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    His Good, his trustworthy, his honest ,his fast,his affordable . Am taking about *Louis_Techzz* on *IG* . He help unbranded me for my FIFA 2021 Game.


    His Good, his trustworthy, his honest ,his fast,his affordable . Am taking about *Louis_Techzz* on *IG* . He help unbranded me for my FIFA 2021 Game.

  • h.m Alta
    h.m Alta


  • Agnes Preethi s
    Agnes Preethi s

    P̳r̳e̳m̳i̳u̳m̳ ̳P̳r̳i̳v̳a̳t̳e̳ ̳S̳e̳x̳💯 𝘾𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚⏩ 18cams.xyz ⏪ !♥今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした, 1616960137

  • Afolabi Bholu
    Afolabi Bholu

    Guy u legit have the best intro

  • stenon0ping

    I Put all my coins into putkammers

  • Kieran Cheale
    Kieran Cheale

    That palacio looks decent

  • robertito Shitpost
    robertito Shitpost

    I just think it back for 1 hour I Invested 148k in 84s cause of a 84+ player pick or a party bag but I think back over and over and I finished investing 528k and I payed 8k for each card sooo hope I can double my coins well hope this goes well ❤️

    • FullTimeDriller

      Same I’ve invested like 1 mill in discard rares (81+ player pick) and 84 and 85s

  • ethan kirkham
    ethan kirkham

    3 star weak foot isn’t a bad in this game as you think I use Armstrong in champs and he can still bang em on his left

  • UndisputedFan 23
    UndisputedFan 23

    It’s almost April and he’s saying the palacio looks “pretty good”. I love you nick but stop capping lol

    • savage one
      savage one

      He is amazing

    • savage one
      savage one

      @Dagim Man he is very good man

    • Dagim Man
      Dagim Man

      It’s not bad

  • Medinik

    Why dont you du Poldi? He is so Good

  • monkey d luffy
    monkey d luffy


  • monkey d luffy
    monkey d luffy


  • lano degreat
    lano degreat

    Yo Nicky4eing nice to EA call there game play dog shit ... omggg words can't explain these guys

  • Alex Matthews
    Alex Matthews

    Guys who do you thinks better. I need a RB to convert to CM and either can use 10 chem Golovin Freeze or 8 chem Sambia?? What would be best?

    • Alex Matthews
      Alex Matthews

      @thedavemufc Yeah fair point think I'll give him a try cheers mate

    • thedavemufc

      Sambia all day, better height, dribbling, strength, pace and crossing

  • Jürgen von Strengel
    Jürgen von Strengel

    I don’t know what happened after toty, but I’ve lost coins every single week Where before I was loving life trading. What the fuck has happened to the market and the gameplay this week!?

  • Wes Hertz
    Wes Hertz

    Palacio is ridiculous!!! I slapped a hunter on him and my goodness is he fast. Dribbling doesn't need anything and shooting is good with weak foot doesn't feel like 3star

  • Berro Gaming
    Berro Gaming

    I agree with Nik gameplay suks, got disconnected at 85mns when I was leading 3-1 and obviously when iv got back in it counted as lost

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez

    I'll never forget the chance in the wc final that palacio missed...

    • FullTimeDriller

      It was higuain

    • Dato diary
      Dato diary

      Era por abajo

  • Double Standards
    Double Standards

    Where are new the icon swaps?

