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  • Chancellor Palpatine
    Chancellor Palpatine

    Full of shit trying to manipulate the market

  • Strictly Casual
    Strictly Casual

    So if you had a 86 squad of untradeable players it isn't worth getting this card still? I'm torn between getting this or Payet, I only want Payet to link with Benema, and Laporte is slow as fuck, I don't think I can get both I don't have the spare fodder yet - Or do I fuck both off and get Vidal? Thoughts people?

  • Daniel Kedwards
    Daniel Kedwards

    Bro nick do team reviews. Love the content

  • Alfred Schou
    Alfred Schou

    Did nick get banned on twitch?


    The markt crashed, But i keep the fodders i invested in. They will rebound

  • Yafet Solomon
    Yafet Solomon

    I did Bailly cause as a united fan I really like him. He got me to elite this week

  • Ahmed Tahir
    Ahmed Tahir

    Introduction to trading/ trading tips and tricks

  • Selim Evrengil
    Selim Evrengil

    Packed aouar as well from my 83x25 😍 Cant decide what’s his best position tho

  • Kieran Cheale
    Kieran Cheale

    U can get varane for 30k just not worth it

  • Faisal Asfour
    Faisal Asfour

    ITS YOU I KNEW I SAW UR NAME BEFORE, me and u played against each other in the weekend league, u won 4-3 it was a great game tho GG bro 💪🏼

  • Adam Iqbal
    Adam Iqbal

    Lol I got Aouar from a 75+ rare player pack that I got from completing Choudhury lol

  • sorucha

    Bailly was great in 18, but let's not kid ourselves that bakayoko was the most OP player in that game

  • Noah Sargent
    Noah Sargent

    Nick you should do a TOTS preparation video.

  • Joey DF
    Joey DF

    Anyone In disbelief at how cheap Paulinho is or is it just me?

  • Deniz Keskin
    Deniz Keskin

    Hey nick ı think market review and potential invesments before tots will be a really cool video , keep un the good work 💪🏻

  • FranK Da MUthaFKnTank
    FranK Da MUthaFKnTank

    A hot tub stream for fifa would be great for content 😈😈😈

  • Bryan Licea
    Bryan Licea


  • Bryan Licea
    Bryan Licea


  • Bryan Licea
    Bryan Licea


  • Rodney-HR

    Nick I dunno whether you have already done this kind of video or something but like how to rebound on a market crash your thought process and all and maybe 0-100k 100k-750k and all that thanks love the streams keep it up

  • Johannes Göggel
    Johannes Göggel

    Hey nick, i really enjoy your market watch videos! Would love to see Them more frequently again :-)

  • Gijs van de Zande
    Gijs van de Zande

    Get Mbappe POTM on LW and link him with Aouar

  • I drags I
    I drags I

    I hope I get something tonight got 40k points loaded up

  • LingoLance

    I like market watch and I know you already said it but I can’t wait til rat to glory

  • Bags

    I do miss your regular market watches. I get my daily fix from Nath these days. I get that this is your job and you no doubt get higher views from pack openings but its just not really my thing. I watch the player reviews though if its a player I am interested in. Keep up the good work Nick

  • Boris Toromanov
    Boris Toromanov

    More market outlooks Nick!

  • Pedro Davalos
    Pedro Davalos

    How does one have 51 million and still be fucking ass


    Why is no-one doing a Emre Can review

    • Juli 97
      Juli 97

      He feels like that Sergio busquets

    • nebil otzelik
      nebil otzelik

      @moonlitshadow he is the best after toty kimmich

    • moonlitshadow

      @oL9 - Minecraft, FIFA, and more! he's way to slow, not in the meta and imo there are a lot of better cdms in the bundesliga

    • oL9 - Minecraft, FIFA, and more!
      oL9 - Minecraft, FIFA, and more!

      Ikr he looks insane and I just packed him I want to see how he is

  • si rob
    si rob

    Nick "I dont wanna drop Bruno coz Brunos amazing'' 3 videos ago Brunos a fraud. Lol? U ok

  • Y KY
    Y KY

    Nick28t def not gonna be doing that sbc

  • kas verstegen
    kas verstegen

    glasses iodine

  • Graham C
    Graham C

    None of these amazing looking FB cards mean anything if they're virtually unpackable. it's just the same rich users and full-time grinders getting the same end-game cards for cheaper.

