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  • Arjuna Vasic
    Arjuna Vasic

    I got Antony future Stars from it rn 250-300k is that a win ?

  • Brega

    So happy Ive got freeze bernardo silva.

  • Cavernous Bhai
    Cavernous Bhai

    Someone please tell the name of the song( 2.24 )

  • Thorston

    I got fut birthday simon :(

  • Hypebeast Jeffrey
    Hypebeast Jeffrey

    Damn, im watching this after i just packed Record Breaker Mbappe😅

  • Crusader Lazer
    Crusader Lazer

    Got rttf pogba, on my spare account, that’s banned from the transfer market 🥲

  • L7HD

    Reus fut bday player review montage on my youtube channel👀

  • xZyvon

    I mainly got rb pogba & headliners benzema from party bags (those were also the last 2)

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts

    Never doing another one should be a 85+ guarantee

  • Toby Bodycombe
    Toby Bodycombe

    I packed rtf Salah from this pack. Probably my best party bag ever.

  • Adam Virella
    Adam Virella

    I got vela record breakers 3 times in a row I'm done

  • Zachary Storey
    Zachary Storey

    12:48 we’ll all pretend we didn’t hear nicks Japanese accent 😂😂

  • Dark DMG
    Dark DMG

    I got headliners bamba

  • Luke Kalarus
    Luke Kalarus

    I feel lucky to have packed good stuff out the party bags this year yesterday I got Gabriel Jesus rttf card 😉

  • Connor R
    Connor R

    I got rule breakers Laporte.. W or L

  • Joker

    I got what if Reguilon my first W in a party bag this year

  • STE 109
    STE 109

    Not even bothering again after the last two party bags was mkhitaryan 😒

  • Anonymous

    Got banned by EA for a week cause my friend reported my account as a joke. When I try get it unbanned there's no option to call or live chat, just create a case which never gets looked at. Gonna miss the Renato SBC cause of this.

    • Anonymous

      @Thierry I was reported for terrorism 😂😂 Not sure why someone else would report me since I'm pretty calm when I play fifa compared to most people. Like I'm not toxic.

    • Toby Bodycombe
      Toby Bodycombe


    • Thierry

      I doubt that's why you got banned. You have to be reported several times or break one of EAs rules.

  • Sharafath Hussain
    Sharafath Hussain

    Danny Aaron packed record breaker Mbappe

  • Miguel Primo
    Miguel Primo

    reus or nedved?

  • george

    I just keep doing them because I once got headliner Ben yedder when he was 1 mil

  • Despoina Moussiou
    Despoina Moussiou

    I packed Dembele freeze and Alex Moreno freeze today from 2 party bags. W or L?

  • Junaid Ahmed soomro
    Junaid Ahmed soomro

    Got KDB , after watching this vedio I am greatfull to packed KDB

  • Ed Musson
    Ed Musson

    i got 95 messi out of my last

  • Kane Beckett
    Kane Beckett

    Vidal sick man

  • Yannick Faes
    Yannick Faes

    Laqt one i did i got 83 jota now i get hinteregger atleast i can use him for fodder i guess

  • EthanReed04

    Party bag player pick is needed!!!!

  • EthanReed04

    I got morata. Cheers ea

  • Willem Duker
    Willem Duker

    I got yuri berchicheehxhchchhe or something, big w

  • Ahh Man
    Ahh Man

    Mario Hermoso W or L?

  • Elliot Hilton
    Elliot Hilton

    I got elvedi 🔥🔥

  • Itsme Uyr
    Itsme Uyr

    freeze bernardo silva is that good? i mean he's 290k+ but idk

  • Lim Muliana
    Lim Muliana

    Pros use Kulusevski because of the restrictions and link to CR7, he's not good. This guy acts like he knows everything lmao

  • Mr Healy
    Mr Healy

    I packed rb mbappe in my 2nd party bag nick and got r9 moment in prime or moments swaps

  • Sixep

    I finally got my first lucky one i got ben yedder headliner

  • gregory van goku
    gregory van goku

    Is it just me, or do all of the flashes look the same lol. For the life of me can't tell what flash is what card

  • Christopher Rola
    Christopher Rola

    Scambag gave me kamara😭

  • Alfred Schou
    Alfred Schou

    I got Kante What it😝😝

  • Gijs van de Zande
    Gijs van de Zande

    I got 83 Kamara.....

