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  • TrebleSZN

    5* wf Sane too

  • TrebleSZN

    Haaland with 5* weak foot coming imo

  • Yazeed El Asmar
    Yazeed El Asmar

    chicharito is god

  • it's Jimmy
    it's Jimmy

    OMG 😱 why did no one tell me about crypto. Just signed up on a platform a week ago with $10,000 and got a profit if $8,450 in 1 week.!!!!!

  • Bape X Soldier
    Bape X Soldier

    We need a flashback balotelli card EA is doing him so dirty

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez


  • Ralph Allum
    Ralph Allum

    what is nicks ps5 name for shareplay?

  • Ant PlayzFifa
    Ant PlayzFifa

    how much euros for that pele

  • Simon Benchimol
    Simon Benchimol

    No matter what, Gareth Bale is gonna make it to fbd

  • Raw Gameplay
    Raw Gameplay


  • Ahmed Helal
    Ahmed Helal

    question... where is all his transfer profit? I can see 30 mil and pele and messi. so what he has 50 mil?

  • Harris Higgins
    Harris Higgins

    They should 100 percent make position changes

  • William Bunner
    William Bunner

    all i want is a 5* skills Pope

  • 1996 Ford Escort
    1996 Ford Escort

    No keeper in the squad foundations? :/

  • Joel Mendes
    Joel Mendes

    When does the liga nos foundation players come?

  • Mufc for Life
    Mufc for Life

    Icon swaps as well on Friday boys, golden gooalll

  • Shane Hypno
    Shane Hypno

    it's so obvious that icon swaps 2 is gonna be a Dutch team and a mls team for the token so everybody might as well get it done asap

  • Chao Uchiha
    Chao Uchiha

    I love Nick, but I’m watching more commercials than the actual video.

  • winsten redjosetiko
    winsten redjosetiko

    Hope u going to feel good quick my goat!

  • Legacy Hit
    Legacy Hit

    Get well soon nick 😁

  • Julien G
    Julien G

    Nick is the undisputed goat thanks for doing what you do


    fifa feels dead now F

  • Jaedon Rineer
    Jaedon Rineer

    almost completely fallen out of love with fifa. gameplay makes it unenjoyable.

  • Big Flats
    Big Flats

    I need one more token for the 83 x25. I hope they release the next round of Swaps with FUT Birthday on Friday!!

  • smoking566

    I did him I like him but Im not enjoying the game anyway just wish could play people who don’t want to use auto switching because I believe I would win more games People might say why especially with lag and poor directions switching but I feel we are getting less a less control over the players it soon will be Football manager

  • The Force. jam channel
    The Force. jam channel

    Thank you 🔥

  • DavidR48

    My full Mexican squad is looking decent 😈

  • Casey Bowen
    Casey Bowen

    Considering starting from scratch as my 8m untradeable squad account is market ban. Fut birthday is my favorite promo

  • FirebladePilot

    When are going to get a Josef Martinez Flashback Card?!?!?


      @Thierry Young players get flashback cards occasionally, Militão got one last year.

    • Thierry

      The man is still good and has a few years ahead of him..

  • Jose Maria Alvarez Briones
    Jose Maria Alvarez Briones


  • Alan Ramirez
    Alan Ramirez

    I dont care its chichadios im getting him 😂

  • Antoine Chabot
    Antoine Chabot

    you need to chill with the ads brotha

  • SAAD El Youssfi
    SAAD El Youssfi

    Love you nick u r a legend man take care of yourself bro

  • Ricardo 123420
    Ricardo 123420

    You have to think about the rating chicharito has

  • Mario

    love ya nick!

  • Paul C
    Paul C

    Thanks Nick I always knew I was the Goat but now it's official 🐐

  • rudy avila
    rudy avila


  • PEVE182

    I really hope they do a fut birthday mendy he hasn’t had a IF this year so it would be nice to see

    • Dr. Bob Humfree
      Dr. Bob Humfree

      Please no

  • AndyUnstoppable

    this man said "dont be surprised chat" as if he was streaming lmao gotta love it

    • AndyUnstoppable

      @Jakub Řezníček he didn’t stream yesterday

    • Jakub Řezníček
      Jakub Řezníček

      He did stream actually

  • Stefan S
    Stefan S


  • Lukewwfc

    Love the vid nick❤️

  • Unknown Plays__
    Unknown Plays__

    I have 0 packs saved so ima have to spend some cash ffs🤣💀

    • Pieter Broerse
      Pieter Broerse

      Why would you, do sbc acc if you really want coins 21 mill TP thanks to them

  • Jarno Chen
    Jarno Chen

    got 50 packs lets goooo

  • Eriksen

    So what if there will be an event and nothing will make up for the scandals in this game.No one should get excited anymore because for me this game is already dead this month.This is the worst edition of FIFA, and I doubt that for the birthday of fut they will give powerful cards and the drop will be like on toty so even if you have 100,200 or a thousand packs it will not help because EA employees have their sliders from the drop to lower everyone.It's the end of March and they give Chicharito with a stellar 3-3 and workmanlike average to attack it is pathetic

