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  • modigosmidig

    Broo, bro, brooo, duuude dude MAAAN

  • Spiros Borsis
    Spiros Borsis

    Everyone relax he's now uploading the today's video

  • Willsoccer11

    I was getting a ton of walkouts from that 81 double

  • Free Arsenal
    Free Arsenal

    81+ double upgrade pack weight is terrible save as much as you can at least if you don’t get anything throw em into player picks their cracked 🤣

  • Yasin Abdullah Mohammed
    Yasin Abdullah Mohammed

    How did you get 99 Pele there's no videos9

  • Zvonimir Safar
    Zvonimir Safar

    when I checked the market, there wasn't a single kit on the market for the ones needed for objective

  • noah beijer
    noah beijer

    I did one 83+ and let my gf open it she got me ucl cr7 :) she got me rttf pogba and middle cruyff before U can rent her for the right amount

  • Jason Pettitt
    Jason Pettitt

    About as frustrating as it gets. 15 81+ packs thrown in and I got 1 85 rated player, the rest was mostly 81s and 82s. Followed that up with 5 83+ packs to see how my luck went. I now own 5 more 83 rated players...

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma

    Is there any sbc coming this year which requires icon players ???? as I am having 2 useless untradable icon cards wright(89) & cannavaro(87).

  • Graham C
    Graham C

    Releasing objectives for kits that literally used be in the game for free is classic ea.

  • Cameron Ballard
    Cameron Ballard

    I’ve just spent loads of coins on buying rares and non rares for picks. Filling my transfer list and duplicate page just so I can do picks for cheaper

  • bnjyt

    Kit review incoming?

  • Lil Pezy
    Lil Pezy

    I found out glitch, equip the home kits for home and away for both teams and it counts so you can play 3 games and get two kits

    • Ryan M
      Ryan M

      goat talk

  • Brillian Tran
    Brillian Tran

    Just did 25x 81+ double upgrade and the highest i got was a 86....EA blacklisted me..

    • aha fa
      aha fa

      For me 81 double upgrades are juiced

  • Nathan Barnett
    Nathan Barnett

    Lets hope ea releases retro kits from other leagues.

  • Townsey ST
    Townsey ST

    Anyone else missing the ‘market update’ type videos? Think these 6pm live content reaction videos are good when we actually get content.

  • madjay 99
    madjay 99

    Do Thomas müller

  • showusthemtities

    i wonna do the retro kits but i cant get any of the home kits on the market :( gutted. dont really play much think its funny how even just earning a retro kit is close to impossible lmao this game

  • Bersain Cordoba
    Bersain Cordoba

    In the 81+ i got hummels 88 and chellinni

  • AlphaWolf Fitness
    AlphaWolf Fitness

    I did like 20 82-88 I only got like 3 87 rated

  • Eddy T
    Eddy T

    8:58 its actually worse with no promo in my experience

    • Ahmed Mohamed
      Ahmed Mohamed

      BelieBelow be it or not its actually decent this time I got inform lautaro and weghorst in the same pack yeah but then it went to absolute crap after that

  • Big Flats
    Big Flats

    I’ve opened about 15 81+ upgrades and pack weight is almost worse than during promos. Definitely save them

    • A

      Why would you bother when Fut Birthday is a few days away and all that’s in the game is gold and TOTW?

  • Chris123 Page
    Chris123 Page

    Loading screen Thursday 🥴

  • Maddox Paterson
    Maddox Paterson

    Arsenal don’t get a kit because they are 10th 🤭

  • Train Bus
    Train Bus

    81+ are 100% worth it imo, open 10 got 500k+ fodder from them

  • Alexandre Pereira
    Alexandre Pereira

    Bro i already got 26 packs for futbirthday i need a good player

    • Alexandre Pereira
      Alexandre Pereira

      @•let me guess, you pay to win and come here to joke on my road to glory, get a life

    • Alexandre Pereira
      Alexandre Pereira

      @• that's a bruh moment

  • Selim Evrengil
    Selim Evrengil

    No one wants the spurs kit nick no worries :D

  • Anne O' Connor
    Anne O' Connor

    Wher did u get 27m coins

  • Tharsa Rajah
    Tharsa Rajah

    Fut birthday comin dis Friday or nah ?

