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  • Austin Karbler
    Austin Karbler

    We also got repeatable sbcs today, but okay go off

  • Matt Foley
    Matt Foley

    Vidal or renato?

  • João Pereira
    João Pereira

    Do you think a midfield 3 of Sambia as a CDM, Vidal as box to box and Sanches as the most attacking option would work?

  • AL TG
    AL TG

    Done it for around 250k so I’m happy

  • Southpark II
    Southpark II

    FIFA 20 is Robben

  • Just here FGB
    Just here FGB

    Is he better thn James ? Cdm James

  • אדר גוטמן
    אדר גוטמן

    Can you do review for Atal?

  • Артём Нурдинов
    Артём Нурдинов

    Haha how this guy in chat could say vidal is s*it🤣 on if the best cards ever

  • Csabi Kato
    Csabi Kato

    If EA would have put him in packs he would be over 1.2

  • Mubeen rafiq
    Mubeen rafiq


  • Omar Almesbah
    Omar Almesbah

    I have red kante should I so renato or Vidal

  • CBam1997

    Dont get me wrong he is unreal but is he not guaranteed a TOTS pretty much? In what, roughly a month or two away? Depends how much you play the game I guess but if you arent gonna use him every game it might be worth holding off?

  • Pedro Pedro
    Pedro Pedro

    Cola para live svname.info/nick/video/p4yDq9xndpvK2Mg

  • Adi Hasa
    Adi Hasa

    He’s a beast done him and is class

  • Neil Walker
    Neil Walker

    I think the Rooney card will take some beating

  • Neil Walker
    Neil Walker

    Kinda cheap when hit 16 Million coins lol

  • fcflee74

    I am confused about Ligue One Renato, but the SBC uses Munich and Bundesliga team?

    • Sammy Football
      Sammy Football

      he used to play for bayern, i think if they used lille it would have been much harder to get a club player at a good rating

  • Dutch-knight 2
    Dutch-knight 2

    Fifa 20 is st juste

  • Ali Badran
    Ali Badran

    Already did him and he is cracked!!!

  • dalton.17

    bro im torn between renato or an icon player pick when its out

    • XxMASTERxX Lee
      XxMASTERxX Lee


  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia

    That renato is gonna be goated

  • MH Fifa
    MH Fifa

    Just done reus the day before but I’m still somehow doing this😂😭

  • King Konrad
    King Konrad

    Dont get the Hype his RTTF Card is almost the same and cost only 250k now

  • Jonas Vdp
    Jonas Vdp

    Surely vidal is a better sbc. Higher rated, cheaper, more in games. Maybe the 5 star weakfoot instead of skills

  • 007_007

    U can get atal in the market and would be better

  • Hubert Xsdasda
    Hubert Xsdasda

    Bruno potm 92 or him? I think he is too defensive for change with bruno , i have Makelele ;p

  • angry grandma
    angry grandma

    my man called chicharito overpriced but called sanches cheap? wtf

  • Fille2000

    It is van dijk

  • Devolan

    Rip Vidal users


    Paulinho or renato ?

  • Brandon Bone
    Brandon Bone

    Kessie or Renato (as a CDM in 4-3-3). I feel like it’s super comparable to Kessie other than the weak foot and skills. But as CDM would Kessie not be better? What you saying Nick???

    • NoobMaster69

      Kessie as cdm, Renato as b2b

  • Pablo Rossel
    Pablo Rossel

    The only real advantage against Vidal are the links...

  • D Gouv
    D Gouv

    I'm doing him because he's my favourite player :)

  • Junaid Ahmed soomro
    Junaid Ahmed soomro

    This wl we will see renato every where 😅 all the best

  • Matthew Galea Soler
    Matthew Galea Soler

    Got renato for 15k but my club is now rinsed

  • stefanos petropoulos
    stefanos petropoulos

    I did him with all fodder

  • Drip Mk
    Drip Mk

    If anyone is thinking of doing him he’s better then Vidal renato is much better and faster on the ball really good box to box I noticed him a lot more then Vidal the only thing he has is 5* skills which is useless for a slow cdm card

  • John Paul Campos
    John Paul Campos

    I completed Sanches! He is meta!

    • John Paul Campos
      John Paul Campos

      Sanches stats compare to Mid Gullit. Obviosuly Gullit is built in size

    • John Paul Campos
      John Paul Campos

      @Daniel Krivtsov For sure, the chem will be hard to do, its definitely something Ive considered and have the players to use Vidal.