    • B9nDM11

      Come out Monday mate, they never release it on the same day as the new season

  • Travis Magalas
    Travis Magalas

    Bro this is why I fucking love you’re vids!!!! This gameplay is fucking horrible thanks for saying something !!!! So much respect bro

  • Astro Kid Lo’
    Astro Kid Lo’

    Zambrotta or Makelele? Makelele fits perfect but Zambrotta look waaaay more fun to have

    • Callum Whitbread
      Callum Whitbread

      Makalele trust me hes soooo good, ofc he cant shoot for shit but hes a top tier CDM

  • IPLACEIcom

    the AD before this was about the pay gap... there is no such thing as a pay gap. You can go to any institution, ask to see the salaries of a man and woman in the EXACT same position, and they would be paid DAMN NEAR the same with the difference being maybe extra hours put in... the pay gap takes into consideration all industries and compares it all together. Doesnt take anything into coinsideration. Dont fall for that crap

  • Maki Racer
    Maki Racer

    Only 48 milion hahhahahaha Me:😭😭😭

  • Mr ready Always
    Mr ready Always

    Finally something qbout the market

  • Waddaa Aboulatta
    Waddaa Aboulatta

    Loool best entro ever

  • Fifi Finance
    Fifi Finance

    awesome post! 💪

  • Zain Reshi
    Zain Reshi

    Does he have the rat tail?

    • Snuggles Jr
      Snuggles Jr


  • HeavyFox YT
    HeavyFox YT

    Whats the best option for icon swaps

  • KSM 129
    KSM 129

    48 mil is this Bateson

  • Jason Pettitt
    Jason Pettitt

    I stopped WL after 4 games today. Utter turd game play. Worst I've experienced. Lost the will to live with it.

    • Muhd Nasir
      Muhd Nasir

      I got frustrated and play five at the back park the bus and only control my cdm. I become full toxic rat.

  • Noble iroh
    Noble iroh

    What if player picks come out, wont fodders still be down

    • John Abraham
      John Abraham

      @robertito Shitpost easily

    • robertito Shitpost
      robertito Shitpost

      @John Abraham but if party bag does or a upgrade or even a 84+ player pick they will go like 12k+ surely

    • John Abraham
      John Abraham

      Nah, they won't go up as much but they definately will increase

  • andrewchevrier

    Hopefully, Body type=rat tail

  • Raikoucrafter_Z

    Who else can’t get the sbc objective to complete lol?

  • log - nine
    log - nine

    palacio is fcg gr8, plz do him he will get u out of losing streak.....

  • Just BeReal
    Just BeReal

    Thank u Nick for saying loud☝️☝️☝️ Gameplay is worst than dog shit..... It’s a complete garbage.......... It’s no good for people’s health 🤬🤬🤬

  • Joey DF
    Joey DF

    I thought palacio was an unreal W. Strong links dybala. 200k. 5* skills lean body. Have you seen his stats on a hawk chem. good lord he looks filthy.

    • Yer Da
      Yer Da

      @Trol Master and yeh tbh the scripting does piss me off but there’s a reason scripting exists

    • Yer Da
      Yer Da

      @Trol Master spaz FUT is fifa ultimate team it’s a completely separate game mode to fifa.

    • Yer Da
      Yer Da

      @Trol Master FUT is not fifa

    • Yer Da
      Yer Da

      @Trol Master you must be really bad at fifa if you can’t play without icons

    • The Duff
      The Duff

      Hes very similar to prime maradona check the stats

  • Ok Alright
    Ok Alright

    YO ANYONE ELSE notice that the mega pack objective didn’t register after being completed.. shows done in sbcs but in objectives it didn’t accept it.. just me?

    • Arjun 99
      Arjun 99

      it works the same happened for me but it now works

  • Garoiul de Mitică Dragomir
    Garoiul de Mitică Dragomir

    It can be Icon sbc tomorrow. Both icon sbcs expires

  • Kenny Duong
    Kenny Duong

    Your getting a like and sub for intro :)

  • Zachary Storey
    Zachary Storey

    Hi Nick would you mind prioritising sbc players for reviews as on the market players are always available but sbc’s are not. Much love from ireland and keep up the good content 🤜🤛

    • John James Conway
      John James Conway

      I'm Irish too

  • Knockout Ned
    Knockout Ned

    Honestly I’m part of the problem. I keep buying packs to do the SBCs and I avoid the gameplay because it’s soo bad. If gameplay doesn’t improve soon I am moving to PES lol

    • SoccerStar10N D
      SoccerStar10N D

      It’s sad that fifa is the only soccer/football simulator that’s decent

  • Liam Barry
    Liam Barry

    What’s the best trading method with 100k

    • Alexander Vaz
      Alexander Vaz

      Get some IF for as cheap as possible. 100k should get you 6-8 81 rated informs.