  • Yağız Efe Bodur
    Yağız Efe Bodur

    i got 83 golovin as an WALKOUT

  • Keeuske

    Love the content bro! If you need a graphic designer to help you with a new SVname banner or a logo, hit me up! :)

  • Junior Bonilla
    Junior Bonilla

    6:43 has 286 coins sent his whole club for this ish lmaoo

  • Amachaibou

    2:24 to 6:25 anyone know the name of the song please 🙏

    • Amachaibou

      @Cavernous Bhai thanks very much. Legend!

    • Cavernous Bhai
      Cavernous Bhai

      Steam Phunk - Feelings

  • Jack Sullivan
    Jack Sullivan

    These packs were so astoundingly bad.

  • Liam Tallon
    Liam Tallon

    I got 84 rated headliners rafinha who is going for about 30k Big L

  • Craig Harrison
    Craig Harrison

    Nani freeze for me 🙃

  • Rohit S
    Rohit S

    Please don't do this partybag

  • Will Nicholls
    Will Nicholls

    I got fut birthday hermoso w or l?

  • Emilio Gamboa
    Emilio Gamboa

    They should take out rulebreakers , record breakers and no live uefa cards

  • Gabriel L
    Gabriel L

    Oblak rttf. W?

  • TobyFNM

    I didn’t get a walkout and I was so annoyed until I realised it was renato sanches

  • Hrishi

    guya this damn party bag has dissed me too many times got alex texiera and pepe and caudrado then in the end i got upamecano

    • Thierry

      Those are all solid players tbh.

  • Kaya Sarli
    Kaya Sarli

    I got future stars Dest. W or L? He fits in my team too.

    • JaNnO ?!
      JaNnO ?!

      Big W bro

  • Fredy Fish
    Fredy Fish

    Pain bag SBC....

  • Birdy Lowks21
    Birdy Lowks21

    I got an 87 draxler RTTF , I’ll take it considering I did the pack for free

    • Birdy Lowks21
      Birdy Lowks21

      @Gabriel L small w

    • Gabriel L
      Gabriel L

      Oblak rttf. W?

  • Karam

    i got a record breaker mbappe out of the first party bag that came out lmao

  • Zukster 2k
    Zukster 2k

    Someone please tell me the name of the song that starts around 2:25

    • Zukster 2k
      Zukster 2k

      @Cavernous Bhai bro i love you!!!!!

    • Cavernous Bhai
      Cavernous Bhai

      Steam Phunk - Feelings

  • Mark A123
    Mark A123

    Ea made the pack Weight so bad on these so sorry I did one 😂 won’t b doin one again

  • Oleg Leppik
    Oleg Leppik

    From a million players got another duplicate... no hope guys

  • Tac0 threesixtyy
    Tac0 threesixtyy

    Got klosterman so im feeling good

  • BHY Productions
    BHY Productions

    what is the song at 8:45

  • Umar- innit
    Umar- innit

    I got team of the tournament acerbi

  • YMA7 Gaming
    YMA7 Gaming

    Got rttf akanji ngl insane pull

  • Macauley Williams
    Macauley Williams

    I got Headliners Son and after watching this, I think I might have had the best party bag in the world

    • Andrei Indreies
      Andrei Indreies

      @Matt Pegg Me too :))

    • Matt Pegg
      Matt Pegg

      i got rb mbappe 😂

  • stab bal
    stab bal

    After 4 horrendous pulls.. HL toko ekambi, FREEZE lala, TOTGS Navas, TOTGS pepe! The last two bags were absolute bangers. TOTGS Rushford which doesn't fit mh team but is a supersub and finally WI Smalling which I had already tradeable! Massive DUB

