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  • Bradley Hickman
    Bradley Hickman

    I don’t think it’s leaked I think they just made it quite obvious who they was bringing out with the clues

  • Alexis Yanes
    Alexis Yanes

    Ayo Nick, you should try the player picks next. I got 86 ucl varane, 87 suarez, and 88 dybala from it.

    • Hamza Haroon
      Hamza Haroon

      Seems like they've changed requirements of player picks...

  • Murat Ozdes
    Murat Ozdes


  • julie davies
    julie davies

    Got perisic and hwang hee chan from pp

  • Csontos Milán
    Csontos Milán

    When will Party Bag come out?please help, I bought 12 informs for 12K coins

  • bakewelll

    Should I do messi potm

  • Milanista Fiero
    Milanista Fiero

    Milan has an option to buy Tomori.

  • FootballFreak1908

    who do u think is gonna be the player from dortmund? It could be Reus or Witsel but they had some special cards already. My shout would be Piszczek, he had a flashback last year but not a special card this year yet

  • BB Scary
    BB Scary

    Card is amazing did his sbc because growing up he was my favorite player and he has 14 goals and 12 assists in 5 games

  • Jakub Řezníček
    Jakub Řezníček

    I have done 5 picks and got CR7 and Oblak

  • Ethan Clarke
    Ethan Clarke

    those damn player picks, i did around 75 today and got mbappe 3 times...

  • Santi

    Got Ter Stegen and Kante on my 86+ pack I’m happy with that.

  • Gareth Cairns
    Gareth Cairns

    Will it be Alexis Sanchez ST tomorrow??!


    Does anyone know if you can hold the double 86+ for tots or can it not have them in the packs


      You can hold if you want

  • Dark knight
    Dark knight

    Nobody cares about Ozil Absolute 💩 content again

  • A Fellow Hasian
    A Fellow Hasian

    anyone know if there'll be a ronaldinho sbc this year?

  • Charbel Traboulsi
    Charbel Traboulsi

    I packed van dijk in the first 81+ pack and that was it, but it’s more than enough in my opinion

  • Yehuda Bukovza
    Yehuda Bukovza

    When should I buy hermoso fut birthday?

  • Ryan Schembri
    Ryan Schembri

    i put my whole club (81 lower) into pp had like 20 picks got thisgo b day and 5 more walkouts, always spam the pp they are cracked

  • sean curtis
    sean curtis

    They had to mess with the percentages now for the player picks...too popular not to

  • Slappe Slang
    Slappe Slang

    Did 15 of those highest rated was Parejo... Man i want the old 81+ picks back

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      @Shi1907 so u put him in an upgrade sbc?

    • Shi1907

      Did 5 or 6, i did get ferland mendy :)

    • julie davies
      julie davies

      Hwang hee chan

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      @julie davies you mean the Wang

    • julie davies
      julie davies

      Perisic and chan here

  • Dani Bernek
    Dani Bernek

    These Player Picks feel nerfed

  • snaak25

    81+ is better, did 10 of both...

  • Zeko

    Got fb thiago out of the 81×25 and had to explain to my dad what packs are on fifa

  • deerturk88

    I got Thiago and Dupe Big boy Bayern Robert

  • Sergio Valdovinos
    Sergio Valdovinos

    I did 80 packs that I have saved! Mega packs,rare mega packs 5 ultimate packs,rare players pack 81+ and others and didn't get shit but my highest was 87 busquets lmfao!

    • Gnarlord


  • Yiğit Esgi
    Yiğit Esgi

    Why 3 in row???

  • Jazin games
    Jazin games

    just got perisic from a player pick.gassed about this!


    Too many cards, not enough fodder smh

  • Brandon Roberts
    Brandon Roberts

    What is the point in these videos besides announcing content? What happened to market insight and how to make coins?

  • Arjun 99
    Arjun 99

    did loads for free and crafted puyol

  • Chris Stuart
    Chris Stuart

    Did 25 81+ PP pulled Sane fut birthday and enough to do an 86 squad absolute W

    • Chris Stuart
      Chris Stuart

      @Junior nothing, just useless players from as many saves packs as I could the last couple of weeks. Club is dry now.

    • Junior

      How much did you spend?