  • נועם בן ברוך
    נועם בן ברוך

    Man I was thinking it will be a great investment and like half an hour before the video came out I bought some informs and now I feel like someone is thinking like me. Thanks.

    • Mortal Death
      Mortal Death

      yeah I have been doing it the last few weeks, been very solid investing and now that they have dropped a lot I may have bought a few to sell the next few days

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    So do you recommend to buy some totw so if party bags come out I can make some coins?

    • Oliver Munro
      Oliver Munro

      @Chris G np

    • Chris G
      Chris G

      Oh thanks

    • Oliver Munro
      Oliver Munro

      @Chris G an inform pack is out for a 83

    • Chris G
      Chris G

      Which upgrade?

    • Oliver Munro
      Oliver Munro

      No because the upgrade is out

  • Robert Hawe
    Robert Hawe

    When are icon swaps coming out ?????

    • Wes


  • Brad Mattison
    Brad Mattison


  • Steven Voumvourakis
    Steven Voumvourakis

    I haven’t gotten my free login pack and the sbcs I did yesterday didn’t track for the obj. Anyone else?

    • Alexander Vaz
      Alexander Vaz

      The SBC thing hasn't tracked for me

  • nfku11

    Nick ask them why I got prime wright

  • Gianmarco Maggiore
    Gianmarco Maggiore

    Palacio is 95 rated at CF with a Maestro

  • Valkyrae_xd

    Will player picks drop tomorrow?

    • Valkyrae_xd

      @Mark A123 okay thx bruh

    • Mark A123
      Mark A123

      @Wes yeah man

    • Wes

      @Mark A123 let’s hope they are literally it’s the only good thing they add to the game lmfao

    • Mark A123
      Mark A123

      Upgrades are usually Sunday so yeah

  • Oliver Wright
    Oliver Wright

    0:28 bed.ind.in

  • Nic ManUTD
    Nic ManUTD

    EA is dog shit in general. If they don't have the Fifa copy rights the game is total shit with close to nothing improvement YoY.

  • Mark Zomer
    Mark Zomer

    Does anyone know when the second part of icon swaps come out?

    • cesar samaniego
      cesar samaniego


  • William Arthur
    William Arthur

    Just had the biggest Spain of my life, bought a motm iheancho for 100k ...

    • Thierry


    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen


  • Brendan Mullen
    Brendan Mullen

    This gameplay has been dreadful this weekend

  • Jorge Chibante
    Jorge Chibante

    Palacio as winger looks nuts ngl

  • Ruben Pacheco
    Ruben Pacheco

    Anyone else waiting for a tevez?

  • Ahmed Jama
    Ahmed Jama

    yes sir

  • Its TheD
    Its TheD

    Packed fut birthday Thiago from a prime gold

  • Aleksandar Mitov
    Aleksandar Mitov

    Why the one dislike

  • Kai Marston-Yim
    Kai Marston-Yim

    Love the SBCs the past 2 days but if they don't do player picks tomorrow I'll be so mad

    • Conor McCann
      Conor McCann

      It probably will happen because there’s no way that they’re not gonna release it because every time theres a promo they release them the following Sunday, even if they don’t release them they’re bound to release some form of upgrades

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      Basically every SVnamer is saying that it’ll be tomorrow so it’s bound to happen

  • MrTerrificH

    Yo nick when you do player reviews can you give a value for coins rating and a performance rating 😉

  • Brian Gardner
    Brian Gardner

    0:32 vom.monster

  • Kathryn Bennett
    Kathryn Bennett

    0:13 von.fyi

  • Ruben Oemeloem
    Ruben Oemeloem

    Only thing they couldve done differently is 5 star wf because he already got 4 star skills. Wouldve prefered that tbh

    • Thierry

      Maradona has 3* wf. Just saying.