    • Daniel Krivtsov
      Daniel Krivtsov

      Same have him and Vidal crazy duo

  • Wouter Raymakers
    Wouter Raymakers

    I just fully sent my players in the sbc without hesitating

  • mufcamc

    Is it an end game card?

  • T P
    T P

    Just did 20 player picks and got the following: 82 x1 83 x 6 84 x 2 85 x 5 86 x 1 87 x 1 88 x 1 89 x 2 90 x 1 (Birthday Aouar) Comment your picks below, want to see how lucky I got.

    • ranking berry
      ranking berry

      I do 6 and get 3 workout and 1 85-84rated with 1 -81 rarted

  • Khoa Nguyen
    Khoa Nguyen

    Cheap 90 gullit. Stats are really similar

  • Aram Kim
    Aram Kim

    This promo is what if Player Days should've been

  • razvanm1988

    I regret doing vidal now , he is good but not special .

    • razvanm1988

      @ranking berry haven't seen the leaks that he is coming out , and he will fit on 10 chem in my team. Before vidal i had if sanches 82 , so good at this stage of the game , where vidal , although he has crazy stats , for me doesn't perform that well on 8 chem.

    • ranking berry
      ranking berry

      Why u say so?

  • Luc Wijngaard
    Luc Wijngaard


  • Kasumi Colada
    Kasumi Colada

    The way EA upgrade cards is that they boost it off the last performance based card, so this is a +5 on the IF rather than a +3 on the 84 RTTF

  • Kasumi Colada
    Kasumi Colada

    The card isn't as good as I imagined, still a must do though Cringe as fuck they're not doing yedder though

  • Christopher Duke
    Christopher Duke

    He’s ok I’m disappointed thought would be more cracked out think Paulinho is better stats compared will wait for Frankie Fut20

  • Malte Thurgren
    Malte Thurgren

    Who would you choose, Renato as a cdm with 91 lahm at rb or moments Zambrotta at rb and 91 lahm at cdm? Pls really need help!

    • Malte Thurgren
      Malte Thurgren


    • Gaspar

      moments Zambrotta at CB, he's actually insane

    • Malte Thurgren
      Malte Thurgren


    • Simon Katz
      Simon Katz

      Renato is so so so good lahm is good so I would go with renato a lahm

  • Pj Jjj
    Pj Jjj

    81+ got me ronato

  • Joe Gusset
    Joe Gusset

    Man I wanted a ben yedder too fuuhhhh

  • Colin Sajjabi
    Colin Sajjabi

    Sanches or Vidal ?

  • Phil_Oged 07
    Phil_Oged 07

    bros renato or bruno

  • WinningFootball

    What chem style ?

  • daanzw0lle

    next are gonna be smalling, kondogbia and Promes i think

  • brammbasstic Fifa
    brammbasstic Fifa

    Vidal has better stats.. have both now which one to start?

  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy

    Vidal is total shit. He's done absolutely nothing stat-wise for me, although, with him at CDM the last 30 matches I've never won more, so I guess there's a good chance his intangibles are paying off.

    • Luke Viz
      Luke Viz

      He’s a dm Ofc he isn’t gonna be getting stats

  • Gorgees Shukri
    Gorgees Shukri

    i have both now and I've tried both for a couple of games and i can say sanches is more box to box but vidal better defensively

  • Mark A123
    Mark A123

    Who was in the stream when nick said he hates Mexicans!👀😂

    • David Roberts
      David Roberts

      Ea will ban him if he said that

  • Dc 99
    Dc 99

    Him or red kante to play next to potm Bruno? Considering saving my fodder and coins for tots

    • Dc 99
      Dc 99

      @Faeez cfc he looks way better but 700k for an untradeable in April is a lot with tots coming

    • Faeez cfc
      Faeez cfc

      Sanches way better but u can save

  • Jim Lytrivis
    Jim Lytrivis

    I have toty Bruno and prime Vieira is he worth it?

  • MissaelV10


  • I changed my name FC
    I changed my name FC

    The dutch player might be bergwine

  • oasis9867

    89 IF kante or him as CDM?

  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy

    Crap, I wish I didn't do Mangala and Lemar now 🤦

    • A.B7

      why’d you do both of those fools 😭😭

  • Philippe de Pierrefeu
    Philippe de Pierrefeu

    Wow... complaining!! Then just dont complete him...

