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  • Boris Babaian
    Boris Babaian

    Nick please review that 95 benzema headliner card!

  • Rikkert Gr
    Rikkert Gr

    Lewangoalski yeah hatrick doesnt matter anymore..

  • Linus

    Reminds me of when the summer heat machis and vinicius came out and machis was way cheaper (and way worse) and then i watched the game and Mendy (underrated irl) scored a banger and vinicius got the +3 upgrade

  • Yousef Almulla
    Yousef Almulla

    Messi should have got more than 5 totw fifa is shit

  • Alex Sablin
    Alex Sablin

    Headliner Benzema like Lewandowski in fifa 20

  • s suigeneris
    s suigeneris

    Why didn’t we get a silver star ?

  • Shinobi Kenobi
    Shinobi Kenobi

    Nick was really tryna hype up the content today 😂 i respect the positivity but its been dead

  • The Jockness Monster
    The Jockness Monster

    Zoet had a 84 IF I think that was sick, maybe fifa 19

  • Adam Gialil
    Adam Gialil

    Messi now has 11 man of the matches in his last 12 games. He has 15 goals and 7 assists in TWELVE GAMES this year. He’s the best player in the fucking world every god damn week, I guarantee you his 2 goal 1 assist performance is better than any of this TOTW. They do this for the sole reason of not allowing their players to have a chance of getting him in reds/ packs because our teams need to stay chill so we can spend money. God fucking damnit man fuck this company

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Adam Commer
    Adam Commer

    You never know Granada can still knock out man u

  • Ogundare Tamilore
    Ogundare Tamilore

    Day 6 of me asking nick can we get the ballack review?

  • Jonas Vdp
    Jonas Vdp

    One thing I noticed: if there is the extra player picks, then there is no promo.

  • Kevin van Persie
    Kevin van Persie

    Granada will play two away games as Man U isn’t allowed to enter Spain so can’t see this card receiving an upgrade

  • DRL

    anyone elses diatta not get upgraded

  • ExoticTaco

    Idk which sbc to get, Sancho is one of my favorite players irl, chicharito Bc I’m Mexican, or machis Bc he looks amazing

  • U Suck
    U Suck

    Man utd overrated

  • Kevin Steinfeld
    Kevin Steinfeld

    Top much reclame

  • douglas boateng
    douglas boateng

    i had 94 headliner Benzema and put him into the icon player pick, because he feels like a freaking bronce card

  • I drags I
    I drags I

    I so hope man u loose just to make it fun

  • Bruhstoise

    That reguilon kid is going to be a genuine franchise defender for Tottenham one day and I’m an arsenal fan.

    • Daniel

      If he ever becomes good Real Madrid can buy him back for 22m

  • Ezequiel 25:17
    Ezequiel 25:17

    Machis is one of those guys who only needs one totw and he’s a god

  • Chris Zardo
    Chris Zardo

    i watch live, then i watch here

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale

    Cucurella is better then machis and he was free, I'll pass.

    • Evan Dipasquale
      Evan Dipasquale

      @Thorler you know you're right you get paid coins and get packs back so I actually got paid to do cucurella. Lol

    • Thorler

      Playing 20+ squad battles games isn’t ‘free’

  • Jake F
    Jake F

    We love a cheeky RTFM vid with breakfast

  • Liam Sörensen
    Liam Sörensen

    That Benzema card is so underrated, he’s body type in game isn’t even bad. His balance is his only bad stat. Absolutely unreal at cam for me.

    • Liam Sörensen
      Liam Sörensen

      @Hugo Deported he kinda bad tbf🥵

    • Hugo Deported
      Hugo Deported

      Thicc boi

  • Winston Wolf
    Winston Wolf

    Look at this shocking TOTW, most of the good players in here have a better promo card already out. That’s the problem with totw, promo cards have made totw irrelevant. Promo cards have to be put in rewards.

    • Safwaan Burayou
      Safwaan Burayou

      its possible aswell, They did that in summer heat but wont do it now cuz there would be no incentive to open packs when you can get it in reds

  • Patrick Hancock
    Patrick Hancock

    Watch out: not only do Purple Cupcakes stain your teeth, they also take all your coins and leave you with crumbs.

  • Jacopo Missana
    Jacopo Missana

    Granada will face man utd so personally I don’t think it’s a good investiment when also we will se fut birthday on friday

  • D T
    D T

    Does anyone know what happened to krepin Diatta and his up grade

    • Karim Alami
      Karim Alami

      There's an international break right now but monaco already have 4 goals in 2 games so when club football returns he will get upgraded for sure buddy.