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Did two 81s n got 85,81,82,81 players Did one 83 n got 86 totw

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • TheGerminator

    No Arsenal or Man U kits because Leeds are bigger than both of them

  • ethan. Official
    ethan. Official

    Nick will we be getting player picks as well ?? 🤔

  • Christian C
    Christian C

    Damn I wished I can participate in ultimate team but someone hacked into my account and stole all my players and coins😔 now I can’t even compete in divison rivals or fut champs

  • Tough Asgardian
    Tough Asgardian

    I have the last two most expensive panels left for moments zambrotta. Should I wait for fut birthday to complete him?

    • Tough Asgardian
      Tough Asgardian

      @No nice. Thanks!

    • No

      @Tough Asgardian what i do is the silver upgrades to get gold commons and then put them into 2 rare gold player packs and then do the 81+ packs. I only end up being able to do it a few times but it gives you a use for broze/silver playera

    • Tough Asgardian
      Tough Asgardian

      @No do you grind them by just directly putting your coins into it?

    • No

      Yes 100% and whilst you wait grind 81 double packs

  • Specter

    I did 4 and got 3 walkouts in the 81+

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia

    How did he get all those coins?

    • Christopher McMurtry
      Christopher McMurtry

      Lol check the leader boards for global transfer profit, hes made over 200mil profit

  • Misthy Art
    Misthy Art

    I have 66 packs saved, and counting 😂😂😂😂

  • Harry

    The 81 picks give you good stuff and we’re talking about ea, why are you surprised that there not here?

    • A

      Because there’s no promo... they only ever come out during a promo. Do you have a brain or not?


    should i put all my low rated golds into the 81 double upgrade or wait for pp's hopefully this weekend?

    • Alexander Vaz
      Alexander Vaz

      @FUNNYCREW80 that's the hope. I mean pps are way better. Depends on how much fodder you have in the club. Best is most non rares pick up @350 and store and wait. I can do about 80 pps just from what's in my club, rares IMO you get plenty with rewards etc


      @Alexander Vaz yeah i agree but do u reckon we'll get pps this weekend for the promo?

    • Alexander Vaz
      Alexander Vaz

      Pps all the way

  • joshua davey
    joshua davey

    I did one 2x 81+ and got Lewandowski and Dybala, juiced confirmed.


    we need a retro newcastle kit please. I need that shit up the toon

  • Alex Valenzuela
    Alex Valenzuela

    Fifa dead af

  • Aleksandar Markovic
    Aleksandar Markovic

    Nick do you think the prime icon sbc is good value (not the one from swaps)

    • Andrew Gonzalez
      Andrew Gonzalez


  • Urban Camp Gaming
    Urban Camp Gaming


  • SummertimeSanta

    Chelsea home kit currently selling for 5k coins wtf😭

  • Jmoss7

    Should’ve bought all those kits, all Max price now on PC at least 😐

  • TheSantonio98

    Cant wait for the Juventus retro kit... oh wait

  • Comet

    The kits are extinct now lol

  • Hassoun Gaming
    Hassoun Gaming

    I uploaded some fancy goals which include a lot of skill moves Hopefully you guys will enjoy

  • Hassoun Gaming
    Hassoun Gaming

    I uploaded 13 81+ upgrade packs👍

  • Labile

    Mad I did the 81+ and got ziyech and did the 83+ and got Suarez

  • Autan exe.
    Autan exe.

    I always prefer to open packs in non event weeks because the pack luck is so much better that u can feel the difference between them


    No Man United and Arsenal kits even though they are the two teams that have the most fans EA just hating 🤷‍♂️😂

    • LeedsUnited 1919
      LeedsUnited 1919

      @ethoro08 to be fair , Leeds have a big following aswel

    • ethoro08

      Lol have the most fans? lol nope it’s united & Liverpool don’t be silly

  • Veum Fee
    Veum Fee

    0:26 bed.ind.in

  • Gregory Lauwaert
    Gregory Lauwaert

    How are you so sure we will get player picks? If I learned 1 thing about fifa, that is that nothing is sure

  • TJ2424

    Can u do a makelele review please?