    • Ioan Roderick
      Ioan Roderick

      @Ruben Oemeloem probably wouldn’t if you want meta but he’s more fun and unique than Mbappe

    • Ruben Oemeloem
      Ruben Oemeloem

      @Ioan Roderick i have a 4-2-2-2 starting formation in game 4-4-2 with gold mbappe on the rw spot. Do you think Palacio could replace him on that spot?

    • Ioan Roderick
      Ioan Roderick

      He feels like 5 * weak foot in game

    • Instinctive HD
      Instinctive HD

      Same with hwang hee Chan

  • Bisho

    The gameplay is dogshit indeed

  • snaak25

    My players couldn’t move today!!

  • Váša Páša
    Váša Páša

    Palacio or inaki williams?

    • Top Class Skills
      Top Class Skills


  • Lars Schmidt
    Lars Schmidt

    Is it worth to do palacio if you can do him grom your club?

    • Yer Da
      Yer Da

      I put him in my weekend league team half way through and he’s a monster. 8 goals in 3 games. His weak foot isn’t bad either.

    • XJokermanX

      If he fits in your team

    • XJokermanX


  • Linvoy Primus
    Linvoy Primus

    Jeremyjeff review?

  • Cormac Doyle
    Cormac Doyle

    Can you start giving market and investment advice again kinda like u did today thanks

    • TeaDub _
      TeaDub _

      He can’t give very specific advice because everyone will invest and it will shift the market and no one will make coins

    • John Abraham
      John Abraham

      @IRON MAN Plays he's become better than Nep and always will be

    • IRON MAN Plays
      IRON MAN Plays

      Facts now he’s become a Nep

  • Fili Marc
    Fili Marc

    I instantly completed palacio! He looks insane!

    • Andre Her
      Andre Her

      @Sanchit Mehta perfect link means same club and same same nationality. Both players play in different clubs. It's a strong link not a perfect link so stop trying to act like a smartass when you're clearly wrong dumb shit.

    • Sanchit Mehta
      Sanchit Mehta

      @Andre Her bruh what he is Argentine and plays in the Seria A. Doesn't need to be necessarily in the same club to get a perfect link "dummy"

    • Andre Her
      Andre Her

      @Sanchit Mehta didn't know palacio plays for juventus/piemonte calcio dummy

    • Sanchit Mehta
      Sanchit Mehta

      Yep. Perfect link to Moments Dybala too!

    • Emmanuel Strasser
      Emmanuel Strasser


  • SlumpHed Beats
    SlumpHed Beats

    Idk how Sane didn’t get 5 star sm though

  • Ben Goldschmidt
    Ben Goldschmidt

    Can u do a hwang hee chan review as he’s affordable for everyone and looks like a fun card to use

    • Alex Matthews
      Alex Matthews

      I'd say he's worth it. Packed him from my pack stock on Friday and found him super clinical and great on the ball. Give him a whirl think hes worth it

    • T-Bag

      you can check Inception FC. he has done review

    • Mr Turtle
      Mr Turtle

      Mcjell did a review

    • Hugo

      @Dalt once again why you being all smart arse ahaha pipe down son

    • hamza

      packed him yesterday. his 5* weak foot is amazing but 3* SM does sometimes let him down. His finishing is phenomenal (especially finesse) but can sometimes feel underpowered. great pace and physicals. agility is great but dribbling could be better. Div 3 and fut champs games btw

  • LP.Skates

    already did palacio

    • Alex Seaden
      Alex Seaden

      @Indeedido he is amazing trust me, he is very agile and his shooting is cracked with a hawk. Insane value

    • Indeedido

      @LP.Skates I’m looking to replace dybala for him probably or moments deco. Though I’ll probably wait to see if they have better options