  • Nader Shady
    Nader Shady

    Vidal or renato

  • Muhd Nasir
    Muhd Nasir

    I really wanna play with Bailly, vidal and renato... But chem is the problem. Probably gonna have to drop vidal as bailly is one of my fav player irl.

  • Adam Pressley
    Adam Pressley

    lol it’s easy to have too many good cards now - impossible to fit everyone you want, wouldn’t help me to have 50Mil sitting there ... ha

  • John Slakoper
    John Slakoper

    For the 82-88, I just got Sancho

  • Clutch Gaming
    Clutch Gaming

    moments nedved or reus

  • Jack DeFife
    Jack DeFife

    I would like to see games with other youtubers like squad builder showdown for example, I think it would be cool.

  • William Leow
    William Leow

    Guys who is after kondogbia?

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • CJ’s BULLY’S
    CJ’s BULLY’S

    He’s crazy I thought just as gud as joe Gomez and varane I’ve had all 3 of them he’s got better pace than 82 aswell he motors all over pitch all game

  • Naim Rouf
    Naim Rouf

    When will never icon moment sbcs release got my fodder stacked an ready

  • Ryan Igo
    Ryan Igo

    Love the content nick u the goat ❤️

  • M 10
    M 10

    I’m sure you said Bruno was a fraud yesterday? Now he’s amazing?

    • M 10
      M 10

      @si rob yeah I’m not sure if he was joking when he was saying he was a fraud or not? Didn’t seem that way though 🤣

    • si rob
      si rob

      glad im not the only one who clocked this

  • Luke Hawkins
    Luke Hawkins

    So I packed moments petit last week! Sold him for around 1.4 mil! I then bought him back for around 1.1 mil, and now he's like 900k! I don't know what to do! Either sell him now and take a loss! Or hope he'll rebound? Or he could just go down more! I really don't know

  • laggy ping
    laggy ping

    When to sell what if diatta? Please answer

  • Darsan patel
    Darsan patel

    Hey Nick, I was waiting for a video on the best Fut Birthday SBC that we can do with limited coins. Like 500k coins (people like me who can't afford to do all the Fut Birthday SBC)

  • John Theo
    John Theo

    I have 150k and i need 230k for paulinho. Any tips on how to make 100k?

    • si rob
      si rob

      flip league sbc silvers

  • Nicolás Suarez
    Nicolás Suarez


  • Zachary Storey
    Zachary Storey

    12:51 Hahahahahahaha funny joke there Nick EA giving us a moments R9 sbc. That would probably be 13 segements with x 5 90+ rated squads with 3 totws in each

    • si rob
      si rob

      thats just the first 2 segments

  • Zachary Storey
    Zachary Storey

    Nobody: Nick: 51.5 Million just chilling

  • Monreal gaming
    Monreal gaming

    atal is better than aouar in real life dud watch some football

    • Ghost


  • Toby RL
    Toby RL

    I like the current format, the content review at the start of the video and market update at the end

  • gabriel dhulst
    gabriel dhulst

    I think u should say how much you think a card should cost before u look at the price, to see if u really think its worth it

  • XJokermanX

    Nick I lost 300k buying icons who dropped loads yesterday too

  • Helsingborgare90

    Just so disapointed at EA for letting us wait for so long on a Icon sbc... Really hope they release moment next to make up for it....

    • kas verstegen
      kas verstegen

      i hope they close there door soon biggest pile of trash game ever made areola hate it to i hope he go to court to sue ea rats ..score is still shit metacritic after monthes clowns they are better paly cyber punk then this pice of crap

  • Bernhard Spitzl
    Bernhard Spitzl

    Give us more market Nick!! But Love all your content!

