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  • Eric Ramirez
    Eric Ramirez

    I use him on 7 and neymar on 10 chem he’s class


    I did him for free and packed Rijkaard moments in the process

  • Juho Viinikka
    Juho Viinikka

    shout out to pukki!

  • Samuel Hero
    Samuel Hero

    Soyuncu‘s base card pace should be at least 82-84

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • mohammed qassem
    mohammed qassem

    The entro 😂😂😂 only the people who watched the stream will relate

  • A2G

    Guys pls sugges should I submit my moments Doherty in 86 + double ?????

  • Δlexbanz

    I did 5 Player Picks got Sane 😍

  • Ryan Igo
    Ryan Igo

    Real ones understand the intro ;)

  • Nick Carr
    Nick Carr

    15 should be depay instead of gervinho

  • A Poocumber
    A Poocumber

    Today ea gave me a tier 4 reward. Last time tier 2... time before that tier 4.... not sure why I got a tier 2 in the middle...

  • Esdras Aguilar
    Esdras Aguilar

    TOTW Dembele is cracked

  • angry grandma
    angry grandma

    bro you have 9mil💀 500k is nothing to you

  • iCloud King
    iCloud King

    Choice_toolz on IG can help you solve all your problem, he is legit and trustworthy

  • Alex Matthews
    Alex Matthews

    Sucks that he's a left wing. Absolute no doubt would do him if he was CAM, ST or RW

  • Fajr Mubarak
    Fajr Mubarak

    Is he better than neymar? And is he endgame?

    • ilyas B
      ilyas B

      I don't think he will be endgame. I think he will be very good till the beginning of TOTS. Probably better than neymar aswell but neymar is only 350k now.

  • Luke Edgerton
    Luke Edgerton

    No flair trait for me is a big big L

  • hamza JH 2
    hamza JH 2

    Bro youre talking about 81+ like thyre for free .. i dont have fodders and i dont even have coins all my team is unsellable ... And u telling us that its fine to put an overpriced sbc hell na

  • MrElite _003
    MrElite _003

    Reus on the market would be over 600k I garuntee it

  • Arpan Bindra
    Arpan Bindra

    Nick where’s the mangala and reus in-game player review?


    Nick the marketing genius

  • Ray Mysterio
    Ray Mysterio

    Hows it gannin Ratthefutmarket lad!?

  • Finnegan Combs
    Finnegan Combs

    📌 18 + -S`E"X'--D'A`T'ING-------- Here ➱ XXCLUB.CYOU/FHXIVK 0:09 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минутнеожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейскийогда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут

  • YaBoiFugi

    Some people see the 5* skills and get a hard on, but in game don’t even do any skills 😂 😂

  • J Cardenas
    J Cardenas

    Dutch topics at the 5 min mark. What a boss

  • Aaron Galdeano
    Aaron Galdeano

    If this Reus was on the market, no doubt he’d be over 1 mil, this is 100% value imo

  • Esterlin Lantigua
    Esterlin Lantigua

    Lmaoooo the 5 min marketing god

  • LuiLud Krypton
    LuiLud Krypton

    Him or potm mbappe??

  • Asonzoo


  • Scruffa Stuff
    Scruffa Stuff

    I did Vidal. Using him as a CDM next to prime Petit. Those 2 work so well together. Vidal gets me out of trouble and can pass like a boss

  • Snarf Bomber
    Snarf Bomber

    I have 12k why am iwtching this

  • Alexander Vaz
    Alexander Vaz

    A great man once said "Sort your shit, watch some football" ❤️⚽

  • ExFlek

    cant wait for red ousmane lets goooooooooooooo

  • Alexander Lawrence
    Alexander Lawrence

    Reus Birthday Card is Cracked

  • Nikola i Tesla
    Nikola i Tesla

    Vidal or him or just wait renato san?

  • Chris Blaster
    Chris Blaster

    For me will be a supportive cf beside my Luka Jovic

  • Jake R
    Jake R

    I think the card would be cheaper on the market

    • KingAfrica

      He would be at least 800k on the market

  • WeejixDoWx

    LW....so annoying. El Sha has that position locked down for me. Needed him to be central for the Bender bros links. 😭 The formationsand chem links destroy fun squad building.

