

  • Ryan Schembri
    Ryan Schembri

    those storyline cards all strong link sbcs btw

  • Mattfr_057

    Wow saying 400k for Simon is cheap when he’s gone down to 60k what is going on

  • Danny Gekko
    Danny Gekko

    Always fun to play the "fodder"guys. 💪

  • Lewis Marshall
    Lewis Marshall


  • Fragones 123
    Fragones 123

    Still waiting on a Vinicius special card

  • CJ’s BULLY’S
    CJ’s BULLY’S

    Dnt see why they even brought racy out pointless could have done Aguero

  • Richmonday

    Do the daily sbcs i just got simon out of the pack for it

  • Poker Man
    Poker Man

    Inaki or gold ronaldo

  • snaak25

    EA make cards in packs 4 or 5 stars and (free) cards 3 star weakfoot etc... shit company!!

  • LostPickle

    I saved up packs and got 2 hee chans and a THIAGO THIAGO ALCANTARAAA I’m so happy

  • RevxngeXVJ

    Wait am i the only one who didnt get a pack

  • LGabrielK

    Hey guys so can anyone help me, i didnt get the free pack and idk how to get it and why i didnt get him

  • zac mildren
    zac mildren

    i didn’t get a free pack, tf is this

  • Exotic

    Saved 3 ultimate packs, 2 jumpo rare players packs, one 85+ 5× and one 83+ 10×, take a wild guess of what i packed? Exactly! Nothing worthy, best player is dybala

  • Dark knight
    Dark knight

    Trash promo nobody gives a 💩 about 90% of these players And the ones that are decent are way too expensive for most people More trash from ea If u want anything good Pay for packs 👍 That’s the theme again 😡

  • Austin Campbell
    Austin Campbell

    What about Hermoso at LB?

  • Chahat Modi
    Chahat Modi

    I packed Mendy from the 83+x10 pack and got Messi 2 packs before that😂😂don’t wry nick I’ll still lose 15 games of weekend league

  • Jack

    My daily SBC didn’t count towards the objective

  • Joel Rivera
    Joel Rivera

    Completed the daily sbc and it didnt count as me completing the objective. This happened to anyone else?

    • Joel Rivera
      Joel Rivera

      @Michael yea its fixed now

    • Michael

      @Joel Rivera should be all good now my guy I’ve just completed the daily sbc 2

    • Joel Rivera
      Joel Rivera

      Seems like EA cant do anything right. Thanks for the response

    • Michael

      yeah man it’s a bug ea are working on it

  • r_baller 123
    r_baller 123

    Should’ve included the last 2 win clutch to get mcgeady 😂

  • Dan The man
    Dan The man

    Lucas moura is the Brazilian pele

  • Nicholas Simmons
    Nicholas Simmons

    I didn't get a free pack wtf

  • Jesus Marquez
    Jesus Marquez

    Just opened 51 packs and my best player was burki 😂🤮

  • Maki Racer
    Maki Racer

    Where is my gift???

  • Slappe Slang
    Slappe Slang

    So the Inter player is Handanovic?

  • Jesus Marquez
    Jesus Marquez

    Did anyone else not get the free pack for playing the game??

  • Lukzeh

    Promos have been so dead this year its ridiculous

  • Slappe Slang
    Slappe Slang

    7:20 Loooool im dead, inaki williams is so good deff gonna try this fut birthday card out

  • Big Flats
    Big Flats

    Anyone not happy with the promo wanted Messi, CR7, Lewa, and Neymar. Aka meta rats 😂

  • Tiago ckf
    Tiago ckf

    the sweat promo! This is fifa , but it's not football

  • Colin Sajjabi
    Colin Sajjabi

    Yeah I guess I will just prepare for team of the year this is not worth my coins or my time use Grealish gold card it was nice I will wait for his team of the season

  • Timmy Theo
    Timmy Theo

    I didn't get a fut birthday gift?

