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  • bennbo

    hah i got RTTF Peres in my party bag. W

  • Mr Fisher
    Mr Fisher

    Love getting transfer banned :)

  • evan williams
    evan williams

    Scam bag spot on

  • Afolabi Bholu
    Afolabi Bholu

    Tickle my pickle 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Suciu Dan-Mircea
    Suciu Dan-Mircea

    How does he have spanish comentators în game?

  • Mobile Gaming Prince 99
    Mobile Gaming Prince 99

    Dude I got road to final Haaland in my party bag

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Samu Sir
    Samu Sir

    just go and buy paulinho man

  • Austin Karbler
    Austin Karbler

    He doesn’t ever know what’s new and what isn’t new

  • Sam Watts
    Sam Watts

    Enjoying the daily vids Nick, keep it coming 💯

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez

    5:00 best moment

    • Angel Sanchez
      Angel Sanchez

      4:55 ****

  • Pump47484

    I got fut freeze, Senegal, sane.........

  • Eduardo Artacho
    Eduardo Artacho

    I got record breaker Oscar 3 times in a row

  • Stephen Bum
    Stephen Bum

    Who's going to be the last sbc?

  • Dr. Alexei
    Dr. Alexei

    Got totgs Bruno in this partybag and HL Zaha in the last one. Pretty good in my opinion

  • Harrison Buck
    Harrison Buck

    kondogbia center back with a shadow would be insane

  • Jazin games
    Jazin games

    got hradecky for the 4th time this year

  • AlphaWolf

    Tbf the last three party bags I did I got TOTGS bruno, HL haaland, and FFS dest, might try this one too

    • uzlad was taken
      uzlad was taken

      what div are u in?

  • rmpger

    Basically kessie

  • Michael the soccer god 2007
    Michael the soccer god 2007

    Sorry for spamming drafts in ur twitch pls unban me

  • cryptic7


  • Gianfranco Stacconi
    Gianfranco Stacconi

    Are we getting an Atal review Nick?

  • Reza Shahroudi
    Reza Shahroudi

    out of my 2 fut birthday party bags i got rttf sissoko and rttf renato

    • Sam Mies
      Sam Mies

      Oh really, do you wear a CAP 🧢

  • Andrew Poe
    Andrew Poe

    fifa is dying

  • William Tracz
    William Tracz

    I got Smalldini

  • uncle pootytang
    uncle pootytang

    With a shadow he’s a 94 rated CB 👀

  • Ognian Iliev
    Ognian Iliev

    Back to back elvedi ... i want to kill myself

  • A Poocumber
    A Poocumber

    I really need to not do these party bags. Could’ve completed two icons squads. Could’ve completed a Vidal squad

    • EniS Nizzy
      EniS Nizzy

      What a shit year.

    • Lob7 ang
      Lob7 ang

      I did total of 4 all of them were so bad

  • snaak25

    Its not a fut birthday partybag, there are more promo cards in it

  • AlottaFunneh

    I packed Ansu Fati out the party bag, I’m buzzing!!! Previously got David and Jota TOTGS 😭

  • mErOqDh

    got reece james RB

  • N 190
    N 190

    Best CB in the game

  • Timmy GP
    Timmy GP

    I’m just wondering if you don’t do the party bag why tf do you play fifa like dude come on...

  • Noah Boah
    Noah Boah

    I got modric, is he good?

  • Ball

    you litterly put easy ass clips you know and you problably took like hours tryin toscript this shit

  • Ivan Molina
    Ivan Molina

    I got fuckin insigne this packs are sh*t

  • pipbeg12

    FS Dest, W?

    • uncle pootytang
      uncle pootytang

      Big dub. Thought his work rates would ruin him but he’s insane

    • L C
      L C

      Yeah he’s class

  • WeejixDoWx

    Kondogbia......so bad. He's never been good. Lol. Gonna do the scam bag just for the sake of it. Incoming Yazici.

    • WeejixDoWx

      @uncle pootytang that was last year, and there was still better cards. There are many many many better cards this year. There can be zero clunkiness in this FIFA imo. And this man will be the clunkiest. Slow and clunky and huge. Great combo.

    • uncle pootytang
      uncle pootytang

      You’re tripping his shapeshifter CB card last year was cracked. Yes he is a little clunky but I will be doing this and playing him at CB and he will be taking souls. 6’2 with the high and average+ build with those stats. 94 rated CB with a shadow btw. So no, he’s not bad

  • Lincoln Lanson
    Lincoln Lanson

    I got lazarri....


    Party bag and i got a calhanoglu rulebraker🥴

  • Simon Kunz
    Simon Kunz

    Why is a card like Paulinho dying this heavily? Better stats than sanches and below 200 k now...

    • Simon Kunz
      Simon Kunz

      @3rd Eye 777 Paulinho is everything but clunky imo great going forward cm and thought he'd easily stay at 300k now i already lost more than 100k

    • 3rd Eye 777
      3rd Eye 777

      Clunky. Sanches is better in this grbg game.