    • Haizil Mohammed fayaz
      Haizil Mohammed fayaz

      @Ionut K bro he meant in game review like his thiery Henry moments review LOL

    • Ionut K
      Ionut K

      He did for all three players

  • Brolythe Don
    Brolythe Don

    Nick i heard about that too , pack weight is better when there is no promo but idk

  • Amir

    Imagine not going to Nick first for 6pm content

    • Samuel Biswas
      Samuel Biswas

      @Conor McCann

    • Samuel Biswas
      Samuel Biswas


    • Conor McCann
      Conor McCann

      Nep plays fall guys

    • 77

      Almost like Nep has been around much longer, has a much bigger following and is a much bigger deal in the community...

  • Arthur Anstey
    Arthur Anstey

    Chelsea home kits are extinct. All I want is a retro kit

  • Kevin Le
    Kevin Le

    Dude player picks when nothing is in packs? Hope we get those when Birthday is starting.

  • EasseAF

    Spurs retroooo cmonn COYS 🤍⚪

  • Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez

    Can you do a giroud moments player review

    • Alexander Vaz
      Alexander Vaz

      Great heading and physical presence, was bundling players into opponents net. But he can't compete in WL.. Used Hunter, but I think Engine for the balance/agility boost might be better. Fun card but doesn't fit the meta.

  • Ethan Jaworski
    Ethan Jaworski

    The Man United kit would be too OP for fifa. Do you know how many United Icons there are? They can’t release that kit for free.

  • johny3300 _
    johny3300 _

    I invested in rares and not rares😔

    • johny3300 _
      johny3300 _

      Oh yea your right🤠

    • ISSI

      You could still make bank if they release 81 pp on friday

  • your dad
    your dad


  • siddboyorigins

    Kits are becoming extinct

  • Archie

    Best ST for 3 mil??

    • Βλάσης Πάγκαλος
      Βλάσης Πάγκαλος

      @Archie I guess mid is the most worth valuewise

    • Archie

      @Βλάσης Πάγκαλος which version of Eusebio?

    • Βλάσης Πάγκαλος
      Βλάσης Πάγκαλος

      @Archie I very been using him for 2 weekend leagues now and he is amazing , 75 matches 102 goals and achieved my goal which is elite 3 , probably going to buy eusebio tho

    • Archie

      @Βλάσης Πάγκαλος does he not feel shit after the patch??

    • Βλάσης Πάγκαλος
      Βλάσης Πάγκαλος

      Prime etoo Is sick

  • Gus The bus
    Gus The bus

    83”+” 90% of the time you’re getting an 83 rated card.

    • GeenzinMeer


    • Wolf

      I did two and got 90 mane and 84 azpilicueta

    • Asim L
      Asim L

      Yeah I done another one and got 83 Fernando 😂 No more now

    • Bersain Cordoba
      Bersain Cordoba

      81 + are better

    • Liam- fifa and mobile Content
      Liam- fifa and mobile Content

      Jeff Stevens I got a 90

  • Polish artillery is led by god v3
    Polish artillery is led by god v3

    Why only prem retro kits ffs. Other leagues exist too ea

    • siddboyorigins

      Could be future objectives

  • Elias T
    Elias T

    Are coming 81+ picks on friday?

    • Mark A123
      Mark A123

      Nah b Sunday or next Monday

    • Alex Campbell
      Alex Campbell


  • Alex Duggan
    Alex Duggan

    I opened 1 and got Firmino 😁

  • Eugene Kim
    Eugene Kim

    nick btw you can just go to cheapest players tab to check the lowest price for each rating. love from korea

  • J

    No man utd kit smh

  • Anastasis Koumpogiannis
    Anastasis Koumpogiannis

    United and Arsenal are official partners of PES , that's why they didn't get any kits

    • Lu Dort
      Lu Dort

      @Rohan S Broken Banana Arsenal shirt would be amazing

    • Rohan S
      Rohan S

      And that dark red arsenal one

    • Saami !
      Saami !