    • Kipdöner

      same pain

  • E L
    E L

    Hey does everyone get the free pack? I haven't logged in in a while but I didn't receive a pack and it didn't count the group sbc when I did it

    • Kipdöner

      your not alone :(

    • Kipdöner

      same man

  • jurre Oever
    jurre Oever

    This years fit birthday is so much worden then the years before

  • Isak Brodén
    Isak Brodén

    Can't wait to rock that Nigerian from CSL with my Ian wright moments in a 4 4 2 up top. Boy that is going to be amazing

  • Lee Cohen
    Lee Cohen

    Nick you’re delusional if you think this content is amazing

    • Daniel Williams
      Daniel Williams

      @Muthi Rajad not that bad? Look at that list of players and think again. Only meta card on there is mendy. We got a huntelaar and a podolski from the Turkish league. It’s so bad.

    • max_W25


    • Muthi Rajad
      Muthi Rajad

      Its not that bad man what do yall expect. I dun rmb daily players sbcs last year so whats missing

    • Daniel Williams
      Daniel Williams

      So so so much worse than last year.

  • Jacob Ochoa
    Jacob Ochoa

    Thank you for your addiction in our casino game 😂😂

  • Ben Browne
    Ben Browne

    I didn’t get a fut birthday gift and I’ve logged in nearly everyday

  • BK Arnhem
    BK Arnhem

    The stats on these cards are not crazy, idk what youre talking about

  • BK Arnhem
    BK Arnhem

    The pack weight is ridiculous today, i opened 30+ packs and i only saved the decent ones and got nothing above 84 rated. They definetely changed something

  • Ruben Oemeloem
    Ruben Oemeloem

    Am i the only one who realises most of these cards are a joke for April. What if sancho, kante and gomez were much more exiting. These cards look extremely overwhelming. Take away the wf and sm and the stats are pathetic

  • D B
    D B

    Mega packs are the worst packs ever. Not once have I ever packed anything from them

  • Kyle Johnson
    Kyle Johnson

    Nick, really been enjoying the videos lately but this was exaggerated as hell... These cards are meh. Everyone things so.... This felt like a paid off video to me. Keep up the content, but this ain't it man.

  • D B
    D B

    Saved 70 packs and not one fut birthday packed. Done the prime icon pack and got Nakata 🤣🤣 this game is done for me. I can’t take the depressing packs


    When are market prices going up?? Or is it just that trash now

  • Jonathan

    Man I opened fifa disappointed asf how have they fucked up futbirthday

  • A Poocumber
    A Poocumber

    I honestly have to agree... this promo compared to the past FB is bad. And the players aren’t end tier.

  • Bisho

    6 100k packs, 6 ultimate packs, 2 mega packs, 1 prime players pack, 83+ *10 pack, a bunch of small packs from objective and NOT 1 SINGLE FUT BIRTHDAY PLAYER PACKED. best player was 87 modric 😐

  • A Poocumber
    A Poocumber

    That hermoso card better be like 50k. Both Dalot future star cards with an anchor are better. Same wr, same height. Easy to link.

    • A Poocumber
      A Poocumber

      @Rasin Duk how not? Same height, same work rates. On 7 Chem dalot is still much better with an anchor than hermoso is with a shadow. Go look at the stats.

    • Rasin Duk
      Rasin Duk

      That is not a fair comparison at all

  • Jeff Stevens
    Jeff Stevens

    I got inaki untradable. He might be the best card in this first team

  • s p a r t a n
    s p a r t a n

    This promo is literally gentrification lol. It used to be about fun unique players but now it conforms to the elites by just giving more meta players with 5 star wf. I’m glad I quit fifa

  • DylanFoekens

    i think the inter one is gonna be Alexis Sanchez and the German cam is gonna be özil.

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      Or maybe götze

  • Calum Slesser
    Calum Slesser

    Managerial masterpiece to 79 is a good shout, was actually ridiculous how bad your team had to be haha

  • baseballpro07

    Love the content Nick! I ended up saving my 85x 5 pack for today and packed 3 Birthday in the pack lol. Thiago, Williams & Simon. Luckiest pack all year

    • baseballpro07

      @Brendan Mullen no lie lol, took a screenshot since I opened the pack via the mobile app lol

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen


  • Daniel Chang
    Daniel Chang

    EA disrespected Hwang man 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • VTVT 01
    VTVT 01

    Last year they gave us Bellarabi as the objective, what a huge step down

    • VTVT 01
      VTVT 01

      @Asger Bill-jessen at the time no he wasnt. He was usable and at the very least a super sub.