  • Edin RSPS
    Edin RSPS

    I did the 83+ double upgrade and got inform chielleni and salah in the same pack

  • Generic Guy
    Generic Guy

    I need paulinho card or aour in my team to finish it

  • Generic Guy
    Generic Guy

    Why don’t u just use ballack until you get the sbc

  • Heyublueup

    Wtf how does he not have 5 star skills? This guy is nuts in real life

  • Sebastian Mccullagh
    Sebastian Mccullagh

    I got this bailly and he is cracked

  • Akkar_Unbekannt

    Lol due to the market crash. Now EA will not release 81+ player pick until next promo. Rip sbc until next month because of everyone just selling now.

  • Bradine Palczynski
    Bradine Palczynski

    Nick you should do a series where you make the best possible team for each of the 5 big leagues. It would be a 5 week series where you make the best possible team for a league and play Weekend League with them. After you use all 5 leagues, you could review players and say which league was the best.

  • Danny Koning
    Danny Koning

    More market stuff please 🙌🏼

  • hi hi
    hi hi

    Can't wait for a aouar review

  • Nigel Mpuah
    Nigel Mpuah

    I did bailly for sentimental value. He's been class so far. He had some unique autoblock animations which are cool

  • Gustavo Henrique Fendrich Batista
    Gustavo Henrique Fendrich Batista

    Nick! I would love to see vídeos about what do we need to know about trading to have at least 10% of your success in trading!!!

  • Francisco Huato
    Francisco Huato

    I like your market videos and predictions

  • Pacybits DT85
    Pacybits DT85

    Can you please do a Gervinho review, I’ve got RTTF Kessie in my team and he string links

  • zak hyder
    zak hyder

    i know its a while away but for rat to glory could we do a community vote for the rat team that would be so fun like ea do for TOTY and we could all send our votes to you much love been hear since fifa 18 love your content whatever it is

  • Hamada Falafel
    Hamada Falafel


  • Revert

    please do more market videos that’s the best content imo

  • AlexTheVoiceBoy3390

    Is it possible for you to make a video about trading? Like dos and don’ts. Would be nice to make a little extra profit on trading so u don’t entirely have to rely on rewards and pack luck. Anyway, thanks for great content as usual, Nick! Appreciate it!

  • Jurgen Klopp
    Jurgen Klopp

    nick pls do a vid where u explain all of these fifa terms im a new viewer and do not understand the fifa language u sometimes speak

    • Jurgen Klopp
      Jurgen Klopp

      @Aisosa Et al., 2020 thx

    • Aisosa Et al., 2020
      Aisosa Et al., 2020

      @Jurgen Klopp any other things you don’t understand?

    • Aisosa Et al., 2020
      Aisosa Et al., 2020

      @Jurgen Klopp Transfer rebound just means that cards whose price drop, will rebound. For example 86 Llorente dropped this weekend from 230 to 150k, I was able to get a couple at 140, and he rebounded to 170k although he’s low again right now.

    • Jurgen Klopp
      Jurgen Klopp

      @Aisosa Et al., 2020 things like transfer rebounds and stuff

    • Aisosa Et al., 2020
      Aisosa Et al., 2020

      What fifa language?

  • Andrews Ferreira
    Andrews Ferreira

    Market updates content pleaseeeee

  • Mr ready Always
    Mr ready Always


  • Linus

    Bailly is so dead in game. If youre thinking about doing him just do 1/3 of the Renato Sanches sbc

  • brandis krkic
    brandis krkic

    Swear on my mother's life I packed Adama from a 75+ rated player pack. I almost cried

    • Ethan Pillay
      Ethan Pillay

      @Vented Lizard ur really down

    • Vented Lizard
      Vented Lizard

      Nobody asked

    • elkaywhy

      Grab a lotto ticket 🎫

  • Emanuel Camacho
    Emanuel Camacho

    Appreciate the videos bro! You’re one of the content creators that has gotten my brother and I through this pandemic, so much love for that. If you’re not able to do super in-depth videos regarding daily or weekly transactions in FUT, maybe making a “best tips” video as we’re heading into TOTS? Or a video of “how to mentally approach trading in FUT” lol

  • Henry Bradshaw
    Henry Bradshaw

    I would like u to show us how to learn the market to make coins

  • Double A
    Double A

    Guys would you rather luke shaw 86 at cb or shall i sell and complete bailly ?