    • Chieloh

      Cards like Chicharito are based on real life performances tho

  • Jai Lakhanpal
    Jai Lakhanpal

    gws nick

  • Bradley Hickman
    Bradley Hickman

    Can I ask why people always read the card stats out when there on our screen

    • Eder Elizondo
      Eder Elizondo

      Small talk

  • J Cardenas
    J Cardenas

    Ffs EA no more RBs!!! Need LBs!

  • John Beeching
    John Beeching

    Nick, please do a player prediction for fut birthday, always enjoy those videos.

  • Playboi Nene 3x
    Playboi Nene 3x

    He is jus chilling there with 30min coins what a goat😂

    • Playboi Nene 3x
      Playboi Nene 3x

      @Carl Grimes mil😂

    • Carl Grimes
      Carl Grimes

      Gotta love 30 minute coins

  • Matt Foley
    Matt Foley

    So no winter upgrades then

  • marcus11394

    Thoughts on what ScudTv said about EA and EA's response to him on Mirror?

  • Vitor Ricci
    Vitor Ricci

    You don´t need to hold the "R", portuguese doesnt have the same sound for "R" or even "rr"

  • Luke Allaway
    Luke Allaway

    Are you in AZ?

  • Luis Enrique Pairazamán Talavera
    Luis Enrique Pairazamán Talavera

    Rest up Nick, you deserve it.

  • CarKiller92

    I wish chicha was useable but he is so bad when everyone is playing 1 depth drop back with 5 at the back... Gave him 5 games as striker next to PIM Cantona, still couldn't score 1 goal..

  • Alegri Worcestershire
    Alegri Worcestershire

    6:28 Lucas, that’s lucas hernandez nick

  • Ryan Schembri
    Ryan Schembri

    might do the chicaro sbc for a cheap 89 for sbcs lol

    • Artemis Lannister
      Artemis Lannister

      @Tropicz02 packed prime Overmars

    • Tropicz02

      @Artemis Lannister let us know who u pack

    • Artemis Lannister
      Artemis Lannister

      @Ryan Schembri that's such a shame, with the help of those two I finished the 85 and the 84 squads for the prime icon upgrade and now all I have left is the 83, but I'm too afraid to submit it, what if I pack Inzaghi or Larsson ?? but I have no choice I'm halfway in so let's see who I'll pack

    • Ryan Schembri
      Ryan Schembri

      @Artemis Lannister i dont really have the time to do those objectives :(

    • Artemis Lannister
      Artemis Lannister

      do the ruben neves and giroud objective! it's a 89 and 90 rated free cards

  • Justin Dobry
    Justin Dobry

    I think Hernandez is worth it for the packs back and an 89 rated fodder

  • Liverpool. LB
    Liverpool. LB

    I like how nick nearly said Gucci instead of saint maximin😂 much love for you nick❤️👍👍

  • snaak25

    Hernandez is perfect for my 89 rated Mbappe sbc squad

  • Roddriiguez

    I hate how team of the weeks are 30k

  • bob jr
    bob jr

    How is he too expensive? Cheapest 89 is 70k, this sbc cost 73k and gives 2 packs. It’s basically fodder price if you end up not liking the card.

    • themccats

      @bob jr yeah his finishing is insane and attacking position phenomenal. His original card has no stand out attributes yet this one has almost every dribbling stat above 90 with insane shooting stats and with a hunter he's unstoppable. Im glad they made the MLS sbc's so cheap compared to the others. Flashback Higuain and moments Dos Santos have been amazing for me and they were both relatively cheap. Also having Opara with 88 pace and Long with 80 pace as center backs make them better than most others in the game, my MLS team plays way better than my BPL team and that team is 88 overall

    • bob jr
      bob jr

      @themccats yeah man it’s totally worth it. even if you don’t use him, he’s the cheapest 89 rated card in game

    • themccats

      Also have the moments Dos Santos card which is sick and record breaker Vela for the perfect link triangle with Hernandez

    • themccats

      ikr I finished him with all cards in my club and I hardly open packs, my main squad is an MLS team tho and I had Ian Rush as my second striker with flashback higuain but now I sold him since I got this Chicarito card. My defense is on point too with Rulebreakers Opara, SF 1 Long and Lima and then im working on the SF 2 so I can replace my two icons which are RB carles Puyol and LM Ryan Giggs, after that Ill have a full 186 rated MLS team

    • Jack Hoskins
      Jack Hoskins

      And good if you have even just a inform untradable

  • Ali Atabani
    Ali Atabani

    Your health is way more important to us than content bro

  • emman Iwe
    emman Iwe

    i have a lot of low rated foder but only like 15k coins, I can do the Chicharito for free, would it be smart to put in my foder 83s and get him as foder for fut birthday sbcs or icon sbcs since i don't have the money to buy an 89?