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      @VTVT 01 but bellerabi was also trash tbh

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      @VTVT 01 yes

    • VTVT 01
      VTVT 01

      @Asger Bill-jessen but that says it all you're prioritizing fodder over the number of usable players in this game

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      For fodder its a step up

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright

    I completed the sbc daily challenge didn't even register is birthday plus wtf

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith

    Bro I laughed so hard when you said about the casino, just completed my 8th icon pack and the list contains of pirlo, giggs, rush, rui costa, scholes and Owen😂 fml

  • A Poocumber
    A Poocumber

    Who didn’t get their login pack? Ea support said it would be later for me, and that there is a bug..... like yeah. No shit.

  • DylanFoekens

    7:28 had me ahahaha

  • James Green
    James Green


  • Mato Plays
    Mato Plays

    Why did I get a rare mega even tho I loged in almost every day since the start ?

  • Jos Driehoek
    Jos Driehoek

    Thiago 700k lmao

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee

    Games a fuckin scam had like 40 packs got nothing done icon sbc prime got scholes had enough of these con merchants

  • UndisputedFan 23
    UndisputedFan 23

    Can’t tell if he’s joking about some of these cards lol

  • Naim Rouf
    Naim Rouf

    I'm buzzing got Fut Birthday Thiago and Lewa in my ultimate pack got from EA 😄🥳🥳👌🤩

  • allonsy35

    Nick, man, you have to upload your Mcgeady grind from stream too lmao

  • Jake Marsh
    Jake Marsh

    Now they’ve again proven that otw is a joke tonali with a non perforce special in future stars and then 3 more today gg is ea

  • FZN_SourZ

    Wtf I did the challenge and got no objective done???

    • FZN_SourZ

      It’s the sbc one

  • CL Lo
    CL Lo

    Packed hermoso, Simon, then Thiago from a 2 rare gold players pack today. Unbelievable

    • CL Lo
      CL Lo

      @Boss Panda div 1

    • Boss Panda
      Boss Panda

      What div are you in

  • Aiden Nicholas
    Aiden Nicholas

    Am I the only one that expected better cards?

  • Willie Mo
    Willie Mo

    Nick you weren’t wrong Perisic used to have dominant Right foot in past fifa games

  • D V
    D V

    Not the best picked players and positions fut birthday cards tho hopefully team 2 is better

  • 09you9

    I got sane now i can play toty davies and sane at striker hahaha

  • Diego Froeling
    Diego Froeling

    I don't like a single FB EA released, dead promo man, last year FB was peak, but this year EA fucked it up bad.

    • Diego Froeling
      Diego Froeling

      @Daniel Williams totally agree, I was hoping to see sick cards like Allan, Gelson Martins, Renato Sanche etc.

    • Daniel Williams
      Daniel Williams

      I agree. I don’t know why some are hyping it up to be something it’s not. Huntelaar and podolski as the objective and SBC is a big joke. Most of the player selection is terrible too

  • Tony Southgate
    Tony Southgate

    It’s sad the same cards are recycled

  • Jay Moar
    Jay Moar

    Damn Nick how many commercials brother

  • Rodney-HR

    best promo ever

  • Adam Gialil
    Adam Gialil

    I packed Inaki Williams let’s fucking go!!

  • Alperen Akbulut
    Alperen Akbulut

    I didn't get free pack so what now?

  • Samer Saleh
    Samer Saleh

    Hey nick, how much do you think Thiago will settle for? Love you man and keep up the good work❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • D V
    D V

    Haven't played in over a month but that new huntelaar card I want to get bc of some iconic moments for me when I was younger, always wanted him for my team when he was in his prime keep up the good work my friend

  • douglas boateng
    douglas boateng

    Yessir Poldi, perfekt für mein WM 2014 Team

  • Cinderyghost

    When your broke and can’t afford anyone😭😭😭

  • Cinderyghost

    Peresic broken card was that World Cup promo in fifa 18

  • Bruhstoise

    “Congratulations you addict” lmfao

  • Liam Farrell
    Liam Farrell

    Danny aaarons is dying

    • Henley O'Brien
      Henley O'Brien


  • Cinderyghost

    Peresic looks mad

  • Ties Bekel
    Ties Bekel

    No icon swaps?

  • Saskay Gaming
    Saskay Gaming

    Nick I got 2 FUT Birthday's in one pack!