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  • Syed Mohaimeen
    Syed Mohaimeen

    I actually packed a prime Stoichkov from the Rare players pack from FUT 20 sbc

  • JD

    The fact that people are asking for a CM Ronaldo card is evidence enough for me how this game got obliterated.

  • Sean Paul Mcqueen
    Sean Paul Mcqueen

    The cards are all gawny be over priced and to hard to get!!

  • Neil Walker
    Neil Walker

    No fun cards and still shocking gameplay, another day in fifa

  • Dino God
    Dino God

    Thanks for the video

  • Paterskyy

    Did they remove the ban from his account? ❤❤❤

  • Fraser Greig
    Fraser Greig

    I want a icon player pick

  • Scott Simpson
    Scott Simpson

    Ryan Kent 🙏

  • Rben Ulloa
    Rben Ulloa

    Do you think they will put promo packs y this weekend or friday

  • OldSchoolGamerNL

    Fifa 21 is to expensive for the normal players. we dont have mils to do everything and buy everyone we want

  • Matthias Pintens
    Matthias Pintens

    Last year i was sso hyped when i saw those teams came out but now i dont know i thinks its not gonne be so fun i saw leaks they are so chit this years i dont really like promos only i liked future star

  • CFC91 CFc
    CFC91 CFc

    FUT Birthday leaks Vardy Moura Inaki Perisic Thiago Sane Chan Mendy Hermoso Simon moses Your welcome guys #leaked

  • Finlay Coburn
    Finlay Coburn

    I can’t stand the fifa community, they just spoil the fun by leaking everything on all social media so there’s no surprise involved

  • PluralShortt

    I swear there's a fut birthday mbappe every year 😂

  • legendaryshinobix

    i want a rw rashford

  • Ziggy

    What ever happened to Daniel Sturridge?

  • Julio Trujillo
    Julio Trujillo

    A Mendy Cb card 🙏🏼

  • Rookie

    Di Maria FB card last year was OP!!

  • Cathal Hasson
    Cathal Hasson

    bale got one like every fucking year

  • Sam needham
    Sam needham

    I hope they do bring a waman striker card , I’ve had a lot of fun using his silver stars card in rivals

  • Sam Watts
    Sam Watts

    I wonder if anyone actually unsubs when you joke about it 😂🤔

  • M Oli
    M Oli

    Does anyone know if these TOTW packs that EA put out. If I save them for Team of the Season will I get a team of the season? Because the team of the season is team of the week for that week. Has anyone tried this??


    FUT Birthday Embolo please EA 🤞🤞

  • Magic Potato
    Magic Potato

    Man your vids are sick

  • Mike Joe
    Mike Joe

    Is he playing on NextGen ?

  • Baxter Gosch
    Baxter Gosch

    Biabiany was also a massive flashback to the Gervinho-Doumbia days of FUT

  • Conor Dunleavy
    Conor Dunleavy

    “Obviously if you guys don’t know who Gervinho or Esswein is, you can unfollow from my channel” had me rolling ☠️😂

  • J VFL
    J VFL

    Bale and Fut birthday🤝


    as the season progresses, I'm at level 27. there you can choose between a la liga, ligue 1 or a bundesliga prime pack. which one would make the most sense with regard to the upcoming fut-birthday promo? ⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • Μαργαρίτα Η Νικήτρια
    Μαργαρίτα Η Νικήτρια

    like for Wamann

  • Bos Celtics
    Bos Celtics

    EA reuses so much content so I hope it's Foden, Saka, Greenwood, or something like that maybe something new would be good

  • Shorty the Guy
    Shorty the Guy



    as the season progresses, I'm at level 27. there you can choose between a la liga, ligue 1 or a bundesliga prime pack. which one would make the most sense with regard to the upcoming fut-birthday promo? ⚽️⚽️⚽️

  • TheSantonio98

    I would love a RM or CM Cuadrado

  • wellington tinashe muguti
    wellington tinashe muguti

    i love your content man

  • Vega 6
    Vega 6

    So do we wait till Friday to open our fut champs packs ?