    • D T
      D T


  • Daniel 3134
    Daniel 3134

    Granada are a tough team to beat they can cause United problems there is a chance

  • Ribeiroc _
    Ribeiroc _

    This ToTw is just fodder ToTw, hope i get some

  • Akshal Jain
    Akshal Jain

    “He’s got Puskas’ body type” wish I could make use of that information 😭

    • Ethan Jaworski
      Ethan Jaworski

      Like Eusebio and R9 you used them right? 🤪

    • Jake Griffiths
      Jake Griffiths

      Depays body type

    • ThiccboyFinn

      Stocky basically

    • George Ebrahim
      George Ebrahim


    • phxntxm


  • NordfynsKU

    That machis uffff extra super sub

  • Humza Mohammad
    Humza Mohammad

    Benzema 💥💯❤

  • Jacob Fogg
    Jacob Fogg

    Nick please review 92 Drogba

  • Iam Mclovin
    Iam Mclovin

    Wtf is your chat. Benzema not usable wot u mean m8

  • Aland Baxtear
    Aland Baxtear

    review what if mertens pls nick

  • Bape X Soldier
    Bape X Soldier

    We need a balotelli flashback card 🤧

    • Aaron Robertson
      Aaron Robertson

      @Chris DL ahh, must not have a card in ultimate team

    • Chris DL
      Chris DL

      @Aaron Robertson His club Monza are in FIFA 21. Placed in Rest of the World

    • Aaron Robertson
      Aaron Robertson

      @Bape X Soldier because he's in a league that's not in fifa though it won't be aloud unfortunately

    • Bape X Soldier
      Bape X Soldier

      @Aaron Robertson last year he got a 88 flashback card I really think this year he can get something like that again if EA really wanted to do it

    • Aaron Robertson
      Aaron Robertson

      @Bape X Soldier they should really have the championship divisions for the top 5 leagues at this stage anyway

  • Jelle Verlinde
    Jelle Verlinde

    is the 81x 25 worth it?

    • Matthew Adams
      Matthew Adams

      @Jelle Verlinde wait till fut birthday but yeah it’s worth it

    • Jelle Verlinde
      Jelle Verlinde

      @Iam Mclovin im not gonna play swaps anymore man, its so boring, im at 1 token now and can do one more this swap thing

    • Abxul

      Depends how much you have if you can get a prime icon pack go for it

    • Iam Mclovin
      Iam Mclovin

      Wait for the next half

    • Iam Mclovin
      Iam Mclovin

      Save your tokens bro

  • soufiane 11
    soufiane 11

    Do you guys expect some 81 + player picks in this coming weekend ??

    • Conor McCann
      Conor McCann

      Yes on Sunday

    • Viddy


  • Bisho

    Do you think messi will win potm again?!??

  • Max Slaney
    Max Slaney

    do you think i should start saving my totw packs for tots

    • Stian Larder
      Stian Larder

      @Just a guy o

    • Just a guy
      Just a guy

      It won't work only the totw packs after the release of tots can have them I think

    • Stian Larder
      Stian Larder

      That won’t work tho mate

  • apinksquid

    Packed benzema 10 minutes before totw rip

  • Ethan Jaworski
    Ethan Jaworski

    Nick I’m gonna get Machis as a United fan so that if we lose I won’t feel that bad 🙃

    • Iam Mclovin
      Iam Mclovin

      @Samuel Montoya yeah and they will

    • The Jockness Monster
      The Jockness Monster

      As a spurs fan, this is the way

    • Samuel Montoya
      Samuel Montoya

      @Iam Mclovin pretty sure he corrected him on assuming United will lose, dude

    • Rustin Jalali
      Rustin Jalali

      Win win situation

    • Nigel Mpuah
      Nigel Mpuah

      Me too :)

  • Owen L
    Owen L

    When should I do the 89 rated squad for the messi sbc?

    • Owen L
      Owen L

      @apinksquid I’m hoping that packs increase the supply so it’s cheaper but it’s a tricky one

    • apinksquid

      @Iam Mclovin A man can dream!