      I'm going to. He's not that much more expensive than other 89s. 83s and 82s don't go that far with 85-86 rated squads, an 89 would, even if he is a little more than Aguero or Benzema.

    • emman Iwe
      emman Iwe

      @noury almis yeah I know that it technically isn’t, what I’m saying is even though the value of the chicharito sucks, I have a lot of fodder and even some more on the transfer list and I’m most likely going to pack way more 83s than 89s in the future so would the trade off be worth it

    • noury almis
      noury almis

      It’s not ‘for free’ though.

  • Khanh251

    So Thursday flips probably won’t work right? Since people will save their packs.

    • CarKiller92

      I think a lot of people will stock up on IF's on thursday expecting a quick profit but they will get stuck with them. Promos don't really eat up that much TOTW cards and pack supply will be much better as well. Doing a club stock is not a bad move IMO but I won't be going full unassigned.

  • A Poocumber
    A Poocumber

    Is it worth doing him just to get a 89 rated card? If I do it with all untradeable cards?

    • Francisco Ferreira
      Francisco Ferreira


    • bob jr
      bob jr

      Cheapest 89 on the market is 70k, this sbc is 73k and gives 2 packs. So I’d say yes, could be decent as a super sub too.

  • Hhw 072
    Hhw 072

    Who cares this game is in a body bag

  • Emmanuel Geshin
    Emmanuel Geshin

    Nick: I'm gonna rinse my club Also Nick: >20 Million coins after event is done (^_^)

    • Safwaan Burayou
      Safwaan Burayou

      considering the fact that after selling all his stuff he has like 50 mill coins, 20 mill left is rinsing the club

  • WeskeVB

    When will out of pack special cards be the lowest, from now dropping till fut birthday or with the massive pack opening on fut birthday? They are out of packs after all so they won’t get packed but when would it be best to buy the ones you want?

  • Brian.

    They did my idol with 3 3 star

    • Reload TV
      Reload TV

      Unless your Mexican why is this your idol

  • Jackie Adedokun
    Jackie Adedokun

    Nah Nick, you're the goat! Great vid, rest easy!

  • WeskeVB

    I have 2 5x 85+ packs saved, I hope I finally pack something

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      @WeskeVB thanks

    • WeskeVB

      @Can Polat nice

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      @WeskeVB I accidentally opened 1 of my packs and said fuck it opened the rest and got Mbappe

    • WeskeVB

      @Can Polat yh I get that but I hope I pack one ven if its one of the lower ones good luck to you aswell if you have packs saved up

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      @WeskeVB I mean odds are u will probably get at least 1 fit birthday probably like a 20% each pack so best of luck

  • Adam Hemamou
    Adam Hemamou

    I did potm Messi already if they realese a messi card I will be so pissed

    • Adam Hemamou
      Adam Hemamou

      @Lim Muliana y

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana

      Ayew dumb?

  • Tanner Duncan
    Tanner Duncan

    Love you brotha. Hope the health thing subsides

  • Arthur Turner
    Arthur Turner

    makelele is end game

  • Adam Commer
    Adam Commer

    I packed that saint max last year

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana


  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Misthy Art
    Misthy Art

    I have 70 packs saved lol, cant wait to get nothing

    • Adam Hemamou
      Adam Hemamou

      @Misthy Art ok

    • Misthy Art
      Misthy Art

      @Adam Hemamou mehnnn just shows that the pack luck is trash .... Ill tell you what I get after tho

    • Adam Hemamou
      Adam Hemamou

      @Misthy Art btw I had like good packs to ultimates 83x25 85x5 rare Megas jumbo rares,besides Bruno my best was gold Kante

    • Misthy Art
      Misthy Art

      @Adam Hemamou maddd so pack luck is 1 toty in 100 packs, EA with the most.... i didnt get a team of the year tho , bu t packed neymar IF and ucl (from 75+ pack lol)

    • Adam Hemamou
      Adam Hemamou

      @Dan Jolliffe ye ik 😭😭

  • kevin urness
    kevin urness

    Nick copying nepenthez formula

  • Bruce_Leon 10
    Bruce_Leon 10

    Nick said "Spurs Legend"!! Hahahahahahaha

  • Tariq Hamdan
    Tariq Hamdan


    • Monty Matata
      Monty Matata

      u took the words out of my mouth .. ❤🇰🇪❤🇰🇪

  • TwoPunch Midnight
    TwoPunch Midnight

    Bruh all these cards are going into sbcs man at this point of the game, cards like these aren’t useable at all.