  • NDR Nick Darius Robert
    NDR Nick Darius Robert

    Sheesh 88 George Floyd 😍😍💕💕💕💕💕👿😈😈😈😈😈🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Yine Oyun
    Yine Oyun

    I got 87 headliner bamba

  • ethoro08

    Tickles my pickle ?? 👀👀

  • Dani Martinez
    Dani Martinez

    Yeah dont do the party bag, last time i was not going to do it, however i did it because had duplicate 85 fodder, and got Yazici 84 Europa League🤣..it would have been cheaper to quicksell my duplicates😂

  • Márk

    ZorroGamerHD1 hosted him again... what a legend

    • Nir oł
      Nir oł

      Again and again 😁

  • Deatch

    so many gullit gang man

  • Ryan Schembri
    Ryan Schembri

    nick is the pickle tickler?

  • Domain LaMon
    Domain LaMon

    When are we gonna get a guaranteed fut bday sbc?

  • ExFlek

    Party bags are a SCAM!

  • Bram Joris
    Bram Joris

    got back to back acerbi in my party bag

    • EniS Nizzy
      EniS Nizzy


    • showusthemtities


  • John T
    John T

    I got a duplicate fb hermoso and both untradable. Pain

  • conor woods lopez
    conor woods lopez

    I got berchiche dup untradeable for the second time 😡😭

  • Haffaaaa

    4th party bag in a row without a walkout. Thank you EA sports.

    • Remy Friel
      Remy Friel

      I’ve opened one in November and got klosterman

  • Artjoms

    literal scam, 84 team with inform and it gives 84 morata back, not worth, and last one gave rulebreakers 83 podence


    Busquets a week ago?

  • Arghzz Arghzz
    Arghzz Arghzz


  • Iconic Bakr
    Iconic Bakr

    My luck with party pag is good I packed dest today

  • Mark Dickson
    Mark Dickson

    I got scream card! Thought you couldn't get that

    • Mark Dickson
      Mark Dickson

      @Kristoffer Severtson I forgot they renamed them 🙈

    • Kristoffer Severtson
      Kristoffer Severtson

      it says u can get rulebreakers...

  • Martin Delgado
    Martin Delgado

    The way Nick looks at the camera after he says "Tickle my pickle".

    • ticklemypickle

      I almost fell from my chair

  • ZiMama

    That feeling when you are happy to get WhatIF Marcelo cuz last 2 were Headliners Amavi and FutureStars 85 Oscar :D

    • Ethan Jaworski
      Ethan Jaworski

      I got my best fit birthday party bag today: Record Breaker Donnaruma😔

  • Mamba Out
    Mamba Out

    Got euro rrtf kubo from the farty bag. Ea really be giving garbage out of those.

  • Amin Mosthafa
    Amin Mosthafa

    I got rubbish a future star Oscar how should I know 85 was a walk out I thought it was Ansu fati

  • Tom Teasyy
    Tom Teasyy

    Wow the scambag gave me smalling what if. I think im in shock i got something good lol

  • Armzino 1
    Armzino 1

    I got TOTGS De Bruyne out of mines

  • Dylan 1
    Dylan 1

    Got daniel podence not playing fifa anymore

  • mohammed qassem
    mohammed qassem

    Wtf happened in the stream 🤣🤣🤣

  • VcityKrB

    Got Elvedi... holy FUCK im never doing a scam bag again.. should be guaranteed walkout at least

    • Mamba Out
      Mamba Out

      Dayum 😂 i got him a couple farty bags ago. I feel your pain, just got rrtf kubo out of this one. Staright trash

  • Светлозар Йотов
    Светлозар Йотов

    Paulinho is better than Kondogbia

  • ddsf sfdfsd
    ddsf sfdfsd

    I hope we get De Ligt for player sbc 🤞

  • JohnnyConcrete FIFA
    JohnnyConcrete FIFA

    I was pissed about my party bag duplicate, untradeable What If Marcelo... then I seen what others were pulling 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • JW989

    I feel sorry for these content creators when the entire player base is asleep until TOTS or a decent icon SBC. Sooooo dead man

  • Kinga

    I got oblak, I think that was decent tbh. I got morata twice before so I guess that's better lol

    • Dāvids Ērenpreiss
      Dāvids Ērenpreiss

      I got morata now😂😭

    • Chieloh


  • Mason Gough
    Mason Gough


  • Jim Ritner
    Jim Ritner

    I got Thiago out of my party bag from a few days ago and I got 90 kimmich from the 1 Before that

  • Phil Jones
    Phil Jones

    I got Paulinho out of the party bag

  • Freddie Greenfield
    Freddie Greenfield

    Wasn’t a scam for me I got aouar

  • Padhraic O Mahony
    Padhraic O Mahony

    Man I’ve done 5 party bags.... keylor navas, David silva, osimhen, golivin, Ricardo rodrigues. Fml

    • JW989

      Don't do them. When EA create 'content', you're not actually supposed to engage with it.