      Would’ve loved a yellow and green United one

  • Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly

    Why could they not give us the Man City Brother kit

  • Reload TV
    Reload TV

    where is man utd 2008 and arsenal 2004

    • Mark A123
      Mark A123

      They’re partners of pes or sum

  • Emil Jakabffy
    Emil Jakabffy

    When is fut birthday coming???

    • Emil Jakabffy
      Emil Jakabffy

      @Mark A123 yeah i hope so

    • Emil Jakabffy
      Emil Jakabffy

      @You Tube cheers

    • Mark A123
      Mark A123

      Hopefully this Friday should see a loading screen this week

    • You Tube
      You Tube


  • Palmer High1
    Palmer High1

    U can't even complete the retro kit objective if u don't have the kits as they are all extinct on the market

  • Walker Harrowell
    Walker Harrowell

    Lingard fut birthday card incoming

    • Harry Banks
      Harry Banks

      Mate that would be a dream

    • R MO
      R MO

      Im gettin that

    • Mateo Gonzalez
      Mateo Gonzalez

      @Tyrone 99 overall 😈

    • Tyrone

      Lingardinho, messilingard, lingardo lingar jr. lol 😂 89 overall

    • Lim Muliana
      Lim Muliana


  • Cole Zytko
    Cole Zytko

    Nick always putting a smile on my face

  • Angus White
    Angus White

    Can't EA just give us 81+ pp's?

    • Guy Welti
      Guy Welti

      @Ethan Clarke they said they wanted player picks 4 days ago when nothing was out. What's so difficult for u to understand?

    • Ethan Clarke
      Ethan Clarke

      @Guy Welti dude what are you on about, everyone is saying they want player picks this weekend, what is wrong with that aha

    • Guy Welti
      Guy Welti

      @Cuan Smith that's fairs but I'm not sure why people want player picks during a week with no promo cards out

    • Guy Welti
      Guy Welti

      @Ethan Clarke well the player picks would've gone by now so no

    • Ethan Clarke
      Ethan Clarke

      @Guy Welti fut birthday will be out by then dude

  • Alex93plant

    Love the content even if the games dead keep it up💪

  • chrystopher torjir
    chrystopher torjir

    Notification gang

  • GoatGamer VG
    GoatGamer VG

    Done 1 and got totw weghorst so you can count on me doing some more 😂

    • jonne apina
      jonne apina

      I got oblak and jose fonte if from the first 2

  • Aleksi Vanhanen
    Aleksi Vanhanen

    Panic sold my covid vaccination because FIRST!

  • robertito Shitpost
    robertito Shitpost

    Watching stream while vid

  • brodiezzz7 -
    brodiezzz7 -

    Fifa so dead I dont even play the actual game just draft

    • brodiezzz7 -
      brodiezzz7 -

      @Chillexx yk what I mean no champs no rivals

    • Chillexx

      Draft is actual the game

  • Jack Nightingale
    Jack Nightingale

    Waiting for this video cause I can't be bothered loading onto ultimate team

    • Haizil Mohammed fayaz
      Haizil Mohammed fayaz

      Ikr even i wasn't bothered to do all the hard stuff 1st to switch on ps then log in to the game then the fut then go to all the sections to see if there's anything new soo much work

  • Fulhamfan26

    Loving the content nick!

  • replace


  • Arjun 99
    Arjun 99

    lets goo nick

  • jens hansen
    jens hansen

    love you

  • Savvvy 2k
    Savvvy 2k

    I’m dead first bruh

    • Guy Welti
      Guy Welti

      We didn’t ask

    • Amir Patel
      Amir Patel


  • jens hansen
    jens hansen


  • The Bored Youtube Gamer
    The Bored Youtube Gamer

    Let’s see how many subs I gain from this comment subs gained:0