    • themccats

      His finishing is insane and attacking position phenomenal. His original card has no stand out attributes yet this one has almost every dribbling stat above 90 with insane shooting stats and with a hunter he's unstoppable. I actually have a

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      Depends where u r at

  • Artuto Vega
    Artuto Vega

    Hernandez is going to look nice next to my moments Dos Santos and Flashback higuain

  • Shadows Nicks
    Shadows Nicks

    I did him 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 And I got pogba in the pack and the other one was mendoza

  • paddy Irishman
    paddy Irishman

    Nick works for Ea

  • Mark McGorisk
    Mark McGorisk

    Still gonna do the sbc but come on give him better skills and weak foot

  • dante brooks
    dante brooks


  • ay лол
    ay лол

    would love to see some more early 6pm content nick, keep it up bro

  • sandro peters
    sandro peters

    just be honest with the cards, they are horrible

    • themccats

      @sandro peters and saying 3*3* Is impossible to use is just retarded, He's has 21 goals and 16 assists for me in 15 games all Div 2 rivals and more in friendlies. Hes only impossible to use if you rely on skill moves and even with 3* weak foot, with a hunter his left foot is still deadly

    • themccats

      @sandro peters well what did you really want another bpl striker? another French striker? like come on he may be useless to you and no I have over 2 mill of players for my other teams but my MLS team is by far my favorite to use and having another good striker from the MLS is a great addition to the game, especially with the MLS Squad foundations

    • sandro peters
      sandro peters

      themccats this is my last comment and obviously you dont have a lot of coins for your team, but 3*3* is nearly impossible to use...and wow he is the best mls striker, thats exaclty what we needed... if you like him, its nice for you, but he is completely useless

    • themccats

      @sandro peters Plus the game needed variety, there was only one other special card striker for the MLS and that's flashback Higuain. I needed this card to finally have a second good striker to my MLS team and get rid of Ian rush.

    • themccats

      @sandro peters He is less paced but with a hunter on him hes almost 99 pace and 99 shooting and his dribbling stats are already insane. The card doesn't look crazy on the outside but the internal stats are amazing. Only thing that isn't good is the skill moves and weak food kind of but im not a skiller so he works perfect for me

  • Hassoun Gaming
    Hassoun Gaming

    I uploaded 13 81+ upgrade packs👍

    • Can Polat
      Can Polat

      U deserve them shitty picks purely through using Varane and Mendy

  • Hassoun Gaming
    Hassoun Gaming

    I uploaded some fancy goals which include a lot of skill moves Hopefully you guys will enjoy

  • Hassoun Gaming
    Hassoun Gaming

    I'm an elite player and i just uploaded my custom tactics🔥

  • Emiliano Valdez
    Emiliano Valdez

    Lasagna was the best fut birthday last year

    • Reload TV
      Reload TV

      The best affordable one possibly

  • Mike Arnouts
    Mike Arnouts

    love the 360p quality

  • Arghzz Arghzz
    Arghzz Arghzz

    a gold 89 is almost 70k a special hernandez 89 card 73k is too expansive really?

    • spenman10

      @bob jr yeah and I feel like most people have the fodder for the two packs anyway, so close to free. I have like 10 unusable, untradeable 81 rated informs just sitting around

    • bob jr
      bob jr

      I agree it’s not expensive cause it cost 73k and you get 2 packs , cheapest 89 70k

    • spenman10

      It really isn't that expensive I plan on crafting him to go straight into the PIM Zambrotta sbc

  • G-Money

    I have exactly 0 packs saved up. Pray for me!🙏🏽

    • Invaluable GOAT Sterling
      Invaluable GOAT Sterling

      man i did the worst mistake ever by saving 100 pavcks for toty.. Never I'm saving up packs for dead toty promo again...

    • NVM

      @Jacob Ash i have a full time job-keep up lad

    • Misthy Art
      Misthy Art

      @Jacob Ash thats mad man

    • Jacob Ash
      Jacob Ash

      i got 5 125ks and 5 100ks lad, keep up

    • Misthy Art
      Misthy Art

      @Luis Gonzalez OK


    can we have a fut birthday prediction video ples nick

  • AB7 Fifa
    AB7 Fifa

    I might complete hernandez for the capguntom cause i have dos santos

  • alfred

    Vamos Galaxy🟡⚪️🔵

  • MechaMan_

    Shame they never at least upgraded skills or weak foot but fuck it, CHICHARITOOOOO