  • shut up
    shut up

    these picks are so juiced

  • The0verPr0

    can you guys please explain the gold pack method?

  • Gabriel Amour
    Gabriel Amour

    Make some new custom tactics video please!

  • U Suck
    U Suck

    I jus got fut birthday thiago from 81+ lol

  • Rick Ter Bruggen
    Rick Ter Bruggen

    I don't understand these picks dude. They are so good for everyone else but I do 10 and my best is a 83 umtiti

    • Anonymous

      @Slappe Slang Nah man most of my mates got a walkout every 3-5 picks. One got Neymar, another got Ronaldo. I myself got good fodder. The picks haven't been nerfed but I guess some people are unlucky.

    • En1_1

      Haha I did en on web app pc. I’ve done 8 on web app and I’ve got fut birthday iniaki, suarez, insigne, Pogba, icardi, Moutinho, dzeko, Pacheco and 82 if gunter. Do em on the pc web app

    • Slappe Slang
      Slappe Slang

      Mine were shit as well they nerfed them hard

    • Zeko

      Did 2 got koke and kroos lol

  • Fahima Fairoze
    Fahima Fairoze

    PLAYER PICKS!!!!!!!!!

  • Specter

    I got messi and oblak out the 86+ W?

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    PLAYER PICKSSSSS SAVED THE GAME 😂😂 jk this game still so ass

  • Charlie Loughnane
    Charlie Loughnane

    The 81+ are nerfed i got 81s and 82s and 83s i did the 81-87 pick and i got 85 depay new motm chilwell, some 84s etc

    • En1_1

      Hahaha I do em on the pc they are cracked lemme tell you what I got in my first set. Danilo pereira, Gunter if, Pogba, insigne, mourinho, suarez and fut birthday iniaki Williams. Do me specifically on the computer web app. Your wecome

  • Bags

    Hey guys. Who would you recommend to buy. C Ronaldo, Mbappe, Neymar or Messi? Rare card

    • Bags

      @Ryan M thank you.

    • Ryan M
      Ryan M

      i would say mbappe or ronaldo by far just bc they seem to wreck havoc no matter what but if u have good patience on the ball than neymar is a monster with left stick

  • Hamada Markovic
    Hamada Markovic

    When does new icon moment sbc come

  • Prestige347

    just did 2 pp and got mendy in my second one

    • #ST 9
      #ST 9

      Did 3 and got mendy🤣🤣

    • Owen Baill
      Owen Baill

      Quick sell him

  • Bape X Soldier
    Bape X Soldier

    Wasn’t party bags supposed to come out also today l?

  • Jeffrey Croteau
    Jeffrey Croteau

    Got UCL Neymar and Gold Neuer in my 86+ double 😍🤯

    • Camxxddd

      Got Papu gomez and de gea

    • Francisco Cayolla
      Francisco Cayolla

      Got FutBirthday Lucas and Sterling 🤩

    • Dan McAteer
      Dan McAteer

      i got neymar from it too bro 🤩🤩🤩

  • GeenzinMeer

    The 86+ is crazy value.. got 93 IF Benzema and messi

    • Arka Roy
      Arka Roy

      I got 2 86 rateds

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana

      I got two 86s stop saying it's good value because you shitter got lucky.

  • jojag5

    Neymar and Mbappe now 900k combined on PS4/5. META Golds are tanking right now.

    • Anonymous

      @andres bravo eh was worth the 2 months I got to use them tbh. Otherwise everyone would save all their coins and buy their teams in June. Might aswell just buy players and accept that they'll be worth half the price in a couple of weeks.

    • andres bravo
      andres bravo

      @Anonymous you should’ve been smart bro

    • Anonymous

      Less than 600k for both on xbox. Shame cause I bought them for like 1.2m combined like a month or two ago.

    • Zeko

      Too bad im on fuckin pc where the prices are so inflated

    • Kieran Mitchell
      Kieran Mitchell

      @Zagron1709 because loads of good cards are coming out. The amount of 94+ pace strikers with high dribbling, shooting and skill means cards like mbappe drop because there are cheaper options. Once TOTS hits I can see it costing like 7/800k for mbappe, neymar and Ronaldo combined

  • cirit101

    So ea change time 1 hour earlier

  • White Gainey
    White Gainey

    0:10 bed.immo

  • Andrew Wright
    Andrew Wright

    Did 5 picks got 84 mbappe Gomez and 84

  • Freddie Patterson
    Freddie Patterson

    I got courtois and veratti from 86+ is that a dub?