  • Brolythe Don
    Brolythe Don

    Reus looks meta but endgame ? Well For sure vidal is & ngl that 5* is an extra 100k itself so maybe he is not overpriced .. expensive Hell yeah

  • William knight
    William knight

    My favourite player of all time, did this card as soon as i could. Echte Liebe 💛🖤💛

    • Louis

      FC BAYERN FC BAYERN!!!! Bayern besser

  • JustNick

    the 5th minute dutch marketing😂

  • Ernesto Guzman
    Ernesto Guzman

    Reus or neymar ??

  • Anton J
    Anton J

    It’s a joke that Jota didn’t get a TOTW!

  • pipbeg12

    Fut reus or fut sane with freeze Gnabry

  • Brian Ramdhani
    Brian Ramdhani

    They can make these sbcs cheap because it is fut birthday right.. not fifa make more money days

  • Ruben Oemeloem
    Ruben Oemeloem

    Blows my mind people are willing to spend more than 50k for any version of Aubameyang. Guy cant pass, dribble or anything

  • Winfred Blake
    Winfred Blake

    0:39 vor.monster

  • robertito Shitpost
    robertito Shitpost

    0:13 i love América what a great C.O.U.N.T.R.Y ._.

  • PresidentPyle

    New Germany kit looking 🔥🔥🔥 Nick

  • meaty0025

    7 ads my G?? 😕 I can't... I'm srry I just can't.

    • Brian Rebechi
      Brian Rebechi

      Gotta get that bag

  • Tim Rhenen
    Tim Rhenen

    Love the dutch part nick!

  • Simon


    • Muhd Nasir
      Muhd Nasir


    • Direction Home
      Direction Home

      OG’s??? Wasn’t it last year lol

  • snaak25

    I have El shar and neymar and Ribéry so no thanks

  • sameer saleem
    sameer saleem

    I did zambrotta last night for 54k. I mean thats just amazing isn’t it

    • Jorge Espiritu
      Jorge Espiritu

      Wanna do one more icon either the goalie or zambrota

    • Jorge Espiritu
      Jorge Espiritu

      Thats a w! I did nedved for free with the 81 picks and packed mbappe 🤠

    • Muhd Nasir
      Muhd Nasir

      Hes soo good in cb rb lb cdm cm. Totally worth it.

  • Linvoy Primus
    Linvoy Primus

    Cringe intro

  • Jim Ritner
    Jim Ritner

    I got back on fifa opened $200 worth of fifa points ( regrettably) did icon abc pulled 91 Baggio. Uninstalled again

    • Luke

      There’s no icon packs out atm ahaaha

  • CJEV

    Gold Neymar >💁‍♂️

  • Erik Grimmcard23
    Erik Grimmcard23

    Give me a central Bale with H/M and 4*, 4*. It's all I want. LOL

  • douglas boateng
    douglas boateng

    I got red neymar, should i do him anyway? I got Özil and Podolski

    • Jorge Espiritu
      Jorge Espiritu

      Do nedved

  • I drags I
    I drags I

    Just dun for free put my steven gerrard 91 in

  • Sam Owen
    Sam Owen

    Reev is screaming without the s

  • SELK

    Nick you are the most reliable fifa content creator on the app beside nep

  • Flip Games
    Flip Games

    I dont think reus is overpriced because i think if hé was on the market he would be 700k i think

  • Akkar_Unbekannt

    I’m doing POTM mbappe for sure. So I can use that renato.

    • Akkar_Unbekannt

      @Peter Cillian why not!

    • Peter Cillian
      Peter Cillian

      But a tradable version

    • Peter Cillian
      Peter Cillian

      Please dont

  • Jason L
    Jason L

    Nick, the intercontinental marketing genius

  • Augustus Wood
    Augustus Wood

    0:31 bed.immo

  • chris h
    chris h

    he'd be 800k on the market easy

  • Indeedido

    I wish I could do Marco reus but my club is rinsed after that Vidal and palacio.

    • Jeremy M
      Jeremy M

      @Indeedido Deco yuckkkyy

    • Indeedido

      @Jeremy M I mean I did do the deco and Bruno goncalves so I probably could fit him into my team.