    • Salim

      Who sent you ?

  • Finlay Coburn
    Finlay Coburn

    I got Reece James RB from the party bag 🤩

  • Its TheD
    Its TheD

    Like c’mon rule breakers? That’s just negative pack weight

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    How are people fine with Renata at 700 but 250 for kondogbia is too much smh

    • KingAfrica

      Renato is better and easier to link and people consider him "op"

  • Barfie JR
    Barfie JR

    How is the party bag a scam I got fut birthday sterling Just cause you can’t be bothered spending your 20 million coins doesn’t stop us from completing it! Such a hypocrite

    • Thvts Tvff
      Thvts Tvff

      @KingAfrica na towards the end of the future stars promo they were givin out. the last two sets, this one included have been ass.

    • KingAfrica

      @Thvts Tvff the weight has always been shit, don't know why anyone ever did it

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana


    • Thvts Tvff
      Thvts Tvff

      take what’s clearly the minority of pulls and just shut up lmao if someone who has 20 mill doesn’t want to complete it, that says a lot. they tweak the pack weight when they want and the weight for these the last couple times have been shit.

    • Salim

      They are scam and We don’t care about What you packed

  • ariel

    Rip stream

  • Devin

    should i do kondogbia if he fits my team? i kind of want to wait for an icon pack but i need a CDM from la liga so might do, my party bag luck has been shit

    • zy

      Just get llorente instead of this garbage card

    • WeejixDoWx

      IF Llorente is better.

    • Salim

      Wait for inception review and do it

    • Paul Vu
      Paul Vu

      Yah icon packs are risky

    • KingAfrica

      Do it then, icons packs are kind of a scam

  • oasis9867

    Got pogba.. useable maybe 3 months ago

    • A Elhag
      A Elhag

      @oasis9867 F

    • Mamba Out
      Mamba Out

      @oasis9867 yeah that sucks, rttf would have been a banger. Has a high chance of getting upgraded.

    • oasis9867

      @A Elhag I wish.. Halloween version

    • oasis9867

      @Mamba Out Halloween

    • A Elhag
      A Elhag


  • BetoLB Vids
    BetoLB Vids

    Should i get kondogbia or modric?

    • uncle pootytang
      uncle pootytang

      Kondogbia for CDM. Modric for box to box cm. I think I’m gonna do kondogbia and play him at CB though

    • Padhraic O Mahony
      Padhraic O Mahony

      Modric is probably better but if you have a stacked club I’d be doing kondogbia

  • Isak Larsson
    Isak Larsson

    no one gives a damn about kondogbia mannn, where are the icon sbc packs and icon sbcs???

    • Electro Shot
      Electro Shot

      @JW989 Preach. Bless you.

    • JW989

      EA understands that you're starving hungry. They're offering you some own brand freezer burgers. You can get McDonalds or Burger King in a few weeks but EA wants you to waste your money by tempting you with all this shite. I think the majority of the player base will be like me today: FUCK completing this turd Kondogbia or that garbage Gervinho

    • Electro Shot
      Electro Shot


  • Salim

    I haven’t done a scambag since the first one of fifa 21

  • Ashley Piper
    Ashley Piper

    The only thing crazy about that card is the price 🤯

    • Ashley Piper
      Ashley Piper

      @Ethan Jaworski I’ve done Vidal he’s good but not great I think my Curtis Jones is better hopefully renato won’t be the same when I’ve got him finished

    • Ethan Jaworski
      Ethan Jaworski

      @JW989 yeah but it’s good to do players like Vidal and Renato and even Reus if you want to have fun and good cards. Most other ones are horrible.

    • JW989

      EA are trying to drain everyone's fodder with these 200k ish SBC cards that will be shat all over by TOTS cards. Don't waste your coins and fodder on this garbage content


    Rip stream

  • Jose Pina
    Jose Pina

    Kondogbia or if kante?

  • I’m A Simp
    I’m A Simp

    Nick got banned half way stream nooooo

  • Darrion Ighodaro
    Darrion Ighodaro

    who else here from the stream

  • Davis Ragan
    Davis Ragan

    what happened to stream

  • הערוץ של תום
    הערוץ של תום

    Another 100k for headliner ings

    • JohnHasFohn

      I got elvedi

    • The Pro Clubs Any
      The Pro Clubs Any

      Danny Ings is the GOAT

  • Tom Evans
    Tom Evans

    Nick >Nep at 6

  • hamza

    so happy i left this game

  • David Sykes
    David Sykes

    Love ur content nick keep it going


    What happened to the stream!?

  • Charlie F
    Charlie F

    where's the stream hahah

    • Alfred Schou
      Alfred Schou

      @Charlie F will he return

    • Charlie F
      Charlie F

      @Alfred Schou Internet went out, the channel would’ve virtually disappeared if he was banned, Like with Kurt last year

    • The Pro Clubs Any
      The Pro Clubs Any

      @Alfred Schou His internet went out

    • Alfred Schou
      Alfred Schou

      Did he get banned?