  • 8shuffler8

    These bags are trash. It's an EA scam to drain the market

  • Quick_YT

    i got totgs acerbi worth 24k :((

  • Zamiel Reza
    Zamiel Reza

    have Mid R9 , Mid Eusebio , Base Ronaldinho , Base Gullit , Neymar IF , Gold Mbappe , Rashford 86 , Ben Yedder 87 , Prime Cannavaro , Moments Zambrotta , IF Mbabu , Future Dest , What IF Ricardo Perreira, what IF Raphinha , Tavernier HL this is untradeable . And Prime or Moments icon pack And I have Mid Vieira , Fut Mendy all tradeable and also 4,3 mil Coins Left . I want to sell my team . If interested chat me

  • Reecrr

    I got headliners Amavi🥲

  • ixMazn

    Got fb Simon thoughts boys

  • Michael Kobel
    Michael Kobel

    Is rttf sanches a dub?

  • Evan Mannion
    Evan Mannion

    I got RTTF Sissoko after just selling him I’m so gassssssseddddd

  • Jonathan Ceballos
    Jonathan Ceballos

    got a 90 bruno fernandes

  • Anish Bhojwani
    Anish Bhojwani

    not me getting 90 odegaard but i dont have an xbox to play😭

  • Yeee Fuuu
    Yeee Fuuu

    99% of these partybags are utter trash yet 50% of the people in the comments packed crazy stuff. Nice try EA

    • Lucas

      Rttf Gabriel jesus

    • Sixep

      Lol i got headliner ben yedder

  • Eduardo Jr
    Eduardo Jr

    Best way to craft the 81 pp?

    • Bob

      just dont even bother

  • Eber Escalera
    Eber Escalera

    I got an 83 Calahnoglu. Rippppp

  • Adam Hider
    Adam Hider

    I got fut birthday mendy gg in the chat

  • Eli Molot
    Eli Molot

    I got future stars ansu fati. Nick says it’s a basic card in his player review. Should I play him over my el sharraway

    • Alex Seaden
      Alex Seaden

      Over El Shaar 100%

  • jimbodelimbo

    Dupe Davids 🪦

  • Mr Silva
    Mr Silva

    SHITTY BAG Kappa

  • Lolbit404

    i know its irrelevant but when is winter refresh? Nice vid tho.

    • Praneet Roy Chowdhury
      Praneet Roy Chowdhury

      EA skipped winter refresh and put WHAT IF instead

  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Ok Alright
    Ok Alright

    So after viewing these deffffo not doing these, just gunna bang out those 81 picks

    • Marco Paparusso
      Marco Paparusso

      same but in case of dups I'm gonna throw them there. Nothing to lose after all

  • Ok Alright
    Ok Alright

    Did what ifs end? Someone help

  • ilyass tjonge
    ilyass tjonge

    i packed 600k james !

  • aekpayt21

    I packed alphonso davies rttf hell yeahhh

  • TankeTTV

    i don’t know if this was a april’s fools joke or what bc every pull pack was shit.

  • Accelerator95

    I got acerbi 85, Ea definitely put this shit out to clear clubs out

  • King Kahn
    King Kahn

    Sorry ea for getting mad at my Diogo Dallot. I now understand how privileged I was.

    • Thierry

      I got his rb, I already had his lb

  • Akkar_Unbekannt

    I hope they add cb challenge and lb/rb challenge.

  • Peter Alexis
    Peter Alexis

    I can't believe I packed fut Birthday Lucas from this. Finally some decent pack luck from EA.

  • TommyGQ

    I got rttf salah and until I saw the liverpool badge I thought it was shit because of the nation but looking at all of these packs I did not realize I was this lucky

  • Travis Magalas
    Travis Magalas

    Got Reece James RB but god damn I wanna stop playing this game lol

  • Jack Wilfing
    Jack Wilfing

    I got rttf hazard

  • RiggzB

    I got dani Ings🤦‍♂️

  • Liam Ementon
    Liam Ementon

    my what if ricardo pereira looking a lot better now i’ve seen this😂

    • Liam Ementon
      Liam Ementon

      still stinky tho i’m stacked at rb

  • Mr Spood
    Mr Spood

    I got Sane from this. Crazy

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia

    Man the pack weight on these were soooo bad

  • Adam Gialil
    Adam Gialil

    Song at 6:00?

    • Cavernous Bhai
      Cavernous Bhai

      Steam Phunk - Feelings