    • Jeremy M
      Jeremy M

      @Indeedido yeah he looks like a nasty card, I've got neymsr and it I find the bundesliga hard to link as I don't have the defenders

    • Indeedido

      @Jeremy M I might be able to do him w the players I get from the 83+ 25 pack

    • Jeremy M
      Jeremy M

      I've literally done none of them, I've got stacked fodder, saving it for players to fit my team, renato will be a must

  • Bieboe Bezer [TALL MARIA]
    Bieboe Bezer [TALL MARIA]

    On the market this reus would be over a mill

  • Kai Marston-Yim
    Kai Marston-Yim

    I always watch Neps vid then urs and ur opinions are always different 😂

    • Kai Marston-Yim
      Kai Marston-Yim

      XJokermanX exactly. Nep usually complains but the last few days he has been like these are amazing value but Nick is usually positive but now he is saying that it's a bit overpriced

    • umar ahmed
      umar ahmed

      So True

    • XJokermanX

      It's interesting init

  • lano degreat
    lano degreat

    Why would ppl do this card when u have icons better and cheaper than these sbcs

    • KingAfrica

      None of the icons are better and cheaper than that Reus lol

  • Ilija Juric
    Ilija Juric

    What do you guys think 91 Reus or POTM Messi at cam?

    • XJokermanX

      Obviously Messi?

  • Porter Montague
    Porter Montague

    Opened up my 83+ x25 pack and got fut birthday mendy, inaki, and hwang. And during fut freeze I opened the 83+ and got myself freeze dembele. I love myself a 83+ x25 😁

    • Muhd Nasir
      Muhd Nasir

      Wow mine just gold walk out... Sad.

    • Finlay Brockie
      Finlay Brockie

      Me who only got 1 walkout who at that was hummels

  • Just BeReal
    Just BeReal

    Soyuncu 75 pace EA!! sort your shite out....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • D N
    D N

    A gravenberch would be good

  • Maaz Khan
    Maaz Khan

    can only do one. who do I do. reus or vidal. if I get reus, he'll replace gnabry in an attack of Rooney, what if papu and gnabry. if I get vidal he will replace IF valverde in a midfield of future stars neuhaus, rttf zakaria and valverde

    • Maaz Khan
      Maaz Khan

      @Brian Rebechi thanks man. Both are great but I guess vidal is the better option

    • Brian Rebechi
      Brian Rebechi

      If u have an emotional attachment to reus get him cause you’ll regret not doing it but I’ll say Vidal.

  • Sambi. __
    Sambi. __

    Bro im dutch and im really happy that you say this

    • Sambi. __
      Sambi. __

      @Jelmer hij wil meer nederlandse spelers in fifa jelmer

    • Jelmer

      Wat zei die dan?

    • Manu

      @Lim Muliana shut up

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana


  • Brent V.S.
    Brent V.S.

    I can complete him and spend 0 coins. I have to submit almost all of my fodder tho, should i do it? He’ll replace El Shaarawy and play as a striker in a 2 striker formation

    • Brent V.S.
      Brent V.S.

      @The Duff i could do that but renato doesn’t fit in my team, In the midfield i have toty bruno and gold kante and i kinda need them for the chemestry and stuff but reus would fit in perfectly because my LM links with 2 icons so i can put whoever i want there

    • The Duff
      The Duff

      @Muhd Nasir i know man the waiting is the worst haha, ive 1.6m in fodder so i hopefully have enough to complete him and the bender brothers

    • Muhd Nasir
      Muhd Nasir

      @The Duff jeez not patient enough to wait 3 more days to do the sbc and realize it will be so fucking expensive.

    • The Duff
      The Duff

      Wait for renato sanches on Saturday if your to do an sbc

    • XJokermanX


  • Andy Valverde
    Andy Valverde

    Lmao the Dutch part

  • Michael Naylor
    Michael Naylor

    I can do reus for completely free, so I feel it's worth it

    • Michael Naylor
      Michael Naylor

      @ilyas B it's not costing coins

    • ilyas B
      ilyas B

      It's not free bro. U can put the sbc fodder in other sbc's

  • Luvelle Daley
    Luvelle Daley


  • Just BeReal
    Just BeReal

    Enough of Dutch OP madness pleas

  • Clause Oscar
    Clause Oscar

    Dann dalbert Marcos Andre otávio and evander all 5* skills in my silver team bringing mcgeady off the bench silver stars isn't ready for me