    • LP.Skates


  • Daniel Hows
    Daniel Hows

    whens the best time to sell off your 84s, like how much time after the 86+ release does price peak? thankyou!

    • Daniel Hows
      Daniel Hows

      As I found out, for future reference to anyone, it’s at the hour point after the release. After that it steadily declines back to normal price after about 4 hours, so sell early.

  • Lindsay Morris
    Lindsay Morris

    0:50 vom.gen.in

  • D V
    D V

    WOOOOOHOOOOOOO player picks is the only good/fun thing ab this game

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright

      Yh mbappe Gomez and 84

  • Finlay Gray
    Finlay Gray

    Why not Havertz. EA r just doing the same every year its boring they should mix it up more ffs. I find it funny to that if u get 23 wins or more ur in top 200 that just shows how many people cba with champs

    • FootballFreak1908

      the fut bday promo is about bringing back cards that were good in past fifa editions and this one was from fifa 11, havertz didnt even have a card back then...

    • Finlay Gray
      Finlay Gray

      @MNU nah xbox

    • MNU

      U must play on pc my brother

  • Hoang Le
    Hoang Le

    bro, ya fast as lightning

  • Ali Olcay
    Ali Olcay

    81+ pp is okay, but what the fuck is a 81-87 pp. It doesn't make any sense wtf :D

  • Karl-Anthony Towns
    Karl-Anthony Towns

    It's like everyone forgot that the 86+ double exists

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      I got Ronaldo and Mbappe is it true no so stop lying

    • Henry Centeno
      Henry Centeno

      @Pattia same I also got Thiago fut birthday out of mine

    • Zeko

      David silva and muller

    • Armed Insurgent
      Armed Insurgent

      Got neymar and handanavic

    • Hugo Deported
      Hugo Deported

      Got inaki and sambia

  • Can Polat
    Can Polat

    As a Fenerbahce fan this is excellent

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      @RyanI fucked up

    • Ryan

      You are Fenerbahce itself?

    • Kaan Ulgezer
      Kaan Ulgezer

      As a fenerbahçe kanka aynen 😂😂😂

    • Hugo Deported
      Hugo Deported

      2 players I grew up idolizing R9 and ozil.

    • David Beckham
      David Beckham

      As a Fenerbahçe fan olmayacak mı kanki

  • Mikel _
    Mikel _

    save your fodder fro the party bag

    • FootballFreak1908

      i'd rather do these fut bday sbc cards, they are insane and in party bag u'll probably get some card from a promo that was 5 month ago

    • mr gnome
      mr gnome

      Party bags are scams

  • cr1ngyusername

    that strong link to poldi 😩

  • warse Ali
    warse Ali

    Don’t write first ffs

  • Danny Mower
    Danny Mower

    Love the content

  • Stig Espedal
    Stig Espedal

    Ozil was good before in old days

  • Mackii don
    Mackii don


    • Danny Mower
      Danny Mower

      I was look at my comment

    • Hamza Karim
      Hamza Karim


  • Bosco Icaza
    Bosco Icaza

    The first, always

  • NYCFC 7
    NYCFC 7

    Picks 🥰

  • FreshPrinceOfBerlin

    How you already uploading this video 😭

    • Syndicate_III

      @11% I didnt say I wasnt here part of the noti gang, just pointing it out!

    • 11%

      @Syndicate_III we are both here so ig it works man

    • Syndicate_III

      Cuz he just records 10 minutes of his live stream at content drop these days for views...

  • Danny Mower
    Danny Mower

    Hi first

    • Hamza Karim
      Hamza Karim


  • Paul

    That podolski link 😏

  • Yusuf-Emre

    do u reply?

  • Kadir

    That podolski- ozil link is so amazing ❤️

    • King Cantona
      King Cantona

      Great for Arsenal fans but its too late in the game for me imo. I think most players have better then that Podolski

    • Kieran Mitchell
      Kieran Mitchell

      Moments ballack and özil is even more nuts

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      Yeah man