    • Iam Mclovin
      Iam Mclovin

      @apinksquid you hope anyways

    • apinksquid

      I'd do it soon in case some big sbcs come out with fut birthday

  • Samuel Miherete
    Samuel Miherete

    Ima United fan but I want Granada to win. One thing is Machis would be a sick card if upgraded. But mainly i really Solkjaer to get sacked, absloute shit manager

    • Samuel Miherete
      Samuel Miherete

      @Alan smith we are lucky af to be 2nd

    • Alan smith
      Alan smith

      @Samuel Miherete Mate it’s not like United are 16th in a relegation battle. He’s done an alright job so there’s no need to say he’s a shit manger

    • Samuel Miherete
      Samuel Miherete

      @Alan smith I don’t care about the fifa card. I just want ole gone

    • Alan smith
      Alan smith

      @Samuel Miherete You want “the team you’ve supported since you were 6” to lose so this Fifa card can get upgraded and you want a manger who’s doing a good job to be sacked. That is a plastic fan mentality pal

    • Samuel Miherete
      Samuel Miherete

      @Ribeiroc _ it’s solkjaer

  • XJokermanX

    Neppo won this day

  • Matias Mickelsson
    Matias Mickelsson

    Ofc they released an upgradeable player from the one team that is guaranteed not to go through

    • Christopher McMurtry
      Christopher McMurtry

      Since when is anything guaranteed in football? United have lost to Sheffield United as well as many other lower table teams, anything can happen.

    • fifa legend
      fifa legend

      @Logan Hinson nOW BOTH SAY 1H

    • Logan Hinson
      Logan Hinson

      @fifa legend his was 50 mins ago mine is 48

    • fifa legend
      fifa legend

      @Logan Hinson how is ur comment 45 mins ago and his 31mins ago?

    • Logan Hinson
      Logan Hinson

      United can choke

  • Master Freak
    Master Freak

    I'm getting bad flashbacks to Ryan Kent. Please don't be like Ryan Kent.

    • AB7 Fifa
      AB7 Fifa

      @Son Wook hes amazing

    • Son Wook
      Son Wook

      @AB7 Fifa he’s not bad

    • AB7 Fifa
      AB7 Fifa

      @Son Wook he is so fucking fast like the fastest player in the game for me

    • Son Wook
      Son Wook

      He’s not I have him. Dw

    • julie davies
      julie davies

      I mean at least it helps during weekend league

  • IYBJS 530
    IYBJS 530

    Tfw Benzema is now 95 rated with the headliner

    • Ahmad Fares
      Ahmad Fares

      Roast to 99 and 90 pac

    • Francisco Serra
      Francisco Serra

      @Brian. that would be 101 rated

    • Brian.

      Imagine his tots

  • Ryan Igo
    Ryan Igo

    Just got done watching the stream always gotta hop on the video rq

  • Jack Hansing
    Jack Hansing

    Nick that’s bold of you to say United will win the treble next year but I’m here for it

  • Nico

    nick > nep

    • Samuel Biswas
      Samuel Biswas

      @Arjun 99 nick>nep

    • Arjun 99
      Arjun 99

      dont compare just enjoy them both

  • Joseph Keenan
    Joseph Keenan

    New Kent


    Best fifa K O N T E N T creator out there

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    Machis gets a rttf but united is going to destroy granada...

    • Rayane Bensouda
      Rayane Bensouda

      People forget Granada beat good teams to get to this stage. Napoli also thought they would win against Granada

    • Kaneki uWu
      Kaneki uWu

      Leicester who are 3rd lost to Slavia Prague... So United could easily lose to Granada tbh

    • You Tube
      You Tube

      @Ethan Jaworski you're right but there is a high chance that united will win.

    • Ethan Jaworski
      Ethan Jaworski

      As a United fan I’d like to kindly remind you anything can happen

  • Alejandro Bernal
    Alejandro Bernal

    Early asf boiii

  • Viddy

    Machis card last year that 84 totw moments during pandemic was insanee

    • Hugo Deported
      Hugo Deported

      Vini >>

    • BigDaddyHobo25

      And was only 20k

  • Jack Nightingale
    Jack Nightingale

    Machis looks good but Grenada just aren't going to beat united

    • Kaneki uWu
      Kaneki uWu

      United drew to West Brom and Palace and barely beat West Ham... so Granada could easily surprise United tbh

  • ay лол
    ay лол

    Loving these early uploads bro keep it up

  • Motseki Letsela
    Motseki Letsela

    Yep first one

  • Combat Gaming
    Combat Gaming


  • the gang
    the gang


  • Phil Djan
    Phil Djan