  • Londer G
    Londer G

    I don’t see how an 86 squad is bad for that, but I don’t blame his negativity towards it because he supports shithouse Spurs 😂

  • BZT Fifa mobile
    BZT Fifa mobile

    Nick id really like if the rat to glory will come back! Love ur content and hope u see this comment.

  • Rob Mays
    Rob Mays

    Think you're gonna be a bit disappointed cos we defo aint getting every icon released as sbcs. Certainly not the top top icons

  • ObeeSo

    In the past three days I packed Paulinho Atal and baby Eusebio, after having no luck all year long

    • Tristan barry
      Tristan barry

      @Ben Manhard mabey from icon swap pack probaly cause i think u cant get them atm in normal packs

    • Ben Manhard
      Ben Manhard

      How did you pack a baby icon?

    • Crispy Chicken Nuggets
      Crispy Chicken Nuggets

      I'm nearly positive ea have a certain time when you get boosted pack luck

  • Tom Bingham
    Tom Bingham

    I’m a united fan so I had to do him

  • Mavrikwall238

    bro if you watch atal play he's an absolute baller irl nick

  • Enaam Maqsood
    Enaam Maqsood

    I think its so funny how nick is going thru how he'll finish these SBCs with crafting when he's chilling with 51 mil in the bank.

    • XJokermanX

      @Ethan Pillay mm I'm not in a rush so why waste coins u get me. It all adds up

    • Ethan Pillay
      Ethan Pillay

      @XJokermanX lol i understand u had like 2.8m before investments and i always try to bid on player even if i save 1k or so

    • XJokermanX

      @si rob nah its not as serious as I make out, but what I'm basically saying is I don't lazy buy 84s at 15k if they're 11k.

    • si rob
      si rob

      @XJokermanX efficient on fifa? looool. yh uninstall

    • XJokermanX

      @elkaywhy that was actually quite funny

  • Ahmed

    Is Renato worth it?

  • Jayden G
    Jayden G

    Vidal isn’t that good bruh. Stiffest midfielder I’ve used this year

  • IKS

    What should i invest in i dont understand the market

  • JH Looi
    JH Looi

    Ea hate me so much .. did the zambrotta moment this morning .. and I just packed zambrotta prime from icon swaps 🥲.. shit game for reasons

  • Trev Murphy
    Trev Murphy

    A weekly review of the market video would be fantastic!

    • David Malpeto
      David Malpeto

      Daily video on the state of fifa*( putting the market state with the 1 pm content is nice)

  • Yngxy

    I really would like more market vids man, i really like them i’m 4 sure not the only one. Keep up the Grind!

    • si rob
      si rob

      @John Theo glad some1 has brains

    • John Theo
      John Theo

      He doesnt do as many anymore because the viewers would have too much of an impact on the market if he gives tips.

  • Santiago Arguello
    Santiago Arguello

    ur the best nick ❤️, i love these market videos

  • Zamiel Reza
    Zamiel Reza

    Selling Team I have Mid R9 , Mid Eusebio , Base Ronaldinho , Base Gullit , Neymar IF , Gold Mbappe , Rashford 86 , Ben Yedder 87 , Prime Cannavaro , Moments Zambrotta , Future Dest , What IF Ricardo Perreira, what IF Raphinha , Tavernier HL , Renato Sanches FUT Birthday , this is untradeable . And Prime or Moments icon pack And I have Mid Vieira , Fut Mendy , Mbabu IF all tradeable and also 4,3 mil Coins Left . I want to sell my team . If interested chat me

  • CoopDawg

    We want to see rat to glory

  • Vertex Hybridd
    Vertex Hybridd

    I wasted all my coins on packs about a week or so ago and now only have 50k and a prem team. I'm using gold Gomez and gold Tomori should I use the only fodder I have for Bailly? Yes I regret wasting the coins.. had a bad day

    • si rob
      si rob

      dnt worry bro i spent a mil on 125k/100k packs and got suda cards as the previews every pack, didnt even get an 85. I dnt care though

    • Hasan Mo
      Hasan Mo

      10000000%! Bailly is a huge huge step up from Tomori. You won’t regret it at all

  • Jake Mccarthy
    Jake Mccarthy

    loved the video nick loved the marketing at the end was really interesting!