    • H I
      H I

      @LP.Skates 😂😂

    • LP.Skates

      @Indeedido yup he is, mind you, I aint got one of those super crazy teams, got el shaarawy, baby cr7, moments dybala up front and sold the 88 if lautaro martinez for him, lets just say it as an noticeable upgrade and I liked martinez a lot 😂

    • H I
      H I

      But I will tell u once I do him

  • Bobby Swann
    Bobby Swann

    The gameplay is so shockingly bad from a company worth millions. First weekend league of the year and I know why I never bother. 2 disconnects in four games and shocking lag.

    • BranndonGaming

      @Trol Master happened to me so much doing the hunterlaar objectives. Was 7-6 up in the 87th minute and conceded because of this. Still won in extra time 10-7 but still

    • Knockout Ned
      Knockout Ned

      Amen bro. I didn’t even bother with WL. My gameplay freezes and then the players move super fast hahah

  • Peter Alexis
    Peter Alexis

    Nick I found your twin. His name is Nick Digiovanni

    • Futuro Seleccionado
      Futuro Seleccionado

      Lets make this top comment

  • Diego soria
    Diego soria


  • Diego Wan
    Diego Wan

    The video just started and I already know it will be a banger 🐐

  • Gareth Rolland
    Gareth Rolland

    Where are the icon swaps!?

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      @Autan exe. that’s so sick

    • Autan exe.
      Autan exe.

      @Brendan Mullen been really lucky in all of them 81×25 mane , 82×25 what if reguilon and 4 walkouts with Huntelaar i hope I'll finish him and also be cracked cause Ill give prime berkgamp which i got from an objective 50k lol

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      @Autan exe. no worries man, hope you get some good players in the pack though, I’ve gotta do one more fut swaps and do the 81 x 25, I’ll probably get deco with it too for fodder

    • Autan exe.
      Autan exe.

      @Brendan Mullen lol didn't log in my fault

    • Brendan Mullen
      Brendan Mullen

      @Autan exe. bruh it’s literally on the loading screen, why are you asking about it... it comes out in a day and a half

  • Clutch Kratos
    Clutch Kratos

    Og rat tail 🐀

  • FreshPrinceOfBerlin

    If he had 4 star weak foot i would actually do him the card doesnt look bad tbh

    • Josh Leader
      Josh Leader

      @John Abraham nah 4* not really scoring much depends on players waman has 2* but is like 4* in game

    • John Abraham
      John Abraham

      @voss000 still not great

    • John Abraham
      John Abraham

      @Jhc_2003 doesn't mean its irrelevant

    • John Abraham
      John Abraham

      @Josh Leader there's a big difference between 4 star and 3 star weak foot

    • voss000

      I can guarantee that you won’t be able to notice it. As long as you’re taking high percentage shots with the 3* weak foot, you’ll be able to score most of them. 5* skill moves makes up for it anyways

  • Lil Pinto Bean
    Lil Pinto Bean

    Yo nick check ur ig from Jose about prime r9 Time to watch the vid

  • phxntxm

    The goat delivering💯🤝🏼

  • AbdelRahman Elnajar
    AbdelRahman Elnajar

    No views, 6 likes.



  • Reuben Blanc
    Reuben Blanc

    He looks amazing.

    • Reuben Blanc
      Reuben Blanc

      @Joel-arsenalfcSAKA hawk, marksman or finisher. I'm using hawk

    • Cn Mc
      Cn Mc

      @Toby G definitely hawk

    • XJokermanX

      @Joel-arsenalfcSAKA I'd say dribbling and shooting, try boost shot power imo

    • Cn Mc
      Cn Mc

      @Joel-arsenalfcSAKA no hes got a 3 star weak foot winger is his only position

    • Toby G
      Toby G

      @Joel-arsenalfcSAKA hawk or maestro

  • Eoin McLaughlin
    Eoin McLaughlin

    🐐 on the scene