  • Rob Stretch
    Rob Stretch

    When silver esswein was the best striker in the game... good times

  • Arsenal BVB
    Arsenal BVB

    Hwang hee chan Moses simon Hermoso Thiago Moura Sane Williams Vardy Perisic Samba Leaked team. It’s atrocious

  • herra

    Haaland 5 star wf incoming

  • Dani Bernek
    Dani Bernek

    Remember using last year Di Maria, Costa, Bakayoko and Lozano.. the most fun I had all year, those players were soooo goood

  • Jesus Mendoza
    Jesus Mendoza

    Is bale confirmed? He seems to always get one

  • zblogger9

    I'm predicting Ronaldo and Halland 5* weak foot card.

  • Baden McLaughlin
    Baden McLaughlin

    I just really hope the objectives aren’t in managerial masterpiece

    • call me gary
      call me gary

      mm is my fav

    • Dat Boi
      Dat Boi

      Why can’t they make a mystery ball challenge it’s a rlly fun game mode that is super neglected

  • Bor

    Is there coming another market crash tommorow?

  • William Aston
    William Aston

    I just want my josef Martinez, I've been waiting all year

  • CamCam

    Need a decent thiago card!

  • Off Hills
    Off Hills

    I just hope there is a neymar card.

  • Darth Jar jar
    Darth Jar jar

    I don’t wanna see neymar or mbappe I wanna see a something fun like RW haaland with 99 agility

  • Sebastian Lammers
    Sebastian Lammers

    Noone: Nick in march: ITS BEEN A LONG YEAR

  • Patrick Yavo
    Patrick Yavo

    nick blink three times if ea have you hostage

  • XJokermanX

    Nick if you wanna take breaks take breaks. It's like a job out of home, you're entitled to breaks

  • Axel

    Fifa 20: Di Maria, Bale, VVD, Costa, Griezmann, Mbappe, Hazard, Sissoko, Hernandez Fifa 19: Bale, VVD, Costa, Griezmann, Mbappe, Hernandez, Alaba Fifa 18: Di Maria, Bale, Sissoko, Alaba What a creative company!

  • hog

    Need Ryan Kent Birthday card

  • JW989

    FUT Birthday in 19 was absolute trash. Hope they do the same as 20. ST Sergio Ramos 1.4 million coin SBC summed it up

  • Jin Erik Heggdal
    Jin Erik Heggdal

    Thanks for the Esswein PTSD...

  • Salviusx7

    Munier was very meta back in that year tho💪🏽

  • Amber Heart
    Amber Heart

    If the rat that is Ben Yedder gets one, my controller won't last a day in fut champs 😂😂

  • noury almis
    noury almis

    Never going to release 2 out of Neymar Ronaldo and Messi.

  • Nath connolly
    Nath connolly

    RYAN KENT Fut birthday make it happen EA 😍

  • Matip El Matip
    Matip El Matip

    you know Ferland Mendy is gonna get one xO

    • Amber Heart
      Amber Heart

      @Matip El Matip that would be good aswell or maybe cb, also I'm dreading if Ben yedder gets one.

    • Matip El Matip
      Matip El Matip

      @Amber Heart nah I want him 90+ rated LB

    • Amber Heart
      Amber Heart

      Imagine if he does but have him as a cdm

  • Rice Tickles
    Rice Tickles

    hmm im calling fut birthday Allan

  • K K
    K K

    does anyone know when the retro kits are coming out ?

  • Akram Naji
    Akram Naji

    Bale: is here every fut birthday since Fifa 18

    • Jacob Sun
      Jacob Sun

      that left back card us cracked

  • BARRiiZ

    Would love to see a halaand with 5*/5*

  • The Bored Youtube Gamer
    The Bored Youtube Gamer

    Let’s see how many subs I gain from this comment subs gained:0

  • hotzabra

    This guy is too optimistic lololo

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    EA is also running out of icons that arent as usable, any chance we get a dinho or cryuff sbc?

  • Alex Matthews
    Alex Matthews

    I think Messi 5* 5* would be ridiculous. Neymar not really that interesting for this as he already has the 5* 5*. 5* 5* Jadon Sancho would be pretty mental

  • jordan stephens
    jordan stephens

    What packs on friday will be best? 50k 100k or 125?

  • Zvonimir Safar
    Zvonimir Safar

    Only Neymar will get out of top 3 as Ronaldo got so many IF and Messi got POTM just recently. Neymar has a single IF this year, it's pretty much guaranteed

  • Iain Haslam
    Iain Haslam

    Those predictions are so backwards.