  • slatt soldier
    slatt soldier

    f*cking dembele inform is going to haunt me this weekend I CAN FEEL IT ALREADY

    • J Cardenas
      J Cardenas

      Only until 70th minute, then he dies

    • slatt soldier
      slatt soldier

      @Southpark II Huh? all I said is that this card is gonna be a problem no need for you to be shithouse bro lol

    • Southpark II
      Southpark II

      Real sad that you play/care about weekend league. Eww

    • Kaneki uWu
      Kaneki uWu

      @Lim Muliana I respect the effort 😂😂😂

    • The Man
      The Man

      @LuckyGee stfu

  • Mark A123
    Mark A123

    The way EA are doing these sbcs in comin 1 million Renato Sanches

    • Oliver Chambers
      Oliver Chambers

      1 mil would be cheap for that Sanches tbh

    • Oliver Chambers
      Oliver Chambers

      @Sergi Roberto mangala was only put their to stop varane but it just didn’t work

    • André Henrique
      André Henrique

      @Sergi Roberto not mangala

    • Sergi Roberto
      Sergi Roberto

      @Timo Werner Mangala too?

    • Timo Werner
      Timo Werner

      @Maximal Säkerhet he is 550j

  • Jürgen von Strengel
    Jürgen von Strengel

    Nick you’re turning into nepenthez. Please do market stuff again, love you

    • Debra Seccafien
      Debra Seccafien

      @Jürgen von Strengel chrisRm is fantastic for market content. Him and thefutaccountant are both really good from that perspective

    • Jürgen von Strengel
      Jürgen von Strengel

      @XJokermanX might check him out, thanks m8

    • XJokermanX

      Also nick has gone from market videos to content mainly. If you want more market stuff I'd suggest CHRISRM, he's doing simular things to what nick did s few years ago

    • Oh Word?
      Oh Word?

      Market is dead, people can literally buy prime icons with real money 😂

    • XJokermanX

      That's the point

  • Ricky Papi
    Ricky Papi

    Nick u should have never done that intro in spanish, now im expecting it every stream/video, life has lost meaning. Te extraño nico

  • Splack

    Started watching your uploads everyday. Favorite fifa SVnamer. Great insight & opinions 💪🏼💪🏼

    • themortalace !
      themortalace !

      What a beg

    • Roman Stryker
      Roman Stryker

      Where are you from?


    Let’s go sick totw!

  • Justin S
    Justin S

    Reus is my fav player so I’m definitely doing it no matter the cost

  • Flexin_ Roa
    Flexin_ Roa

    Would you recommend do reus or wait for renato sanches

    • The0verPr0

      Reus is there for 2 weeks, just wait and check who's better in price/value and who fits your team better

  • Вова Недвед
    Вова Недвед

    Stop acting like a idiot pls

  • The Milkman
    The Milkman

    I sure do love some Dutch players. And also yeah America is a great country

    • Mario Sauceda
      Mario Sauceda

      Only people from stream will understand

  • Bags

    Hey bro. I was watching the stream. The reason we love you in the Uk is because you have good banter and you’re sense of humour is on point. Funny guy love the content bro.

    • Bags

      @Alan Cortes Put down your controller and go get some fresh air.

    • Alan Cortes
      Alan Cortes

      Wth does being from the UK have to do with humor

  • Drew Dawson
    Drew Dawson

    Where do you see body types? He’s always mentions body type

    • Mario Sauceda
      Mario Sauceda


  • Juan Klein
    Juan Klein

    That reus card looks insane

  • Jack Nightingale
    Jack Nightingale

    Expensive not overpriced

    • Ted Crossingham
      Ted Crossingham

      @Mayorga you go off that logic every card in the game is overpriced

    • Jeevesh TM
      Jeevesh TM

      @Mayorga ik you can and i have ney too but im js its not overpriced its expensive this time last year ney was 600K the market is shit in 21

    • Mayorga

      @Jeevesh TM not to be that guy 👀 but i can get neymar for 250 k cheaper

    • Jeevesh TM
      Jeevesh TM

      nah not overpriced its reus

    • Mayorga

      pretty overpriced

  • Kostantinos Kotsis
    Kostantinos Kotsis

    Its so worth...550k its ok!!

  • S K W B
    S K W B

    I am gay

  • Hydrozz _
    Hydrozz _

    Whenever I go into a game my game crashes and it says the game is corrupted and I need to delete and reinstall. I've done that and after a few games it happened again. Anybody know a way to fix it?

    • XJokermanX