  • Malte Thurgren
    Malte Thurgren

    Renato or moments Zambrotta?

    • Malte Thurgren
      Malte Thurgren

      Who is more endgame?

    • Malte Thurgren
      Malte Thurgren

      91 lahm taking either the left back position or the midfield

    • louis rowsell
      louis rowsell

      As a cm renato, he’s cheaper aswell

  • CrazyFooI

    I already have headliner fernandes is is worth doing him aswell and trying to fit him in, I have a prem team primarily so might be difficult outside of the link to fernandes

    • CrazyFooI

      @Chaldish 69 yeh it does feel obvious but I'm not very good at the game so he won't be as good to me as someone better who can do skill moves etc. I know he's getting rave reviews from a lot of people but they tend to be higher level players. He'll basically spunk away all the fodder I have saved so just wanna try and make sure that he can work for lower level players too

    • Chaldish 69
      Chaldish 69


  • ahmed bamatraf
    ahmed bamatraf

    why are people sleeping on Paulinho!

    • Deedee c
      Deedee c

      Paulinho is a beast but he just doesn't fit into most people's teams

    • Pompey Trooper
      Pompey Trooper


  • Peruqui 3000
    Peruqui 3000

    11:20 But What Nick, theres more? BUT WHAT?

  • رضا طاطور
    رضا طاطور

    He is overpriced vidal is cheaper and better

  • Adam Hind
    Adam Hind

    Vidal is brilliant

  • Joel-arsenalfcSAKA

    do i do him or wait till icon or when the guaranteed sbc for tots / fut birthdays come out

    • Tom Rees
      Tom Rees

      @EA he’s only made 18 appearances with 1 goal and 1 assist. He won’t get a tots

    • EA

      He might get a tots

  • Dimitris Giannakopoulos
    Dimitris Giannakopoulos

    All fun and games until u come up against Vidal and renato

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • ahmed bamatraf
    ahmed bamatraf

    am i missing something?, renato is a good card but isn't there other players that are better and cheaper ?

    • Cyrus Ehambaram
      Cyrus Ehambaram

      Vidal. Absolute shmuck.

  • TekkyDJay

    Should I sell tradeable drogba to do him. Would sanches be good during tots

    • George Mocanu
      George Mocanu

      Depends where you need a better player dude. Drogba is a striker. Renato is box to box. They are not directly comparable.

    • EA

      He might get a tots tho

    • Maik

      Yes he would

  • FUT Acc
    FUT Acc

    For me Vidal was clunky af. I guess Renato will be a lot better Ingame.

  • Tony Arsenault
    Tony Arsenault

    0:34 vom.fail

  • John Beeching
    John Beeching

    I was disappointed when I saw it. Was hoping for a bigger boost with 5* skills. I prefer Vidal to be honest

    • Luke Viz
      Luke Viz

      @Garrett Hagen Vidal is a must do if you have serie a team bash some rivals you’ll make your coins back in 3 weeks

    • Garrett Hagen
      Garrett Hagen

      just a question, I'm away from home and cant play right now but I can still access the web app. I have like 650k liquid and no fodder. I'm thinking I should just not do any sbcs and wait until tots for when everything crashes, because that's when I'll actually get back home and be able to play anyways, and I think I'll be able to get a lot more for my coins then. Do you think this is a good idea or is this Vidal insane enough to where you think 500k tradable coins would still be worth it for him in the early summertime? I have a serie A team btw

  • Travis Magalas
    Travis Magalas

    Should I sell prime Raul to do him?

  • Esa Dicky
    Esa Dicky

    Where’s the instrumental backsound bro? I love it. Does anyone know the title please?

    • Esa Dicky
      Esa Dicky

      @Furkan Yücel brooo you’re a legend thanks mann

    • Steven Keller
      Steven Keller

      Darude - Sandstone

    • Furkan Yücel
      Furkan Yücel

      Afaik the song was: rage - book the rental wit it

  • MechaMan_

    Already committed to Vidal. Easier to link for me, and Renato just SCREAMS rat, so I'd rather skip.

    • Florent N
      Florent N

      I already got Vidal gonna try to get renato as well and cause people to break some consoles

  • JR97

    Is he an end game CM ?

    • Noel Kvarnhult Edquist
      Noel Kvarnhult Edquist

      Not really

    • Dalt


  • BoxStar

    just played with Renato in rivals and he bullied Vieira!!