  • James Dean
    James Dean

    Funny how these promo players are pretty much exact repeat from last year.

  • BeastMaster64

    I want a double 5 star CM Maguire

  • Macdaddy Gaming
    Macdaddy Gaming

    So all EA have to do is release a promo and people will forget what’s happened these past 2 weeks

  • Pattia

    Imagine a 5* 5* David neres😍

  • Kenneth Thomson
    Kenneth Thomson

    Neymar and Ronaldo.

  • Martins Akinola
    Martins Akinola

    Need the pp for mbappe fooder

  • Lucas Dorok
    Lucas Dorok

    Marcelo would be sick and Leroy sane. And I would love a Messi

  • Tariq Al-Omani
    Tariq Al-Omani

    I just got banned and u didn’t buy anything from the market and I don’t know why , can someone please help me out

  • ben

    Nick, have you seen Scudz’ open letter to EA?

  • Siegfried Galan
    Siegfried Galan

    Slt, j'ai jouer contre toi hier soir

  • Eduard Vereb
    Eduard Vereb

    I want a Sane RM

  • WeskeVB

    When is the best time to buy the out of packs specials? During the massive pack opening or before the promo

  • ariel


  • TheHarlemShow

    Them mls players are terrible for this late in the game

  • Musnad B.A
    Musnad B.A

    I need maguire

  • Rakeso

    Salah would be crazy

  • 77

    A central Neymar is overdue

  • Bilal Malikzai
    Bilal Malikzai

    Fut b-day prediction

  • John Oonincx
    John Oonincx

    I need some advice man. I don't have much time to play and grind, but I'm trying to get the Bender brothers. The SBC's are very expensive for me though, and I have some Fifa points saved up. I'm waiting for the promo to start to open packs and sell what I can. But are the prices of the 84's really going to drop, or should I forget about the Bender SBC's?

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      @John Oonincx you just have to play the game more i guess. Play div rivals for rank 1. Take undtradeable packs, see if you pack fodder. Then put the untradeable players into marquee matchups to get more packs. Then you can either sell all the players you get to get coins or you can put the rest into upgradepacks 81+ or playerpicks when they come out. You can also grind icon swaps to get the fodder packs on friday

    • Daz Sweetz
      Daz Sweetz

      @John Oonincx yes I play both at cb very solid

    • John Oonincx
      John Oonincx

      @Asger Bill-jessen Dude chill. It's not like I'm spending a massive amount. Just a few points. I'm not nearly good enough for WL and I'm only in Division 8 in Rivals. I started late in February and I suck at Fifa. How do you suppose I get good players without spending a bit?

    • John Oonincx
      John Oonincx

      @Daz Sweetz Did you try them out yet? What did you think?

    • Daz Sweetz
      Daz Sweetz

      Dude do the upgrades 81+ 82 to 88s 83+ I did the bender brothers for 0 coins

  • Lim Muliana
    Lim Muliana

    Imagine getting hyped / hyping a promo like a kid just to be disappointed after lmao.

    • Sadio Sane
      Sadio Sane

      It’s a good promo every year.

  • amar smajic
    amar smajic

    5*5* lingard, no cap would sell my house for that card

  • Peter Szatoba
    Peter Szatoba

    fut birthday di maria played like Cruyff

  • Stewart Maciver
    Stewart Maciver

    Im a rangers fan i need a kent preferably position change... maybe rw st or cam

    • Stewart Maciver
      Stewart Maciver

      @Asger Bill-jessen yup exactly

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      Tav link at rw

  • Walter Woit
    Walter Woit

    Wait haha. "You can all uncub because you are not OG" you saw him thinking fuck do not un sub. " We welcome al new people" haha that was funny

  • Zachary Storey
    Zachary Storey

    Two videos in one day, Nick youre spoiling us

  • Fragones 123
    Fragones 123

    I’m just hoping for a special Vinicius card

  • Ding Wing
    Ding Wing

    Anyone else not get wl rewards

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      They are out now

    • Asger Bill-jessen
      Asger Bill-jessen

      You were too early dude

  • Ali Sibandi
    Ali Sibandi

    marcelo left back 5star 5star

  • bailey brandon
    bailey brandon

    This guy says crazy more than my parents say they love me