    • BoxStar

      prime by the way

  • Dan Montalvo
    Dan Montalvo

    Should I do him for 200k??

    • Daniel Krivtsov
      Daniel Krivtsov


  • Diogo Santos
    Diogo Santos

    Jones on 10 or Sanches on 8

    • Mauves Army
      Mauves Army

      Bro I had rrtf Sanches, tried Jones and brought sanches back after 2 weeks. He's the best box to box and far better then te stats in game even tho they are already sick

  • Alexander Ortigoza
    Alexander Ortigoza

    Gonna have to put in the 90 Girond 91 Suarez 89 nevea and my other base fodder, kinda sad but can do him for free

  • Diogo Freitas
    Diogo Freitas

    Guys i need some help pls. I play ingame with a 4222, should i get renato or makelele pim for the cdm position to pair up with rooney?

    • Diogo Freitas
      Diogo Freitas

      Thks guys for the answers... i'll do Renato then try to save up for makelele

    • Thomas Heggie
      Thomas Heggie

      probably Makelele to be your primary cdm and Rooney your secondary, or you could just do Renato since he’s only there for 16 days

    • Fennec WRLD
      Fennec WRLD

      If you want a pure defensive mid get makelele otherwise Renato

  • El Negrito
    El Negrito

    Under 1.000.000

  • XxMASTERxX Lee
    XxMASTERxX Lee

    Should sell my players to do more player picks?

    • hamza

      fuck no

  • Curls For The Girls
    Curls For The Girls

    How do you all do playerpicks?? Do you buy players and put them in? or just have a huge club

    • Assassino

      Slap the visa like the rest

  • Alexander Vaz
    Alexander Vaz

    Problem is leaks were all predicting 89, and the fact that almost all the prior SBCs were 89+ its a bit of a let down.


    The amount of special cards I thrown in this man, RIP TO THE BOYS

    • Dennen Smith
      Dennen Smith

      @razvanm1988 thats peak i wanted vidal but i thought nahh sanchez will fit better and really he wud be a milli if on market i did for free

    • razvanm1988

      @Dennen Smith didn't knew mate , believe me :( , sanches will fit on 10 chem in my squad where vidal only on 8. 👍

    • ItsJamieDodgr

      Thug Thuggy Robben is good, I'm Irish and I'm a Liverpool fan. didnt use the other 4 tho ngl

    • Thug Thuggy
      Thug Thuggy

      @ItsJamieDodgr a part from klaiber all of them are rubbish

    • Dennen Smith
      Dennen Smith

      @razvanm1988 if u wanted sanches why tf did u do vidal u knew about them both at the same time😂😂😂

  • henny a.
    henny a.

    should i do renato or wait for EA to drop an icon pack?

    • Mark A123
      Mark A123

      @Daniel Krivtsov exactly

    • Daniel Krivtsov
      Daniel Krivtsov

      Fuck icons u never know who ya get

    • Mark A123
      Mark A123

      Fodder will just rise wen an icon pack comes out so do him now especially the fact player picks are ou

    • Blueberry Daygo
      Blueberry Daygo

      do renato much safer especially if he fits your team

  • David Rider
    David Rider

    But what???

  • Max Orawe
    Max Orawe

    Anyone know what date he expires on?

  • Alif Farhim
    Alif Farhim

    I need some opinion guys.which one should i do either renato or vidal.Not about price wise or chemistry

    • nonameslb


    • Alif Farhim
      Alif Farhim

      @Siem Bonnema aight.thanks homie

    • Siem Bonnema
      Siem Bonnema

      @Alif Farhim I think Renato would be better

    • Alif Farhim
      Alif Farhim

      Is ballack good.to be honest i can do him for free.Been saving absolute fodder for a while.Or just staright up with renato

    • Tobias Bonte
      Tobias Bonte

      Did vidal he is good but renato is better i think

  • The Dago
    The Dago

    Gorilla says vidal is shit because he loves to be a bit controversial and different. Let's also realise Gorilla isn't actualy great in fut champs don't get me wrong hes an amazing pro but there's guys who hit 30 and 0 every week who are not pros he doesn't.

    • ShowKO FIFA
      ShowKO FIFA

      He's not great in champs this year because he tries to play properly, and FIFA 21 doesn't reward it. He doesn't abuse the meta like other pros. Also plays Saturday afternoon/evening when gameplay is awful.